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    The model i waited for 8)
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    Which do you like to see most in spells?

    Original Ideas and easy to change/import It can be uber if u can change it easy.
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    What about that? Subtitles in other languages! I think that would be the best way...
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    A Spinosaur would be cool and usefull for a Jurassic Park map.
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    Stealth wrote: And a Mutalisk :D
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    Stealth wrote: And a Mutalisk :D
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    Stealth wrote: And a Mutalisk :D
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    hm its not working... alien.MDX alien_Portait.MDX white.blp drone_head.blp alien.blp That are the paths I use, whats wrong?
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    Now its in use :wink:
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    hmmm the model is invisible i tryed the path like you said and I tryed other paths but i cant see it. Could you tell me the path for every skin and the model?
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    Good timing i got the idea for an Alien hero today
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    Good timing I startet an Alien hero for a map today.
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    [b]Question about new spells overall. Agrrivation!!![/b]

    Open the objekt editor. Search the button spells and click on it. Now you should have a list with all spells. Click on a spell and youll have a menu on the right side. There is everything you can change (tooltips,icons, damage...) . If you want to make spells like Darky´s volcano you need...
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    Mind Control

    1. Create a useless spell (mind controll) 2. create 2 variables: 1)player (for example: mind_controll_player) 2)Unit (example Mind_ controll_target 3. The trigger: Trigger A unit beginns the casting of a spell condition ability beiin cast = mind controll Aktion Change the owner of...
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    2 questions of a posession-like spell

    Thx but 1.Can I use this missile? 2.The thing with the heros, this map uses a script and i am to stupid for it. Can i do that without a script?
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    2 questions of a posession-like spell

    Hi, I made a possession-like spell with a leaving funktion. 1.I used the dune worm graphic for the missile but it dies if it hits the enemy. The question: Can I hide the death of the worm? And if its possible, how? 2.The leave funktion creates a new duneworm, if I would like to use it for...