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    Warcraft III Roleplaying Clans

    blast from the past
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    Man I was hoping for a revival and a little bit of that golden age again that made it so special growing up with this game. What a damn shame.
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    Hey man, thanks for the compliment, but I haven't really worked on that map or played Warcraft3...

    Hey man, thanks for the compliment, but I haven't really worked on that map or played Warcraft3 in years. I've long since lost the unprotected files and my tools. A friend may have it laying around and if I come across it again I'll pass it on to the community so they can modify it as they...
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    The Complete History of Blizzard (+Warcraft 3 Part!)

    Wc3's was a different environment back then that doesn't really exist anymore. There's a sparse few of the same maps being played over and over again on makemehost, which is basically the game on life support. It's just depressing. I'm not saying you can't go back to enjoy a lot of...
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    The Complete History of Blizzard (+Warcraft 3 Part!)

    I miss the golden age. I grew up modding and playing on WC3, but whenever I log on for old time's sake it feels like there's not much to come back to anymore. You can never go home again. :(
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    World of Strife: Exodus v1.14a

    This map is amazing. It's my favorite wc3 map of all time, bar none, and I haven't even played it yet. 5/5
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    thug life

    thug life
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    Dating advice?

    dating is for losers who cannot afford a waifu pillow
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    The Reader's Lounge

    I recently finished reading the Dark Tower series for the first time. What a trip. A lot of people had trouble with the ending and a certain thing Stephen King "introduced" in the 6th book, but I didn't mind it at all. He DID warn you about the ending. I thought it was all very fitting, and...
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    Steel's DnD RP (Beta 1.03)

    I haven't really played wc3 in a long time, let alone done any map development for it. Unfortunately the supposedly unprotected version I posted here apparently doesn't open for people. I can't really do much about that because I don't have the original files anymore nor have I had them in...
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    New Affiliate: MakeMeHost

    I'm surprised it took this long. MMH is not a periphery tool any more. It's practically essential if you want to find anything to play, or want any hope of having your hosted game actually attract players. The problem is that the Ghost+ bots allow maps to be hosted across the servers...
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    WARCRAFT MOVIE: release date on June 10, 2016

    Are the orcs going to be CGI? Gross. Not optimistic about this movie anyway.
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    French Attack Case.

    Religious fanaticism is not a cause of anything, it is a symptom. The problems lie else where and in case anyone has forgotten, one of the police officers shot dead during the attack was a Muslim named Ahmed Merabet. It would be a shame if yet another disaster is spurred towards nothing but...
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    The Emperor's Soul? I haven't read it. But Sanderson likes to break up his bigger works with...

    The Emperor's Soul? I haven't read it. But Sanderson likes to break up his bigger works with smaller projects like that. The Alloy of Law is another such outing. He's just sort of having fun with the settings he has established between bigger publications.
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    I just like rolling with tobacco as I think it fills a joint out better and makes it easier to roll and wastes less mary J. Also nicer head rush but I don't roll that often so besides that, nah I don't. Tried it a few times, did it a little as a teenager cause my friends did and I'd have...
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    Old Days of Gaming...

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    Negative reputation.

    Ralle cyber bullied me once long ago by taking away all of my reputation points. now all I have is a measly 144. I haven't been the same since. I cry myself to sleep. if you support my cause, please re-tweet #justiceforsteelstallion
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    Should check out Sanderson's other cosmere novels while you wait for book 3. Mistborn is also...

    Should check out Sanderson's other cosmere novels while you wait for book 3. Mistborn is also great.
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    Steel's DnD RP (Beta 1.03)

    Hey y'all. I know this is pretty much defunct, but there are still people who host this map on MMH and roleplay in it so I just wanted to leave this here; It seems that people have mistakenly assumed that the unprotected, development version I put out is the "most recent one", or someone...
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    The Old City: Leviathan is out!

    I disliked Gone Home too, but for different reasons. I actually quite enjoyed the puzzle solving and the atmosphere. I thought the presentation was top notch and is definitely representative of how an interactive story doesn't really need stuff like branching choices or a lose condition to...
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    The Old City: Leviathan is out!

    Didn't really like Dear Esther, can't imagine I'll like this. It's really cool to see some familiar modders making an indie game though.
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    the stormlight archive is an amazing series

    the stormlight archive is an amazing series
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    Looking for a someone to play SotDRP?

    I'm tempted to play an RP session just for nostalgia's sake. wont be able to until a week or so though since my wc3 discs/keys are back home.
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    Looking for a someone to play SotDRP?

    But highschool LOAP comes with a fully built highschool, dorms for both sexes, AND a merchant who sells swords. Everything a highschool needs. What else is there to build?
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    Looking for a someone to play SotDRP?

    What a trip
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    Shards Online (UO/NWN fans will like this) For those that don't know about it. Its already been funded fortunately. If you were ever a fan of persistent world friendly games such as NWN 1/2, SO is a new game that tries to cater to that niche. It's...
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    First video game you played

    how the fuck can you remember?
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    I poke my head in from time to time.

