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    Rise of the Necro Knight v1.3.

    Hello. I really like this map so far, completed 2 mission. But i have a few questions. 1. I found a pickaxe but couldnt use it anywhere, what is it for? 2. The penguin from the shop? 3. Where to find the item for ghost's optional quest?
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    Warcraft Gods & Legends

    I liked the idea of the map but unfortunately for me, and i tried only play it solo, everytime i made a 2* unit, it dissapeared after the next round. Since it made the game not fun and impossible i gave up.
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    Test of Faith v1.19

    Personally i would have more fun if me and my friend got separate rewards but to not make it that easy, game could scale much faster in co-op
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    Test of Faith v1.19

    I really liked the idea of the map and played it for around 1 hour. It gets really boring and easy after that. I would give that map overrall 3/5 but i still hope for more content and mostly 2-3 player co-op