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  1. Arthassadar

    [Spell] Bash only stunning and damaging Undead

    Hi there, I'm working in a Bash ability that only works on undeads, the problem is that the target selection of general abilities does not have any "Undead" option, so I have to do it using triggers, but i dont have any idea about casting passive abilities on targets, please help me! I'll give...
  2. Arthassadar

    Changing Regeneration Type via-upgrade.

    Hello everyone! I really got a problem here. I'm trying to make an upgrade for regeneration type change from Only in Blight to Always, but i just can't find the triggers for this, maybe someone could help me with this? Thanks for your time!
  3. Arthassadar

    Simulation of Key of the Three Moons

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to simulate a progressive fusion of items, just like the Key of the Three Moons from the campaings of warcraft 3 reign of chaos. I know how to combinate different items to get 1, but my problem is to combinate 5 of the SAME item to create 1. Here is my trigger...
  4. Arthassadar

    Bug at attack-move order

    Hello everyone, i got a problem with my issue order to attack point trigger. I want to make a unit spawn and attack at randomly positions every 80 seconds. The unit react to the trigger, but it doesnt fulfill the action. It walks like 5 seconds, then, it goes back to the position where it...
  5. Arthassadar

    Multiple Not Working Worker Idles

    Hi there! I want to create more than 4 idles for workers that are not working, I mean, the image that appears at the left bottom of the screen when a worker is doing nothing. I have read about this in other threads, but they only speak about 4, so... Is it a way to make more than 4 for? Because...
  6. Arthassadar

    Creating and Removing unit loop trigger with food counter

    Hi there! I will explain the situation; Food : 0/1 . Hero food occupied : 1. So, I wanted to remove a unit when you pick a hero from a tavern and create a unit when the food cap. becomes greater, as you can realize, this is a loop system, where a unit will be removed when you pick a hero and a...
  7. Arthassadar

    Vertical Gates Models??

    Hi there, I'm trying to make buildable gates and actually I have a way to make them, but I need the Vertical gate model... It's just a question, Where can I find the vertical models of the standard gates in warcraft??? Thanks for reading!
  8. Arthassadar

    [General] Importing advanced Tier

    Hi there! I wanted to import a 3 tier building model, from the model section, but I couldn't find the 2nd and 3rd model. I've seen that problem in many tier model buildings comments and there is no answer, I also looked for it in Tutorial section, but I find nothing. Please help! Thanks for read.
  9. Arthassadar

    [Spell] Untimed Raise Dead

    Hi there! I was editing the ability Raise Dead to get untimed skeleton warriors so they can be stacked, but I can´t find a war to fix it... I would thank some help you can give to me ! Thanks for read!
  10. Arthassadar

    [Solved] Multiple Zone Portal

    Hi there! I was looking for a way that allow me to create a portal able to teleport every unit who enters to a random zone between 15 to choose, but i don't get it, maybe someone can help me with this problem... Thanks for read! Have a nice day!
  11. Arthassadar

    Transition for maps in campaigns

    I was working in my campaign until I got stuck in the transition of my maps. My campaign already have 2 maps, but i can't make it go to the next map... also, the next map doesn't appear in the campaign screen when i finish the first map, i have tried with some triggers but it seems there is...
  12. Arthassadar

    Maximum Hero lvl without

    Hi! Its the second time i creat a thread (not the same, of course) in less than 24 hours, so im a little bit ashamed and, well, whatever. My problem is i cant set a maximum lvl to my hero by normal mode. I only know setting that through gameplay constants, but if i do so, then i will unable to...
  13. Arthassadar

    Fog After Cinematics

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this kind of editions and i got a problem in my campaign cinematic. When the cinematic ends, the entire map shows as explored, revealing where are the buildings, doodads, etc... I tried to find some thread about it, but I couldn't, maybe someone can help me to fix that :(...