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  1. Hermit

    [Solved] night elf birth model

    The path оf the standard classic NE birth is: SharedModels\NEBirth.mdx
  2. Hermit

    MM20 Stormforger lightning effect separate

    Try renaming "Death" to "Stand" and "Birth" to "Death".
  3. Hermit

    War3 Model Editor

    It's not? But this has always worked for me.
  4. Hermit

    War3 Model Editor

    Find the dll file online, download it and put it into the same folder as the program. You should be aware that it still won't work properly if you have Reforged, unless you also download the old game data that was stored in MPQ archives until patch 1.30, when they were replaced with the CASC...
  5. Hermit

    Create a fake water surface below the real water surface and keep it only visible below

    I don't have Reforged, so I have no idea. I don't know, but in my opinion using a material that cycles between multiple water textures would look a lot better than only using a simple texture translation (take a look at the water geoset that appears near the end of the birth animation of...
  6. Hermit

    Create a fake water surface below the real water surface and keep it only visible below

    If that's the standard WC3 water texture without any edits, why are you importing it again? So why not just make the plane one sided? war3.w3mod\_hd.w3mod\textures\water ?
  7. Hermit

    AOE Indicator Terrain Height Glitch

    Try using the tool linked in the second post of this thread.
  8. Hermit

    [General] How do i create an Event that changes the hue during the Night?

    I have no idea if they still work in Reforged, but did you try importing custom DNC (DayNightCycle) models?
  9. Hermit


    Sigh... I knew this seemed too good to be able to work on my pathetic old PC.:sad:
  10. Hermit

    The Revenant Covenant

    Nice work! It would be nice if someone actually made matching textures to differentiate between the standard revenants.
  11. Hermit

    Order your Wow model here !!!

    In what format/version? Cool, but what about rocks, trees, houses, bridges, etc.?
  12. Hermit

    [SD/Modeling] Moving repair hammer overhead effect

    Wait, how do you know what it looks like if you haven't tried it yet? I'm not a texture artist, but I can try rewrapping the model if you find a suitable texture. Nah, it's literally just the hammer from the birth animation of the orc Altar.
  13. Hermit

    [SD/Modeling] Moving repair hammer overhead effect

    What kind of movement do you have in mind?
  14. Hermit

    Anti caster unique abilities

    ward that temporarily gives nearby friendly units magic immunity. passive ability that steals mana on each attack. debuff that causes a unit to lose mana (and/or take damage) when it casts a spell. ability that prevents the next negative spell from being cast upon friendly units (i.e. item spell...
  15. Hermit

    [SD/Modeling] Female Death Knight and Demon Hunter from Reforged (Classic Graphics) for use in 1.31.1

    Here are the models; you can also find their sound sets here.
  16. Hermit

    Hive's Simple Edit Resources Thread

    Like this?
  17. Hermit

    Wrong texture

    Put what texture where? What goes wrong on what side? What file did you try to open with what program? What doesn't accept tga? Try to be less vague so people will take your questions seriously.
  18. Hermit

    Where are the "view paths" on Icons?

    How to Import an Icon
  19. Hermit

    Trigger Preview

    I don't know if someone already asked for this, but it would be nice if we could scroll horizontally to see the whole triggers.
  20. Hermit

    How To: Camera Focal Distance and Depth of Field

    Cool; are they exclusive to Reforged or do they also work in SD mode?
  21. Hermit

    Deep Sea Murloc Model

    They're attached to my post above. What's up with replying to all these threads from 7 years ago?
  22. Hermit

    model bugged - what is wrong?

    It's because Magos was meant to be used with mdx version 800. After the release of Reforged all models (even the old classic ones) are mdx version 1000, but RMS can convert between the two versions.
  23. Hermit

    [General] Changing the spell animation to the attack animation.

    Rifleman attack sound is played by the "KRIF" Sound Event; you have to add another event track (~146400) if you want it to also be heard during the Spell animation.
  24. Hermit

    Did you know that you can view blp textures in file explorer?

    Yep, I've been using it for years.
  25. Hermit

    [General] Changing the spell animation to the attack animation.

