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  1. AmerTheMeance

    [Crash] WorldEdit crash on map opening!

    Look, I know what map protecting is.... BUT I CANT EVEN OPEN BLIZZARD MAPS!
  2. AmerTheMeance

    [Crash] WorldEdit crash on map opening!

    I can open WorldEdit normaly, and when the default flat map opens, it's all normal. BUT when i try to open a map, ANY map, it crashes on 'Creating Models'. Can anyone help me? The only map i was able to open is the default one 'Harrow'. I have the newest patches, and I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate...
  3. AmerTheMeance


    i just hate it
  4. AmerTheMeance


    i dont like it
  5. AmerTheMeance


    dude, i think blizzard made this model for their easter map
  6. AmerTheMeance


    Great job! Just one thing: please change the legs they look so stupid like hes a deer
  7. AmerTheMeance

    Imperial Assassin Shroud

  8. AmerTheMeance

    Medieval Buildings: The complete collection.

    great models
  9. AmerTheMeance

    The Cold War

    not so good and not sobad :|
  10. AmerTheMeance


    Is this the telescope you made in the modeling tutorial?
  11. AmerTheMeance

    Wood Elf Pack

  12. AmerTheMeance

    Death Knight on Frost Wyrm

    You should make some hero glow. 4/5
  13. AmerTheMeance


    Good model, dude! 4/5
  14. AmerTheMeance


    Great Model Whoa, great modle man! 4/5
  15. AmerTheMeance

    Demon Armor

    Wtfuck?!?!? That looks like a pig with fangs!!!!
  16. AmerTheMeance

    man and Orc WAR!!!!

    Not so bad and not so good...