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    Electric Models Request

    I need a few models so I can make a spell, if there are some semi-skilled modelers out there... here's what I need. A Firebolt, but electrical, that leaves a small thin trail of static electricity, yellow or blue in color please. A Water Elemental's attack, but electrical, and it explodes...
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    A Swift attack Theme Ultimate Spell Idea's Needed

    Here are a few ideas... Name: Phase Slash Description: The hero stops the target and forms a circle around it, once complete, any other units around the target are trapped. The hero moves so fast he creates 4 copies of himself from different parts of the circle. The 4 copies then strike into...
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    Metroid Prime 2 Spells

    I need help with spells for my map... 'nuff said. ===================================== Spell Name: Power Beam Description: Fires a steady stream of energy (Should be tin orange balls being fired) at an enemy dealing very low damage. Costs No Mana. Spell Name: Charge Beam Description...
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    I've always loved your recolors. This one is perfect for someone maknig a Golden Sun Wind Adept, because this model enlarged looks like Plasma. 5/5 :wink:
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    this could probably be edited into a Halo Elite with a Plasma rifle! :P
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    Any ideas?

    Here are a few ideas. +++++++++++++++++++++++++ +Light Hero + +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Name: Holy Slash Description: The Light Hero slashes out a wave of light dealing (#) damage to undead units, while healing allied living units. If an enemy living unit is effected by this...
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    Yeesh... if it looks good, it looks good, who cares how it was made!?
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    I have a cool spell idea

    It's not that great.
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    lol put mario on it :lol:
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    Not bad, make an auto-castable icon of this. :D
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    How did you get it to still look soooooooooooo good!? :shock:
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    I Need an Idea

    They are stuck to the ground permanently and can't move.
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    Alright! Nice work! Portrait should looks less evil though, unless that was intentional :D .
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    Great model, especially for the game Battleships. Or as I would say in real life. FLIGGIN GOOD 'MATE! 8)
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    *Cough* Fake Screenshot *Cough* That's not how it looks in game. It looks like a green marine. And no, offensive things aren't always written. If this is CnP then tons of people gonna be offensive. Any I don't rate skins. :|
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    Mace needs work But GJ. 8)
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    Put simply: Teh PwNaGeZoRz
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    Elven ears mon.
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    Spell Request for metamorphosis

    I don't this would be that hard, but I haven't tried it. If it's based off Metamorphosis, then I think you can set the timer. Just make a Wolf unit for each morph. i.e. make a wolf, dire wolf, an uh shadow wolf, and change it so the alter unit is the corresponding wolf. I am not quite sure...
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    I don't think he would need that. ._. :?
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    it looks like u have some problems with ur editor. jk, anyway it's alright.
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    What's TTor again? Nice job.
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    it's alright.
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    slap me some good ones

    Raven is right, how RPG spells be any different from normal spells? Besides weren't my ideas pretty good anyway? They weren't exact copies, I changed a few things around.
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    Are you gonna add a weapon or not? :(
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    cool sig alert!

    And we care that you have a new signature & avatar, because... Dude, nobody really cares but urself.
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    MPQDraft v20060913

    :cry: Not for mac.
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    Chaos Spectrum 1.1

    We need more Mac tools. :evil:
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    slap me some good ones

    RPG spells? Hm.... Spell Name: Thundaga RPG Series: Final Fantasy Description: Summons a huge blast of purple electricity that stuns all units in the area, takes a while to charge up (2-5 seconds). Spell Name: Graviga RPG Series: Final Fantasy Description: Summons a huge wave of...
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    Excellent, but needs a weapon! :twisted:
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    It's a skeleton with a Zonbatou (sp?)! Run!! 8) Good job. 4/5
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    Cruise Ship

    Is the screenshot how it looks in game!? WOW! :shock:
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    Poll & Request: VideoGame (VG) model/skin section.

    I think it'd be a good idea, that way I could find GreyArchon's great mario models easier! Also, this would create ease for a lot of people, and besides, if we have an unused section, why not have a video game section? omg, I can't believe Saikkan would quote himself....
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    My skin was deleted because...

    Your skin was probably deleted because.... lack of originality? I dunno! Don't hurt me! PS: I hate Saikann! He spammed me with PMs!
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    I Need an Idea

    Heh, so you're going to try and make Cross Acid? Awesome, I though of it while walking to school on a foggy day. Anyway I hope you can do it. Feel free to PM or post any idea requests. I Will be there to help you! :D -Yes the spell should be an ultimate. -The acid flow stops if it hits an...
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    I Need an Idea

    HURRAY!!!! Raven! Why didn't you ask me for a spell idea!? I usually have great ideas for spell makers. So anyway... here are my ideas! :D Spell Name: Cross Acid Levels: You Decide Description: I once requested this spell to Daelin, he worked hard, but couldn't do it, so he had to post...
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    good enuf 4 me :roll:
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    Recolor or not, it's cool to me. :P
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    I am taking spell requests

    New Requests It's okay Daelin, I guess Cross Acid really was a hard spell, do you think i should open it up to everyone? Anyway, here's a few new requests in case u still want them. Name: Homing Blasts (Think of a better name PLEASE) Levels: Depends on what u want. Description...
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    The New Tome Models

    Annoying I'm sorry, but I think book edits aren't too impressive. Plus u put so many it pushed away some good models. :( [/img]
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    Little Boo

    Needs to look a little more evil, but other then that it's fine! :twisted:
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    gmax Modeling Pack N/A

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It's not for Mac :cry:
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    Spell Ideas: Doomlord

    Here ya go! I'll try to give you ideas that aren't too hard. Spell: Upper Strike Levels: 3 Type: Non-Passive, Offensive Description: The Doomlord targts a unit, and strikes upward with such force, it blasts them into the air. Spell: Hellish Dive Levels: 3 Type: Non-Passive, Offensive...
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    Samurai Skelly. Nice.
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    Official Spell Request Thread

    Outstanding you say? Well I think I could try to post an outstanding one here :D Mostly I just PM them to Daelin! Daelin usually is the one who wants em'. Spell Name: Thunder Vortex Levels: 1 (Ultimate) Type: Offensive, Non-Passive, Channeled Description: At first causes a few random...
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    I am taking spell requests

    I'm almost always a fresh idea producer. Usually the ideas are difficult, and are Ultimate levels spells. Kinda hard for me to think of basic level up spells. Well I guess at this point you are working on Cross Acid. If you want I will pui the ideas here, but if you like me Private Messaging...
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    Official Spell Request Thread

    A few things with this thread. 1. Wouldn't it be a tad messy, and hard to keep up? 2. I think it's a better idea to have individul spell requests instead of one official... 3. If anyone needs a request ask me! I have given Daelin 2 great spell ideas that have great ratings! :wink:
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    puh-thet-ick pathetic That was just for fun, 3/5.
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    another great model.... It's time we got another Mario model.... YOSHI! the old one looks pretty bad. :P
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    I need help with my spell!

    Yeah, a little problem with my Thunder Blaze spell. I'm trying to make it so after a unit is hit with a storm bolt like spell, a dummy caster comes out and casts monsoon at the position of the targeted unit. I based the spell of Storm Bolt, just a note.