    I'm pretty sure you just have to rename the animation. The neutral Hero Alchemist has an animation ("Spell Attack Two", if I recall correctly) that's used for spells and for his ranged anti-air attacks ("Combat - Attack 2" in Object Editor), but not for his melee attacks.
  26. Hermit

    Ice Shard

    Isn't that just a matter of changing the orientation of the special effect to make it face the opposite direction from the example shown on the GIF above? *water, cosmic, earth/sand, etc.
  27. Hermit

    changing Z orientation of model

    You have to make sure the helper you added is a parent of the node that is currently at the top of the hierarchy (Bone_Root). Every time the parent node moves/rotates/scales, all of its children (and their children) will also be moved/rotated/scaled. However, all children can also...
  28. Hermit

    Reinstatement of Original "Unread Watched Threads" Page

    Why are threads from years ago now unlocked? I used to unwatch threads when they became locked after a period of inactivity, but now I have to look for old threads one by one and add them on my Watched list so I don't miss any new replies.
  29. Hermit

    changing Z orientation of model

    There's probably an easier way to do it, but I always just make a copy of the model and then import the animations I want to duplicate from the copy, by going to Scripts > Oinkerwinkle-style Animation Transfer (aka File > Simple Import, if you're using Retera's Matrix Eater).
  30. Hermit

    Reputation Gone

    No, I only got the second one (Wow).
  31. Hermit

    Reputation Gone

    Do we get a notification when someone unlikes our post or changes their reaction (e.g. from Like to Love)?
  32. Hermit

    Missing hair from Sylvanas's ingame model?

    You can find an optimized version with hair here.
  33. Hermit

    🛠 EXP System FAQ 🛠

    I have to say I'm not really a fan of the new experience system because it makes it possible for newly registered people who are just spamming "nICe m0dEl 7/5" comments to be on the same level as helpful members and talented artists who have been here for years and are actually valuable...
  34. Hermit

    Minimize geoset count

    How do you intend to make one geoset that uses two textures? Is that a thing now in Reforged models? I have no idea; I only tried it once, and if I recall correctly it worked for me. You can use Mdlvis to select the the entire mesh; copy it and paste it into one of the geosets. Oinkerwinkle's...
  35. Hermit

    Minimize geoset count

    Retera's Model Studio > Edit > Optimize > Minimize Geosets
  36. Hermit

    Reputation (+1): (Post) "alternate", not "alernate"

    Reputation (+1): (Post) "alternate", not "alernate"
  37. Hermit

    Reforged Illidan fel crystal wagon is gone

    Make sure to use the Open Online button; not Open Storage/Game Storage.
  38. Hermit

    Reforged Illidan fel crystal wagon is gone

    Can't you just use Casc Viewer to open the Reforged data from the online storage and extract the model?
  39. Hermit

    changing Z orientation of model

    Duplicate the animations you want with Retera's Model Studio; add the "Swim" tag to the names of the duplicates with Magos; make sure you're renaming the correct set of animations by looking at their intervals in the Sequence Manager; the keyframes of the duplicates will come after all original...
  40. Hermit

    Techtree Contest #17 - Swarm

    Hmm... sounds more like Amulet of Spell Shield to me, but I obviously don't know for sure.
  41. Hermit

    [General] How to make a unit not run when attacked?

    The "Stats - Can Flee" field determines whether the unit automatically runs away when it gets attacked by an enemy unit which cannot be attacked by the unit.
  42. Hermit

    [Spell] Animation doesn't play for higher levels of spell.

    This might have something to do with the way Cluster Rockets was designed to work with the standard Hero Tinker model, which has separate animations for different levels of the ability. It works for me: Trigger Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions...
  43. Hermit

    [SD/Modeling] Lord of the Rings models

    I have no idea; I just know the link was posted in another request thread last week.
  44. Hermit

    [SD/Modeling] Lord of the Rings models

    I think you can find many of those here.
  45. Hermit


    Take a look at my post in this thread.
  46. Hermit

    [Solved] change light color of omnilight plz

    You can change the color and intensity of the light with War3 Model Editor (Windows > Node Manager), but you won't see any changes until you import the model into a map.
  47. Hermit

    Siege Engine, Steam Tank, and Derivatives

    You have to put "alternate" in the "Art - Required Animation Names" field. It's easier to just base the unit on the standard Siege Engine with rockets.