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  1. LvL100EtC

    UMSWE "Cannot start plugin" problem

    Hello. Was looking for an answer, but found nothing. Im using JNGP 1.5d but UMSWE ain't working. Need it for custom tiles in my map. Sb can halp ;_;?
  2. LvL100EtC

    Massive-trigger problem

    I can understand a s#$% here. (never used mui before). Whats tempUnit, tempTrigPlayer etc? Is this variables or what...?
  3. LvL100EtC

    Massive-trigger problem

    Kay, the second problem still comming back. When im trying to spam those spells units getting bugged. <<==== SAME TIME When i'm trying to sacrifice FOOTMEN 2 into FOOTMEN 3 and KNIGHT into KNIGHT 2 (same time!) then FOOTMEN 2 getting stucked (unit which was pointed as 1st target) and...
  4. LvL100EtC

    Reputation (+1): (Post) helped

    Reputation (+1): (Post) helped
  5. LvL100EtC

    Massive-trigger problem

    Kay, i've solved this problem. Just had to move two actions. Thank you for trying to help me, also for idea with text. If i had more problems i would write here once again. + rep
  6. LvL100EtC

    Massive-trigger problem

    It just stucks both triggers (if im spamming with spell) and/or (for example) changes FOOTMEN into KNIGHT and KNIGHT getting stucked.
  7. LvL100EtC

    Shrine of Azshara and Derivatives

    Again awesoam model bro 5/5
  8. LvL100EtC

    Massive-trigger problem

    Hellow, It's 3-level spell based on one trigger I've made a trigger which scarifices unit FOOTMAN to transform him into FOOTMAN2. The trigger is pretty easy, it casts 30 seconds then it replaces FOOTMEN 1 with FOOTMEN 2, Everything is kay, till im trying to use spell twice same time...
  9. LvL100EtC

    jngp UMSWE

    Hi and welcome, i've got a problem with Newgen Pack. When im trying to cuztomize titles in UMSWE then only one thing i see is error which shows. This problem started today, when I was trying to change Felwood Grass tile in UMSWE, never before i didn't have this error, so i'm a bit confused...
  10. LvL100EtC

    Tell me about Alpha Title

    I saw this tutorial few days ago and it didn't help me. My "alpha title" <--wtf? Another guy's alpha title I still don't understand how i can do terrain like on 2nd img (I mean only Arthas standing on the edge)
  11. LvL100EtC

    Tell me about Alpha Title

    Hellow guys. I've seen awesome terrains made with Mighty-Alpha title. You can gimme any Tutorial for MAT? Maybe map? Any thing which will help me or teach me? (BTW. I've seen one not-rly-useful tutorial on Hive, plase don't post it). If ya help me i will +rep you.
  12. LvL100EtC

    Hephaest Spark

    I agree with you bro. .
  13. LvL100EtC

    » Create your defined artistic style using the mighty alpha-tile

    Very Helpful tutorial but i don't understand anything....
  14. LvL100EtC

    Diseased One

    Looks like Singed stitched with Urgot from League of Legends.
  15. LvL100EtC


    It's possible to make "devil" version of this model? I mean to change black blight on burning, also add any "magic effect" on it's hands.
  16. LvL100EtC


    Useful... yeah... I like Spell Attack animation. 4/5 Could u change this picture? - It sucks.
  17. LvL100EtC

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helped Meh

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helped Meh
  18. LvL100EtC

    [Solved] [BUGGED]Color Changers

    Thank you Space_Ship, + rep for you.
  19. LvL100EtC

    [Solved] [BUGGED]Color Changers

    Same like this one, but i want to color TARGET OF UNIT, not casting unit. BTW. ALSO I NEED this trigger to work only on units controlling by triggering player.
  20. LvL100EtC

    LichKing Arthas

    More Lich Kings plase O.o Anyway i like it because of weigh.
  21. LvL100EtC

    [Solved] [BUGGED]Color Changers

    Hellow The Hiveworkshop (again). Today i've got disturbing problem. I made easy trigger to change color (after using ability). But... don't wanna change his color and he's still is (for example) red. Also i want to make Change-Color-Ability to work only on my units (heroes...
  22. LvL100EtC


    What a... awesome model mon! 4.5/5
  23. LvL100EtC

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Random rep

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Random rep
  24. LvL100EtC

    [Picture] Arctic Ops Kennen you can add rep when you like it :)

