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  1. corellius

    Forgotten War ver 2.008

    with all the great classic campaigns getting remakes right now, if this one could get it that would make this remake renaissance complete lol. i can only hope.
  2. corellius

    [Campaign] Mathias Chronicles II: Reckoning [Released]

    only just finished part one and already blitzing through part 2 with record breaking speed. fantastic work man, please keep it up! the hope of a full mathias campaign remake is basically all thats keeping me going in this insane modern world. i really hope you keep going and remake 3 and 4 too...
  3. corellius

    Shards of Resistance: The Raiders

    now this i did not expect. its been like a decade lol, more even. i think the community really needed some good news right now. an update to this old classic sure cheered me right up. get hype.
  4. corellius

    Malfurion's Quest v1.4b

    good to hear you will keep going Turnro, ive been following since the start and would be far more upset if reforged compelled you to quit than anything else with it lol. im rooting for ya pal. and thanks for the link strasz, clearly masterblaster had the same thoughts i did lol. got to keep the...
  5. corellius

    Reforged Warcraft III Reforged - Community Feedback

    its such a mad cash grab that even EA is like "woah, calm down dude"
  6. corellius

    Malfurion's Quest v1.4b

    waiting to see if blizzard stops being stupid, in this modern age we live in, is not necessarily the wisest path to take. best have a plan b. even if that plan b is torrenting a bootleg 1.31 to every man woman and child willing to pirate for the sake of still having campaigns. best to jump ship...
  7. corellius

    Malfurion's Quest v1.4b

    so you will actually be finishing the campaign sometime next June?! I'm amazed it will actually happen in my lifetime lol. I've waited almost 8 years to see the end of this campaign chain. I'm ecstatic. cant wait. and good job on keeping my attention for almost a decade. I'm excited to see...
  8. corellius

    Malfurion's Quest v1.4b

    you must be getting sick of all the "when will it be finished?" and "hurry up and finish" posts lol. either way excellent work so far. im more interested with the current pace of your progress, how smoothing are you getting through the massive map quota you made for yourself? are you moving at a...
  9. corellius

    Best user-made campaign for Warcraft III?

    the mathias campagin series is hands down the best then to the bitter end in a close second
  10. corellius

    Fight for the Emerald

    the campagin is well made and looks pretty good, but it seems that in order to beat many of the bosses the player has to have an almost godlike knowledge of the bosses and what they can do. in your earlier description of the wolf boss fight and how to defeat it you describe things that a player...
  11. corellius

    Galaxy Wars Part 2

    this may be the second worst campagin ive ever seen. the only one i can think of worse than this one is galixy wars part 1. perhaps you should have waited for some feedback before throwing out another garbage campagin.
  12. corellius

    Galaxy Wars Part 1

    this campagin horrifies me, theres little redeeming quality to be found. if you want to make maps and campagins at least take some time and try to learn how. no offence but this is in fact the worst campagin ive ever played, and theres some bad ones out there. i sugest scrapping this one...
  13. corellius

    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    some people just dont have the time to play a campagin that takes forever to complete, but would still like to play somthing with a well thought out story line. the very point of the cheats is to give players the option to complete a single player experience within thier prefered time. the...
  14. corellius

    The Prokkakoski Tale

    what sort of things did you change from the first posting in 2007? it looks to the same as before, even the old glitches and problems from then are still there so what did you realy do? just repost the campaign on the sme site it was already on? if you planed to do some editing you should have...
  15. corellius

    Lone Wolf

    that really is untrue, there are many maps and campaigns based on books. many of which can be found on this site, like the epicly long " the black company" just look around a little and you will find them. it is a fairly well made campaign though and should be continued.
  16. corellius

    Tales of Symphonia-Kratos' Story1.2e

    if you need elp with anti-cheat stuff you should talk to the creator of chosen ones, ithink he could help you out alot
  17. corellius

    short intro

    old school nerd whos been playing warcraft since the very begining
  18. corellius

    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    some lesser cheats should be allowed at least, like iseedeadpeople somtimes i like to see all the work someone put into a map