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    Yahoo News Artical Thoughts??

    citizenship WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court has turned down an emergency appeal from a New Jersey man who says President-elect Barack Obama is ineligible to be president because he was a British subject at birth. The court did not comment on its order Monday rejecting the call by Leo Donofrio...
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    World domination!

    Ok I already planned on ruling the world. 1. Instill fear amongst the population of people 2. Have scientists engineer a series of weapons not acquirable by the population 3. Do whatever I want. Naruto would be banned and only special anime that includes nudity is legal. If there...
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    Good Music

    This thread is fail its a repeat of another thread
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    Christmas is Close What are you hoping for Christmas??

    Tekken 3 is a classic i wanna play i think its tekken ultimate or something
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    Christmas is Close What are you hoping for Christmas??

    No Kurt Russel really wasnt the right guy for the movie and Jack aka Richard Dean Anderson didnt have to be bad ass the role wasnt supposed to be bad ass and he was hilarious Stargate SG-1 RULES!
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    Good Music

    Isnt there a thread like this in another section?? "Let's Discuss Music" by Aeroblyctos arent we overposting??
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    Christmas is Close What are you hoping for Christmas??

    hey does ne1 like the looks of mortal kombat chrs vs super heroes?? that should be interesting i think
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    Questions about the forum

    How do you create a signature?? stupid question i know...
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    Christmas is Close What are you hoping for Christmas??

    Yes I very much know! Honestly Kurt Russel wasnt the right actor for that movie
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    Christmas is Close What are you hoping for Christmas??

    No I havent and Stargate Atlantis doesnt do itself any justice the movies which i havent watched yet should be good but nothing beats stargate sg-1 the episodes...
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    Vista does not reconize USB

    buying a windows xp computer is pretty hard unless you buy directly from like hp or dell and or have your own copy of XP
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    A signature i made

    this flash must be much improved not being a flash user myself i dont have much room to criticize however i would say that looks pretty elementary! How about big comic POWS or BLAO or something with bigger animations like a stick figure that dies and splurges huge ungodly amounts of blood...
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    Christmas is Close What are you hoping for Christmas??

    I am hoping for Stargate Sg-1 Seasons 7,8,9 and 10! IF YOU DONT CARE ABOUT USA HOLIDAYS DONT WASTE YOUR TIME POSTING GARBAGE!
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    Your favourite faction and race

    Creeps because the lvl 10 dragons can be hard to defeat and noobs get pwned by creeps.
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    Mine was good! Tell me what you had and stuff!
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    Google 411

    (off topic) Pyritie i love your yellow/golden dragon! :)
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    Google 411

    Alright now chill this is the best thing to ever happen however microsoft is gonna be just fine with bill gates as their "leader" after all he did invent practically the first computer
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    Need some technical advice!

    Ok so 478 is the socket i have been looking at fans however it seems for me to put in a new fan id have to change the way it mounts to the MB how do i go about that?? do most fans come with a way to mount it or do i have to do something special?? I talked to my grandmothers computer tech and he...
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    Ban Spree of Users... Sorry

    ok so does this mean you cant start another account at all?? or your account at current is banned and you just lose all of everything you had??
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    A Must See Video!

    I found this in my email and you should so check this out! I guess im not the only one to have ever post this but its still good! YouTube - Burglary Commercial
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    Good Music

    Ok lets mix this up a little bit! Im gonna post some good stuff! High school musical music is, in my opinion only, very bad music! 1.Linkin Park - One Step Closer 2.Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening 3.Linkin Park - Numb (+ every other song by linkin park) 4.Xzibit - Alcoholic 5.Kevin...
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    Google 411

    Have you guys heard about the new Google 411?? I got an email! This is great! If you don't have "On-Star" or a GPS system, fear not! Here's something that we can all afford....y'know...FREE! Google 411 Just leave it up to Google to come up with something like this!!! Here's...
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    Question about SCII

    When will blizzard put up all the new zerg units up on Any ideas?? All the other new units seem cool and where are the Zerg/Protoss hybrids??? lol remember secret mission on broodwar where zeratul finds the hybrid on that one moon?? so what about like Zerg human hybrids??? that...
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    What are you having for dinner??

