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    Need Help With this Skin

    Hey, I'm working on a sorcerer/wizard/spell caster skin, and it happens to be using the acolyte model. Well I am just about done with the skin, and I need some help finding the area to remove, because when I use my skin, there is some kind of stick or something popping out of his leg. Here is my...
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    Hey, I am starting an AoS map, kind of like DotA, and I was wondering if anyone had any hero ideas, I already have some heroes, but I need a lot more, i have about 8 right now, and need about 20. Thanks.
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    Undead Myrmidon

    Hey, I've been working on this skin and when I try it out in Warcraft Viewer, it has some parts that appear out of where it is transparent on the normal myrmidon skin. I know it has some things to do with the alpha channel, but it is all confusing to me. I use GIMP if that helps. Thanks.