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  1. Ice

    oldest account

    same and Welcome back lol. i lived Wc more then sc so i was sad when it kinda died out.
  2. Ice

    UI: EditBox - Text Input

    how would one remove the textbox after hitting enter and or atleast clear the entered text from box?
  3. Ice


    i found that set unit int field a while ago and tried it but wasnt working. but ill test it without the conditions i had just to make sure it doesnt. what changes the units attack from pierce to normal heroic ext. EDIT*** yup int field prime doesnt work..
  4. Ice


    any way to change armor,damage. primary stat types in triggers?
  5. Ice

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Amazing support, thanks for helping!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Amazing support, thanks for helping!
  6. Ice

    Hiding ingame chat

    i keep getting error on any function name() lines. . am i missing something ? i don't know lua Line 135: Expected: "takes" line 135 = function LoadToc()
  7. Ice

    Hiding ingame chat

    id like to hide command lines not the normal player chat. i dont think it would be annoying. like im making an RGP survival game and you can name your character -name ##### i dont want other players to see that trash.
  8. Ice

    Hiding ingame chat

    is there a way to easily remove player chat messages from my game? i saw some old forums with a mod by PitzerMike. just wondering if i should follow and use that if it still works or if there's a new way.
  9. Ice

    oldest account

    so who has that oldest account on here because ive started on wc3 something that merged to hives long ago. just curious. also WELCOME BACK TO WC3 TFT EVERYONE haha cant wait for launch!
  10. Ice

    Terrain trigger

    been a long long time since i did anything. is there a way to make a unit event on ground type say (unit) enters ( blight) terrain. instead of making hundreds of regions to make a maze/ dont step on the grasss type map.
  11. Ice

    WC3 modelers to SC2 modelers.

    sc2 modeling in maya will there be any way to import and export models in maya 2010? and i heard that modeling characters in SC2 will be pointless because we dont get alot of space and some other problems i donno just a form i read. please inform me or link me to current galaxy editor notes.
  12. Ice

    Reputation (+1): (Post) gives reasons why something isn't good.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) gives reasons why something isn't good.
  13. Ice

    New Art

    no i dont like paramore. just her and + rep for those who said my art was a little off but actually wrote why.
  14. Ice

    New Art

    Paramore Lead Singer World of Warcraft Friend. some random person in a book. friend WIP of a necro type char
  15. Ice

    Modeling Competition #9 - Flying Unit

    go skrab!!
  16. Ice

    Modeling Competition #8 - Cavalry

    Jerks dont steal me idea
  17. Ice

    Modeling Competition #8 - Cavalry

    wELL i'v sstarted wat you think of my birdy mount
  18. Ice


    mmmm yes forums inside my model nice!
  19. I

    SandBags1 (Warcraft 3 Model)

  20. Ice

    SandBags1 (Model)

    SandBags 100% mine made from scratch for doodads Keywords: Bags, Sand, Sandbag, wall, protection
  21. Ice

    Protoss type char

    not complete yet but soon need to figure out what to put on his hands
  22. Ice

    The Black Road Spell Uppgrade System

    all uy do is set an array for stuff u create so make bloodmage a unit array
  23. Ice

    The Black Road Spell Uppgrade System

    First set up your heros abilitys to a variable: Make a variable called spells or abilitys and give it an array of 4 per player Event:time elapse: 1sec Condition:N/A Action: Set (ability(1)) to BlackArrow Set (ability(2)) to BladeStorm Set (ability(3)) to Avatar Set (ability(4)) to...
  24. Ice

    [models] virus & cells

    i'm done making red blood cell model but how do you want the cell to move spin around in circles and woble a bit ?
  25. Ice

    [models] virus & cells

    ya lol broken toe whoknew:P do you have msn or aim
  26. Ice

    [models] virus & cells

    lol i just rented every house episode lol i love that show :P
  27. Ice

    [models] virus & cells

    are you trying to make a SPORE map ?
  28. Ice

    Model - Star wars

    ill take a shot at the droid control ship im a starwars fan too :p
  29. Ice

    Modeling Competition #7 - Siege Weapons

    heres another WIP pic skin far from done trying to fined good colors for the body of the tank because i dont want it all red
  30. Ice

    Midna model

    i havent made a new screenshot yet, this 1 the head and mask is cut and paste cuz it was a quick skin. but i am a artist and i made my own 1 to loots just about the same. BTW thats 700 polys!
  31. Ice

    Midna model

    im working n a midna model trying my best still got alot of work to do on the skin this is my fav char so my best is going into it. jw if someone would like to animate it cuz im not that good and im tide up in a project atm, or just post wat u think:P
  32. Ice

    Modeling Competition #7 - Siege Weapons

    LOL, those arn't different tanks just more done and 4rth 1 is just a side shot of the 3rd 1.
  33. Ice

    Modeling Competition #7 - Siege Weapons

    Just started and well heres a WIP pic of a futuristic tank.
  34. Ice

    WoW Expansion Beta Sent to us?

    warning !!Do not apply for it!! blizzard is not currently giveing out tickets for beta testing WotLK possible account theft be warned WoW players. (talked to GM so im not just some crazy person!)
  35. Ice

    WoW Expansion Beta Sent to us?

    I play WoW. Always have. Been playing WoW since it started (Beta).
  36. Ice

    Texturing Competition #5 - Halloween

    Well... Today it end's >< i bet i come in 4th or 5th ill do something good next time for Christmas any way Lich has my vote :P PWND!
  37. Ice


    needs to be a unit and u make a special effect: create object on (Head Ref) for unit: item dome's and it will go inside and rotate with players camera
  38. Ice

    Texturing Competition #5 - Halloween

    looks like he was skinned alive and has is skin hanging over his shoulders. this ends on the 21st right if so 2 DAYS! REMAIN!!!
  39. Ice


    besides if your computer cant handle a 600 poly egg then id say u need new graphics card our computer lol
  40. Ice


    well its accualy 3 eggs normal eg then cracked egg needed to b double sided
  41. I

    ChaoEgg (Warcraft 3 Model)

  42. Ice

    ChaoEgg (Model)

    Chao Egg stand1 - sits there stand2 - bounce a bit Death1 - cracks into 4 pieces Keywords: egg
  43. Ice


    making a campaign map of sonic Adventure, just wondering if its possible to have it a campaign and it saves your progress and your chao pets and when you goonto B.Net and enter a chaoFight tournament u can load your chao from the campaign. also if anyone wishes to help send me a pm ! need a good...
  44. Ice


    maby i should add another attach like a punch because it doesnt look right spinning like that all the time
  45. Ice

    Texturing Competition #5 - Halloween

    6 days left! i might do another if its not too l8t i see wat i must beet now :P lol should accualy spend some time making 1. ((""common ideas""))
  46. I

    ItemDome (Warcraft 3 Model)

  47. Ice

    ItemDome (Model)

    ItemDome Attach a attachment to Head Ref and it'll go inside and rotate with players camera Keywords: item dome capsule jar
  48. I

    Tikal (Warcraft 3 Model)

  49. Ice

    Tikal (Model)

    Tikal From sonic
  50. Ice


    forgot ears &gt;&lt; should i add them