    I was bored so i decided to start an interesting thread! :) Im having Shepards Pie tonight! YUMMY!!!
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    Interesting article about idiot.

    Ok i have to say this! The hive is not doomed and the article was a very hilarious article indeed. However I read about a drunk who left the bar one day got into a cop car and drove home and took a nap an hour later cops showed up and said we're taking the car back and the drunk said how did you...
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    Which Car Should I Buy?

    Happy is that a small toy car blown up?? lol jk
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    Which Car Should I Buy?

    Thanks guys your a big help!
  28. Master Replicator

    Which Car Should I Buy?

    The title speaks for it self!
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    Another problem

    No i can affectivley use google but there is a reason why i posted on this site.
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    Another problem

    Thank you very much but it doesn't help i already knew that.
  31. Master Replicator

    CD-KEY Problem , Cant get into

    Maybe he meant he bought it online...
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    2012 The Doomed Year?

    Ok that doesnt even sound right how did we go from doom to england and egypt and taxpayers money hmmmm if had to guess id say America doesnt have a lap dog we would never accept a lap dog and i really doubt England joins in on all of ours fights... if that was true where were they when we fought...
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    LOL nice joke anyway
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    2012 The Doomed Year?

    Ok i read maybe 6 replies into this but right now i am under the belief that his if your wrong or right it doesnt matter is just some garbage now if he had some facts i would have believed him such as an actual report from the government or such as some sort of #1 trusted website saying aliens...
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    Marriage is great. Find the one you love marry them and have a great life its not difficult but let your heart decide you mind is primal and only thinks about sex whatever you do dont marry for sex or looks!
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    Another problem

    xp pro with latest updates such as service pack 2.
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    Starcraft 2

    I love how it looks!
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    I think it is the best thing a man and wife could do! *piece of paper!
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    CD-KEY Problem , Cant get into

    well id have to say maybe you did something bad and bnet didnt like it so they made it so your computers could no longer access bnet. however you would have had to have been using hacks or something for them to do something like that. However maybe they just ip banned you. not a very good thing...
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    Another problem

    I have both cd rom drives set to autoplay and nothing i ever insert in to my computer autoplays... virus?? I also cant bring up bring up windows fire wall because of unknown causes...virus again?? and before you say it i am a good boy i dont download porn and besides im married so lets not even...
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    Need some technical advice!

    Right now i am running, well was running an intel A82443-001 proccessor cooling fan and it died is there a fan i can replace this with and keep all my settings the same such as board and the dimensions (95mm x 68mm x 60 mm) my fan and heat sink will still fit! i need something much easier to get...
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    Yet another question to be easily solved!

    How do you make a gold mine regenerate the whole game?? I know its a trigger but i am not sure how to do it.
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    Prototank V2

    it kind of looks like a boat. (no im not stupid just an obvious observation)
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    Have you ever played old games?

    crap super nintendo isnt as old as Atari i mean come on I played all those old ms. pac man games and stuff. Sega genasis is much older than nintendo. I win Atari was like the first video system to come out.
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    hey got msn or yahoo or anything??

    hey got msn or yahoo or anything??
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    Reputation: (Post) AWESOME HELP!

    Reputation: (Post) AWESOME HELP!
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    Lets debate (nicely)

    Easiest way to create an instant death spell that looks cool is simple as hell and is pwnzor
  48. Master Replicator

    Need Trigger Help

    would give you plus rep wouldnt let me when i +rep some else then i will +rep u i promise i wont forget
  49. Master Replicator

    Whats the best way to create...

    just creating a debater kind of thread
  50. Master Replicator

    Need Trigger Help

    ok i have the spell made up i need the trigger for the unit to cast it at a region when another hero enters a different region