    Lul, i don't like this champion but well done :)
  25. LvL100EtC

    Comment by 'LvL100EtC' in media 'Arctic Ops Kennen you can add rep when you like it :)'

    Lul, i don't like this champion but well done :)
  26. LvL100EtC


    This orc p0wn3d Orly Owl with his face. 3.5
  27. LvL100EtC

    Darker Night

    Hellow again THW! I think all of you saw night in Warcraft. -Lol, there are night in War3? Anyway... I'm trying to darken night cause i don't see any difference between Day and Night... I was trying to do it with triggers... Ofcourse with no results.. Well, someone can help me with...
  28. LvL100EtC

    Twilight Peon/HQ Peon

    Interesting model... 5/5
  29. LvL100EtC

    [Spell] Item metamorphosis?

    Try with potion (healing potion for example) or give charges for item. If your hero will drink potion your hero change into demon for x time and item will dissapear when Metamorphosis end. :) Also you can do using triggers (if you don't like charges). Try this: Events Unit - starts...
  30. LvL100EtC

    [Crash] Map dont load

    I had same problem. Probly crash p0wn3d datas in your map and your map is lost. I'm sorry. Don't forget, never give up. Make new, better! (like i did) BTW. Make copies (if you gunna create new). It will save half of your work when your map crash again.
  31. LvL100EtC

    Map lag

    Main Reasons: -Bugged triggers • You forgot to Special Effect - Destroy (last created special effect) Every x time trigger creates special effect/s so it can be reason -Too many units -Too many effects with animations (like Fire/Lighting) -Too large map (480x480 if you using JNGP)...
  32. LvL100EtC

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice model, added to my map. Thanks for nice work man!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice model, added to my map. Thanks for nice work man!
  33. LvL100EtC


    Now it looks awesome. Well done and welcome to my map :) 5/5
  34. LvL100EtC

    Totally Newbie's Question

    Thank you :) + rep for you
  35. LvL100EtC

    Totally Newbie's Question

    Thanks mon. Last question. How i can attach 2 points? Look at screen and tell me how i can attach one green point to 2nd green point and add it the same appearance?
  36. LvL100EtC

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helped me with rotating model.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helped me with rotating model.
  37. LvL100EtC

    Totally Newbie's Question

    Ehm, sorry then (I AM NEWBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Could u write me any tutorial how to rotate fence(MODEL, Doodat) in mdlvis, plase?
  38. LvL100EtC

    Totally Newbie's Question

    Eeeeee..... SURE! Kay... Answer me how i can repair, add, retrive etc this "extention"... With War3ModelEditor pl0xz.
  39. LvL100EtC

    Totally Newbie's Question

    Hellow. My name is LvL100EtC and i am "Modeling Newbie" (No, I won't make any model EVER, cause it's not for me :vw_sad:.) I want to rotate model using War3ModelEditor. Som1 can write me any short tutorial how 2 do it, cause it's really important for meh. ( i want to rotate fence model from...
  40. LvL100EtC

    Problem with "Return gold"

    #1 Try to delete "Return Gold and Wood" from your Town Hall (BTW. if you using oil as gold, so just replace ability "Return wood" with "Return gold & wood" and your ships will never again return oil to your Town Hall) #2 Build Haunted Goldmine (CHANGE MODEL!) on Oil Platforms and give...
  41. LvL100EtC

    Stump Monster

    It's too large and not really useful to RolePlay map like mine :p 4/5
  42. LvL100EtC


    He's right, it's flat, but idea was good and i like it. 4/5 - Good job mon!
  43. LvL100EtC

    Chain Element

    Awesome, but how can i use this well? It's drain, missle, buff, effect or.... what :) Answer me plase, cause i like it and want this one to my map.
  44. LvL100EtC


    It's awesome model but this.... weigh own3d me totally :D
  45. L

    HeroChaosBladeMaster (Warcraft 3 Model)

  46. LvL100EtC

    HeroChaosBladeMaster (Model)

    A... templar. It's my brother's model, but he wanted me to upload it. Keywords: Templar, Black Knight, Newbie, Swordmaster
  47. LvL100EtC


    Simple difference between this unit and red/blue felguard, but i like it :p
  48. LvL100EtC

    Few selection commands

    Hmm, the 2nd selection skill not working. Could you try with no custom scripts? (or with JASS/vJASS?)