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    [Trigger] Unit builds building - building unit dies

    Lets call our unit a Preperation Pack. When our unit builds a building, say a small farm, how can I make it die, I think it has to be using triggers. Hows this: PrepPackOneBuild Events Unit - A unit Finishes construction Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering...
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    Bordering Icons

    Bordering Icons So, you went and made your self an icon, havent you? You go to add it to your map when... BAM! It hits you! You havent got a border! What do you do? Give it one! Required Programs Button Manager v1.8 - (Goto) Used to add the border to the icon. Internal Link. Warcraft III...
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    Drop-off points

    Do you know the lumber mill, town halls? How do I make another building, e.g. a barracks, able to take either lumber, gold or both? Like town hall accepts gold and lumber, lumber mill accepts lumber.
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    No HP regeneration

    I'm not sure if you can, but can you make it so that when a unit (Most preferably human) is in combat, its HP regeneration freezes, but when it exits combat, it waits X seconds for the HP regen to start again.
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    Moving/Exporting Spells

    You know in the spells section, how can you move or export these spells into other maps? I really want that. Thank you if you can answer
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    Adding Attachments

    I really want to know, because there are things I want to put on units, but how do I attach attachments/items to units head, left, right hand e.t.c ? Thanks if you answer ;) [Solved, no need to post]
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    Greetings peoples of Hive Workshoppy land!

    I one of teh new ppls who post here to hi! I like this site. Its really useful. I bet a map is made using models from here everyday. Isnt that great?!!? ....I feel like a retard. :cry:
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    Importing Spells into a map

    How do you import spells that you download from the spells section into a different map from the one you get given when you download it? Better yet, how do you export the spells for the map?