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    Blood Elves

    ok what do you think of blood elves i think there great but what do you think i am going to be one a warlock but im going to let the people have their say
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    Spell Help

    ok i am hopeless with spells so would someone be able 2 make me a spell that stops a unit casting in to a certin area thanks
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    spell idea

    can some one make a ward that makes any unit in a certin distance invisible like for example i have a squad and i put the ward in the middle and they all become invisible and any of my units that come in that area so can some one plz make it thanx
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    kid hacked some other kids account

    some kid called ryan vanveen has hacked a 12 year old account he is 15 and he just laughs the kid asked for it back but he wont what should i do he email address is [email protected]
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    Black Blood Elf

    Can Some One edit the blood elf spell caster and make it black thnx
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    Help Cant Play Maps

    I Cant Play Any Circle Defence Or Any Like It
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    Help Cant Play Map or load In edit

    what can i do i Cant Play Map or load In edit jpw can i fix this :( :( :(
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    spell idea

    your hero casts the spell on a unit and that unit becomes the oppents and in60 secs he blows up dealing damage to all around the unit so can it be done thanks