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  1. ZiGOR

    Eldritch Covenant

    Only 365 kb! Incredible!!! 500/10
  2. ZiGOR

    [General] Lags because of the number of units

    I globally remove all dead units on the map every 5 seconds.
  3. ZiGOR

    [General] Lags because of the number of units

    By lags I meant a slideshow. And yeah, units are getting dumber too ;D The problem is when there are many units, the game starts lagging, dropping to 10 fps and lower.
  4. ZiGOR

    [General] Lags because of the number of units

    Greetings. I have a map for 8 ppl where players send units and build towers. The problem is every player has about 40 towers and 50 units operating at the same time and it causes lags in the late game. Any idea how I can avoid lags not reducing the number of units? I know there're maps much...
  5. ZiGOR

    [General] Save/Load boolean array variable

    Hello there! There is a feature I have no idea how to implement. I'mnot familiar with save/load systems and actually would really appreciate if it was possible to do with GUI. So my map is supposed to have 3 additional sub-races for every race you pick in the lobby, but they are open if you...
  6. ZiGOR

    High Resolution Loading Screens

    That's helpful. Thanks! +rep
  7. ZiGOR

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks, the guide was helpful!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks, the guide was helpful!
  8. ZiGOR


    That's a good one. I enjoy it. You might wanna think of moving further in this direction :)
  9. Z

    PPC: DOMINATION v1.21 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  10. ZiGOR

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for the review, terrain is my weak point :D

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for the review, terrain is my weak point :D
  11. ZiGOR

    Tha bilities make the game lag

    Where could I find them? :)
  12. ZiGOR

    Tha bilities make the game lag

    I used to have it before, but after the 100th (A) I reworked every single loop adding custom raviables as there were a lot of bugs :) So, I've added the third trigger with a smaller frequency which plays the spacial effect and it seems that it helped :)
  13. ZiGOR

    Tha bilities make the game lag

    What if I loop through the unit group? Will it cause crush or something?
  14. ZiGOR

    Tha bilities make the game lag

    Do you mean send you the map with only these 2 spells? Mind Trap init Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Mind Trap new Actions Set Mind_Trap_Int = (Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))...
  15. ZiGOR

    Tha bilities make the game lag

    Is there any way to handle that? Thanks for your answer. The thing is that in usual conditions there can be only 2 same units who can cast the same spell. Currently it's only one, so there is nothing to overlap. The problem is I have numerous triggers run on 0.03 loops but only a couple of them...
  16. ZiGOR

    Tha bilities make the game lag

    Hello, guys. I really need your help optimizing a couple of my spells cause they make the game lag the more I use them. 1 - Mind Trap - AoE spell that keeps everyone stunned for 5 sec. Cast: Mind Trap init Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions...
  17. ZiGOR


    Done. Thanks :)
  18. ZiGOR


    Thank you very much for your review. I believe I'm going to change some of the things you've suggested. As for names - they use empty spaces because they have been created with the cyrillic (just forgot to rename them). -help command is useless here, I can't remember why I haven't deleted it...
  19. ZiGOR

    Local variables issue

    Hi there! I have an issue with one of my abilities as I'm bad at local variables. My ability has 10 levels and every 8 seconds it picks a random allied unit and grants it with an empty ability-effect that is supposed to be an absorbing shield, which owrks well if there is only 1 unit for every...
  20. ZiGOR

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Your effects inspire action! Keep up! :)

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Your effects inspire action! Keep up! :)
  21. ZiGOR

    Soul Beam

    Man, your effects make me sooooo inspired! Where have you been before? :)
  22. ZiGOR

    The Grand Review Exchange!

    PPC: DOMINATION v1.19 PPC DOMINATION is the M.O.B.A. map which focuses on team play. The goal is to make the enemy team lose all points, capturing points guarded by towers and protecting them from overtaking by the enemy. 5x5 game is totally different from the 3x3 or less due to the significant...
  23. ZiGOR

    Codeless Save and Load (Multiplayer) - v3.0.1

    Hello. I've never done saving before. How can I save the Integer variable for every player in the game and load it next game using this system? :)
  24. ZiGOR

    Select Hero ability

    Thanks a lot! :)
  25. ZiGOR

    Selection bugs

    Hey, guys. Can anyone explain why when I select the shop with triggers, it shows no items? Is there any alternate way to select the shop so it keeps the items available?
  26. ZiGOR

    Select Hero ability

    I'm afraid I'm zero at jass, so I need some GUI equivalent :( But if this works with the custom script option, it's fine, but I need to figure out which of these may be variables xD
  27. ZiGOR

    Select Hero ability

    Hi there. Is there any way to make the shop use the Select Hero ability onto some specific hero via triggers?
  28. ZiGOR

    Esc and hidden cancel button

    9,-11 option. It doesn't forcepress the Cancel ability and that's a problem(( as I need all 12 slots and still be able to use other abilities Is there a way to force player press F1 key?
  29. ZiGOR

    Esc and hidden cancel button

    Hello there. I have an issue. I've hidden the cancel button that worked on the Esc key, so now if I press Esc, it doesn't close the menu. E.g. Build menu where you chose what to build. If you select some unit and then select the "builder" again, it gets refreshed, but I've tried to implement it...
  30. ZiGOR

    the "Build" icon position

    Solved it. The Build positions can be changed only from the UndeadAbilityFunc.txt file which then must be imported with the Units\UndeadAbilityFunc.txt path
  31. ZiGOR

    the "Build" icon position

    I don't know, maybe you are right, but I've done everything like it was said and it didn't effect. The problem is that tha Build icon never goes anywhere even if I hide it. Could you give me an example of the working map, please?
  32. ZiGOR

    the "Build" icon position

    I have tried this trick as well, but the problem is that the Build button never goes anywhere for no particular reasons. Neither negative pos, nor positive ones affect it. I believe I need to invent the other way around.
  33. ZiGOR

    the "Build" icon position

    I have used this method, but it doesn't change my button position. [CmdBuild] Art=CommandBasicStruct Buttonpos=2,1 [CmdBuildHuman] Art=CommandBasicStructHuman Buttonpos=2,1 [CmdBuildOrc] Art=CommandBasicStructOrc Buttonpos=2,1 [CmdBuildNightElf] Art=CommandBasicStructNightElf Buttonpos=2,1...
  34. ZiGOR

    the "Build" icon position

    Hello, everyone. Is there a way to change the default "Build" icon position (the one that workers have) from 0:2 to e.g. 1:1
  35. ZiGOR


    Didn't notice it wasn't permited, sorry about that. Done :)
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    The Barracks point
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