    I poke my head in from time to time.
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    Warcraft III Roleplaying Clans

    Titan Lands is just one of many fucking atrocious "roleplaying" maps that the new generation degenerates brought along. I'd say the anime highschool maps are worse but at least those are fun to grief. Private games or just leave Wc3 altogether. There's much better roleplaying to be found...
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    How dead's the RP community on Wc3?

    It's quite fun. We've recently launched our server into closed beta. Unlike Wc3 or WoW private servers, RP on NWN 2 worlds tends to still involve gameplay and mechanical aspects of the game. This is because the sort of "RP" that people favor there is the same sort you get out of traditional...
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    Showdown 1 v 1 and 2 v 2.

    Master Yi? That's surprising. I imagine any decent AP champion with some hard CC would wreck you.
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    Showdown 1 v 1 and 2 v 2.

    I played it and I'm not a big fan. I know it's supposed to be based off magma chamber but the game is really boring. For the 2v2, it's the first to a tower, a kill on each hero or 100 CS. Really lame. It's a game mode made for people to go like "OH BRA 1V1 ME BRA", but it's not very fun to...
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    FPS Recommendation for me :)

    u should play deus ex or ur not true gam3r
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    WoFRP Roleplaying sandbox map - successor to SotDRP (source avaliable)

    One last hurrah for the community that started us off. A big applause to Narks for doing this. See you later, folks.
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    [OLD] What is your favorite song at the moment?

    Okay, fair enough. I think this mostly comes from the fact that people like this thread as a list to listen to some random music more than discussing it. There are too many video posts to make extended discussion practical. Anyway... Since I've discovered these guys recently, I've...
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    Really? -_-

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's not true. If you're destined for Gold or higher you should be able to carry your entire team through a bronze game. It's ridiculously easy and higher ranked "smurfs" are rarely placed there in place of Silver directly (unless they suck, in which case it's...
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    How dead's the RP community on Wc3?

    Yeah, I have. Me and Narks built and launched a roleplaying server for about a year and it was pretty successful hitting around 60-70 players online during peak hours. Some drama ensued though (we trolled a little and got caught with our hand in the cookie jar) so now we're cleaning up our act...
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    Spirit of the Spectral Wraith why the hate?

    Because it's likely your team needs you to be tanky. You don't pick up Skarnar for the damage output.
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    OH, norse. How you been? Add me on Skype. I'll PM it to you.

    OH, norse. How you been? Add me on Skype. I'll PM it to you.
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    The name rings a bell, but I can't match it to anything. I just knew so many people. I've been...

    The name rings a bell, but I can't match it to anything. I just knew so many people. I've been on NWN 2. There is no roleplaying community in Wc3, there's only new generation weebo highschool roleplayers. You should play NWN 2 instead, me and narks (SotDRP creator) are putting a server...
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    Night Elves are Mortals?

    The first World Tree (called Nordrassil) was blessed by Nozdormu, a timeless dragon aspect. Nordrassil was grown in the waters of the first well of eternity (and the night elves were born and raised near it), which is widely believed to be what gave the night elves their immortality in the first...
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    Share your champion build with us.

    someone's been watching LCS
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    How dead's the RP community on Wc3?

    Yes it's pretty dead. I popped in for a little while. Save for the ridiculous amounts of new-gen weebos who are only interested in roleplaying the anime they day dreamed in their head, there's also a horrid amount of script kiddies, "trolls" and "hackers". AKA people who have tftlocal/know a...
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    Favorite Champion

    Who called you a retard? you seem to be overreacting to a joke and making things up in your head. Shhhhhhhhhh relax we're all friends here I think your post crosses the line so I will report it PS. try to read my posts over another time if you are still having trouble understanding
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    Favorite Champion

    It's kinda funny that it's still taking you this long to realize that you're the one being baited into a pointless conversation. :xxd: I'll give you a hint: Think real hard, I believe in you
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    Favorite Champion

    My entire point is that you're the one who openly challenged someone to criticize your pick. I wasn't trying to steer it off topic. This is the equivalent of pouring gasoline on your sofa, giving someone a match and challenging them to light it, and then proceeding to complain about how...
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    Character Relations

    Vayne would be more Van Helsing, or that chick from the Underworld movies.
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    Favorite Champion

    First off, I don't even know what the meta is like in Diamond/Challenger. I don't play there nor do I follow competitive LoL. Second, the only reason I commented on your pick is because you asked me to. Third, I didn't throw a tantrum. I posted a rational argument as to why your pick is not...
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    Favorite Champion

    I'm sort of confused as to what you mean by that. Was my retort adequate, or do you think it was shit? If you thought it was shit and you really think that AP GP is OP mid, then I'd like to hear why you think so because he is most certainly not.