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    Bullet Sysytem (Elimination Tournament)

    I was working on a map called Into The Darkness and for it I'd like to do a bullet system, I understand that there is a bullet system on this site for shooting 1 bullet at a time but I played elimination tournament and saw that it had a great firing system for the shotgun and machine gun and I'd...
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    Into the darkness

    Story About 8 months ago a planet was seen entering our solar system. We named the planet, zexis. A large group of ; astronauts,scientists, and soldiers, part of a newly founded position called, the Space Marine Core, were sent to the planet for investigation. Shortly after ariving they...
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    Dead Risning campaign screen

    i need a dead rising campaign screen that looks like the menu part of dead rising, at the start where it seys press start id really appreciate it and srry for no picture i couldn't find one all i can say for your knowledge is that its gat like 3 or 4 zombies on screen at a time, walking up...
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    Island goblin Survival

    Preview Screen You are a venturous goblin escapeing the clutches of one of the Lost Isles, on your way to a new home when your transportation was ambushed and you are forced to get out on the edge of an island. Many other Goblins have also been shipwrecked at this spot and there might be a...
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    I need a level screen please :)

    i would like for someone to create for me a preview screenj useing this image And i would like to have a loading screen with this image My map is titled Island Goblin Survival (Beta).