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    [WIP]A textureby Sansui

    Can't blame me for being out of touch, only been 2 years since I last visited. :P
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    [WIP]A textureby Sansui

    It's Sansui lol Tentacles for hair/beard ! fits the diseased / filth ridden / pus spewing theme you've got going so far
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    lol, been quite a while. Thanks for the positive feedback ;) Didn't expect this to still exist.
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    Wow to Blizz

    You would rather have some ridiculous faction imbalance instead ? :) This decision has been months under way
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    IS powerlevling cheating ?

    yet thousands of people manage to get to 60 with no grasp of their class, its amazing how easymode mmo's breed high level noobs :) oh and try to be a little less ambigous please powerleveling yourself is vastly different to buying powerleveling in terms of "nethics"
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    Wooden Wall Tileset Skin?

    i believe afro speaks the truth did that remark really piss you off that much ? :P went on a skinning rampage afterwards
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    Cannt resist, but theres something i can brag about ;-)

    a warlock with bloodlords defender and a firestone -.- how ... elegant. and yes Afro, sadly thats why i don't visit :P @Infeston: if you think thats much, then i just spent about 3k gold on mats for Thunderfury :D
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    Cannt resist, but theres something i can brag about ;-)

    gratz on dumbluck and hard work (tiger is dumbluck, respect for ze other one) Felcloth looks so dumb on gnomes If you can raid ZG, get your ass in MC :) besides, you can't argue with Wolves being the best mounts :P My Orc I never found out what server you went to ?
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    mmmmmm impressive
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    if you want to reduce the size skins take up, just reduce the compression quality. (dunno if you can do it with wc3viewer, i usually do it with imageextractor II)
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    it would be awesome if people told what parts are cnp :o do plz follow that idea :wink:
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    Halo, rest IS cnp, ive been running around with those shoulders he cnped. besides, you wouldnt have to know that :wink: if he could skin that nice, how come everything else on the skin (that he changed *himself*) sucks :P
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    nother wow cnp ?
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    nice cnp from WoW ?
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    Afro, start making tuts already. Being this good obligates you to pass on some of the knowledge. :)
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    great technique on the face. Very innovative use of the expression of the kotg. Body looks fairly much like before.. compared to how much the face differs..
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    Skin Wip

    halo, he has not skinned the legs lol, thats blizzards work. If you improve the blood, it would look alot better for sure. Heres an example of blood: (took me 3 minutes to make, so you can surely do better) ) (reffering to the eye of course, rest is Elf's work
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    Favorite Moderator

    thanks for the *confidence* seagull, ive been moderating while i was away. But i guess that doesnt count if i dont spam at the same time.
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    A praise to all my fellow cynical members!

    what ?! i'm "Newb or below" ? and you can add about 40 to the "warned" list. 5 permabanned + about every Sai-hater before my absence
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    Favorite Moderator

    Dare i call for a NOOB sticker ? How come you make a poll, for awarding mods. And then chose not to include some ? Are we less "mod" ?
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    Two Ideas

    [img=]no need to make a seperate place for that, just post it in the skinning forum, i'd say. As for the demonhunter eyes, click this link and get the PERFECT placment for them. It won't get any better.[/url]
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    A praise to all my fellow cynical members!

    You will truly be missed Eusira Whats my record ?
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    Previous feedback needed !

    Looks nice so far, if you could get some materialistic definition on it, it would rock.
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    Now that i think of it. You ought to give a tut on metal, would make many skins much more pleasant to look at ^_^ if they followed it at least
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    teehee, source of inspiration is obvious. looks quite good. but seriously, i'll decapacitate the first one to call it better than KDE's
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    if you made a bigass number out of the fur, it would be great. Now it is, as you say, simple :)
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    can somebody alpha a part of this skin for me?

    Download GIMP, its both free and relatively small. Alpha'ing is probably the easiest thing ever. Cept for making a new layer of course.
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    nice and simple, not too many make simple skins anymore. Which is a shame, its art.
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    afro: theres filters (bad), and theres textures (good, if used by someone who knows what hes doing)
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    Wich war3 unit represnts u the best?

    Garona: No true Allegiance, and shunned by all (mostly)
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    **OFFICIAL POLL* Who were the bestest persons of 2004? (17Q)

    You sound like your basing people on the last 2 months or so :) But i agree with what you say though, the first post wasn't meant to be taken that serious though O.o
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    **OFFICIAL POLL* Who were the bestest persons of 2004? (17Q)

    how typical, i leave out posting a few days (ok, weeks) and people forget all about me.
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    very weird. By joining, do you mean registering ? You could always try the good ol' "clear cookies". btw, fancy name you got there, i wonder where you got the idea :P
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    darky skins ? i didn't know he did any, except for small CnP's and recolours.
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    Extra Black Flaps?

    i doubt fireworks support alpha channels. Try GIMP :)
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    What animal it is ?

    could resemble a tiger to me, did i win ?
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    nice to have you back among us Muo, going to stay for some time ?
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    Extra Black Flaps?

    and as Eusira said, you have to use alpha channels. Alpha the unneeded space out and then convert the skin. If it flips the skin, then just flip it before converting.
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    A first skin, which is a full reskin, full repaint and this nice is a rare sight. all you need is a good screenshot.
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    Night Crawler

    you're getting worse pins...
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    Was this a bad looking cnp/recolor

    considering everything on this site (skins) sucks, this does too. But its certainly not CnP or recolour.
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    Work in progress

    very promising. I like it so far. Try increasing the contrast (ctrl + m and play with the curves, then do some manual adjust afterwards)
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    Need Arthas Skin!

    and extract it yourself, its very easy (and fast).
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    O.o '-' uhhh... could you plz rephrase that ? Anyways, the "blood way" works for anything. Just look at some pics of it (material you're going for), and try to imitate them.
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    CyberGhoul v2

    if you actually gave it some insignia of the materials its made of, it would be great. (unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult things to do)
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    uhhh, by looking at blood ? see how it looks, and then change the blood on your skin, obviously. And no, don't look for a cheap shortcut, do it the hard way.
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    hmmm, make the blood look like blood. and finish at least 70% so we can see what direction you are heading in.
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    Need Arthas Skin!

    You interested in Frostmourne or Arthas ? They have seperate skins.
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    whats new, a black chest/back ?