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  1. handofoberon


    Also I know for some of you it's not hard but it was for me.
  2. H

    luigi.blp (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  3. handofoberon

    luigi.blp (Texture)

    This is my very first model :) I think its good i made for friend for a SSB map. So comment it I guess. Keywords: luigi, mario, super, bros, shroom, mushroom
  4. handofoberon

    WarChasers TFT v. 1.22

    wow this makes me sad... Ive been working hard editing the original one making heroes and wat not now to find there one already released :( o well ill release mine and see if people like it.
  5. handofoberon


    Hi This is oberon and uhhhhh i like making stuff on the computer like movies and special effects. I have yet to start my website but im working on it. I can also make you guys some moving avatars if you tell me what you want. Like mine but better. Well thanks.:infl_thumbs_up: