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  1. donut3.5

    Modeling and Animation 101

    Modeling and Animation 101 Alright, I figured every newbie needs a beginning, and this would help them get them off on the right foot. This tutorial teaches very little advanced tricks, and should be referenced more as a glossary. However, there will be tips and tricks that I'm sure almost...
  2. HappyTauren

    Milkshape Attachment Modeling

    Milkshape Attachment Modeling By HappyTauren/TotallyAwesome Introduction Many have seen attachments models made by me and kept asking me how I do it. That is why I decided to write this tutorial. Keep in mind that the texturing part is not included in this tutorial, though I will show you how...
  3. Callahan

    Making a dissipate animation using Magos' War3ModelEditor

    How to make a dissipate animation from a decay flesh animation. It is very simple, in fact you don't need an animating program to make a dissipate animation! Easy: 3/10 Magos War3ModelEditor Parent: A parent has a child which depends upon the parent. Parents have a +/- icon that you can...
  4. General Frank

    Fixing Faulty Death / Decay Animations

    Fixing 'Popping back' parts of models tutorial. - Powered by Magos' Model Editor This tutorial will explain how to fix models which will stack their part on other units after death. Tools needed: - Magos Model Editor - MDLX Converter Getting Started: 1. Convert the model with the issue...