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  1. Saran

    [Strategy / Risk] Risk Reforged becomes open source

    Hai, not sure if this is a good place to post, but I just made Risk Reforged unprotected/open source. Read more here: Risk Reforged 2.8i Attaching the file here too. Feel free to modify it and create better versions than me! You can add different units, countries, or even entirely different map...
  2. S

    Risk Reforged v3.0 bySaran (Warcraft 3 Map)

  3. Saran

    Risk Reforged 2.8i

    Hello! I'm officially releasing the latest, unprotected version of Risk Reforged 3.0. Enjoy. Feel free to modify and create endless fun version of this map! Be sure to credit me tho. The system has a lot of things, including spawns of units, possibility to define spawn unit types etc! Country...
  4. S

    Risk Reforged 2.8i bySaran (Warcraft 3 Map)

  5. Saran

    Codeless Save and Load (Multiplayer) - v3.0.1

    Yup... it seems like the system stops working after copying to a new map? The only way I made it to work was via copying object data to a new map as well. An easier workaround would be cool.
  6. Saran

    Risk Reforged 2.8i

    New version released **V2.5a - 12.02.2020** - Added easy start dialog for hosts, they can choose between few different game modes to start the game instantly - Fixed gold bug happening in team games, giving to players lots of gold - Fixed spawn unit names, not showing the amount of...
  7. Saran

    Risk Reforged 2.8i

    @feito I am going to release a fix version in a few hours
  8. Saran

    Risk Reforged 2.8i

    Update to 2.4c, supports SD Reforged V2.4 / V2.4a - 27.01.2020 - Added new Alternative Income mode (to prevent camping). Available in the "Other modes" tab in three variations: 5/12/20. Special information spells appear in the barracks upon activation. Read it to learn more about the mode...
  9. Saran

    Risk World War (v1.3.5)

    Deserves approval. I'm quite amazed that people are able to see similarities between two such different maps as Risk Reforged and World War Risk. From my gameplay experience it mainly shares the standard risk mechanics. Non-risk players might perceive them similar, that's true. But almost every...
  10. Saran

    Risk Reforged 2.8i

    Updated. 2.2a, main changes: - Unit lag removed almost completely - especially for games with small number of players - ie. 13, 14, 15, 16 or less - Added spells for transport ships "Load All Units" and "Unload All Units", that help manage ships - Added Crimea (2 cities) - Divided Siberia into...
  11. Saran

    Risk Reforged 2.8i

    1/2. Changed the icons, 3/4. That is how it should be. 5. Changed spells in 2.1, added Slam and Pulverize (There's no need to create custom spells if we can use the existing ones) 6. This is the most balanced way. LOTR Risk is unabalanced with different units in each city. For a fair play...
  12. Saran

    Risk Reforged 2.8i

    The new version has been released. New countries, units, commands and more! Check the changelog for informations.
  13. Saran

    Risk Reforged 2.8i

    Hello! It's already out of beta in fact (has been tested for the last year by thousands of players, people are hosting the map daily on bnet. Just forgot to remove the Beta tag, will do in the new version.
  14. Saran

    Risk Reforged 2.8i (Map)

    Risk Reforged Risk Reforged is a large-scale RTS map based on the RISK board game. It features 20+ unit types, 59 countries and tens of different gameplay/diplomacy modes. Created from scratch, inspired by the original Risk Devolution map. Includes many new things, such as restart system and...
  15. Saran

    microrunnertd 1.1.4

    Hey! The new race is working ok, although I haven't tested all buildings yet. However I've noticed one bug with the Spirit race - Archarchpriests do not use their heal spell. Great job ;)
  16. Saran

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Woah, beer race!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Woah, beer race!
  17. Saran

    microrunnertd 1.1.4

    Hi @Cokemonkey11 is there a chance for 1.1 version upload? I would love to play the beer race, although 1.1 from bitbucket didn't work for me It's also a great map, thank you!
  18. Saran

    ""Grant shared vision of unit" gui function not working?

    You need to wait approximately 2-3 seconds before removing vision, because fog takes 0.4 (?) seconds to update and minimap takes around 2 seconds Right now you're adding and removing it immediately, thus no effect
  19. Saran

    W3x2Lni v2.7.2

    Hi, I'm getting an error when trying to use w2l mpq: "Failed to load WC3 Language" Newest wc3 1.30 version how to fix that?
  20. Saran

    Prisonbreak 2 v0.4

    Hello. We played a lot with people on BattleNet recently! This is a great map :wgrin: I have a few suggestions: - Make it possible to somehow kill the helicopter? Not an easy way of course. People were complaining. - Make it possible to pack and unpack mines, because they're useless after...
  21. Saran

    Toon Orc Explorer

    Haha, awesome! I love it. Waiting for more with similar style.
  22. Saran

    W3x2Lni v2.7.2

    Error: JASS syntax error - Variable [PLAYER_COLOR_MAROON] doesn't exists. any idea how to fix that?
  23. Saran

    W3x2Lni v2.7.2

    @actboy168 This seems to be broken on Linux, can't even run it because file structure is weird:
  24. Saran

    Patch 1.30.2 Update #3 #4 and #5 + Reforged Pre-order Info

    Shuffle command to randomize everyone's slot would be useful. !sp
  25. Saran

    Patch 1.30.2 Update #3 #4 and #5 + Reforged Pre-order Info

    It is not possible to start the game without host, I think
  26. Saran

    Planetary Domination v2.04

    Yeah, something simple should be enough. For example coop survival mode where players have to survive/keep main building alive as long as possible vs alien waves of units.
  27. Saran

    New Environment Model Series WIP

    It's awesome! Do it, please.
  28. Saran

    Codeless Save and Load (Multiplayer) - v3.0.1

    Thanks for fast reply. All is working.
  29. Saran

    Codeless Save and Load (Multiplayer) - v3.0.1

    The same. I am using JNGP.
  30. Saran

    Modeling Contest #29 - Squad

    Hey. Can i join to contest, or it is too late?