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    Downloading problem! Help me!!

    Oh awesome. Thanks DarkShadow! :D
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    Downloading problem! Help me!!

    Oh thats my problem... I dont have winZIP..... Thats not good... Do i need a disk for that or is there somewhere I can download it?
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    Downloading problem! Help me!!

    ??? I didnt mean to or anything! I just do download then Open and all that crap comes up! What do I do?
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    Downloading problem! Help me!!

    Okay heres my problem. I find a model I like and I go to download it, it downloads i click "Open" and it comes up as a notepad and i get this!! PK §¡<4   Dragonfootsoldier2/UT JÂÛCÂÛCUx  þÿPK  ¡<4gŸ~üÂÞ 2 )  Dragonfootsoldier2/Dragonfootsoldier2.mdxUT...
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    I like this model. You could use it for a "New Races" map. But no one does those anymore... I would but I cant host!
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    Downloading issue! Help!!!

    Ok heres the problem. I go to download a file and i click save and put it in the file and all that crap. But when i goto open it, its just a bunch of Jibberish! Theres no files! Its just a bunch of text! and its not just 1 model its all of em! Whats going on!!
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    Awsome, defiantly using in my map :twisted:
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    Pandaren Kyo Warrior by Norinrad

    Dude i love the pandas! Keep em coming! :D
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    The face is so narly! Love it! Oh and could some1 send me a msg how 2 get a avatar? just a little P.S.
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    Forest Troll Slasher

    You put a lot of thought into this didnt you? :D
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    Pandaren Building3

    Dude, you gotta make all your "number of skin" things where the light green words are different cause I got your Temple and I cant get any of your other Panda/Chinese buildings that i wanted for my map because they all got same word thingy! PandarenDoodad1.blp PandarenDoodad2.blp :evil: fix...