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    Error in Triggering Editor! Mayday Mayday...

    Okay, trying again but now with IMAGES! Wohoo! So, does anybody know why I get these errors while I'm triggering? I've reinstalled and patched the game with the lastest patch. nr1 nr2 Please help me as I REALLY wanna continue on this! :)
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    COMPILE ERROR. Sounds like Hammer Editor Doesn't it?

    Okay, so I think this is the right forum for posting my errors. So what's the deal, huh? Well... I've been making maps for a quite long time, but now, my editor is screwing big time up! Cause when I make some triggers in the editor, and SAVES the map. It says : FAILURE TO COMPILE...
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    Tomato Request!

    I need a model, that I cannot found, even if it most be quite easy to make. Where can I found a Tomato? Yes you heard it right, a normal tomato.
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    Game Cache...

    Can someone please tell me how to make an Game Cache? To load 1 Hero from 1 map to another...I have tried and tested it many times but I cant just make it work... :? Please help me! I NEED HELP :shock:
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    Up-Side-Down Tree Model

    Just a small simple request: Can someone plz make a model with the Barrens tree, but turning it up-side-down? Plz.... :D