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    Playtesters needed for AoS-style map

    Me and some friends have created an AoS-styled map called Dogs of War, and have been tweaking it for 2 years or so now. As the title suggests, we are looking for people to play with. Send me a personal message here to gain information. We mostly play around 22:00 GMT+1. GameRanger and Skype...
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    Inventories on multiple units

    I have a unit (a Circle of Power, with a modified Unit Inventory set to 6 slots and able to use items), a Hero (with Hero Inventory) and a Pack Horse with varying inventories, since whatever inventory I give it, it just transfers the items back to the Circle, even if it picks up items from the...
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    Timer Arrays?

    Events Time - Timer[1] expires Time - Timer[2] expires Conditions Actions Set TimerArrayNumber = ? How do I get the value of the timer that just expired? Surely there has to be a way besides making an individual trigger for each timer?