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  1. MR.Tricky

    Holy War: Anniversary 1.32a

    Glad that bug is fixed. Also about the "charge" thing, you should let players know that if they set all their units on charge, it gets wiped. I had no idea about this until you said so. I'll change rating once I get to play again. Edit: Played it and everything went well. I think that Divine...
  2. MR.Tricky

    Holy War: Anniversary 1.32a

    There are a lot of bugs. Sometimes the units don't follow proper behaviors set (charge at _. flank at _). During my playthrough, my friend chose the skeleton race? and built the grim reaper while i was using orc. Damnable grim reaper is op af. instakill (lightning) doesnt work and all my units...
  3. MR.Tricky

    Conqueror 9.0

    AWESOME update, so far, i haven't had any crashes or errors in my game. BTW, the crafting seems very difficult to understand, i keep spamming the skill of my dwarf in hopes that i might discover something haha. Just a bit bug, sometimes the miner just stands around and it's unclickable.
  4. MR.Tricky

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome map

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome map
  5. MR.Tricky

    Conqueror 9.0

    This map is awesome, I enjoy playing this map. A few things to say.. I have no idea why soldiers won't attack the walls, the walls were placed on this inclined path towards an elevated cliff like place and they won't attack it no matter what. had to build trebuchets to attack the walls. Fatal...
  6. MR.Tricky

    Before The Winter 1.1

    Played the game a few times but we didn't play long because of a few things that annoyed me and some could be improved incl suggestions. 1. Camera- is buggy, sometimes it is locked then it goes free even if you don't press esc. Not to mention that trees sometimes block the camera or when you...
  7. MR.Tricky

    Winter Hunters [v2.6]

    The experience I received from this map is above average but not the best My FPS jumps from 60 to 50 from time to time during the play through. A few suggestions though... The map is too big if there are only 6-9 players left and on my play through, a lot of players left immediately. Solution...
  8. MR.Tricky

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Reporting a bug :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Reporting a bug :)
  9. MR.Tricky

    Sunken City v2.4.7

    He's right about the Monk. When the monk uses his ultimate skill Serenity before using his Third Skill Expel Harm (was it?), the counter for the heal goes around 100k+ and the damage dealt to mobs goes somewhere around 18k. After testing it around on our game, I noticed that the spike only...
  10. MR.Tricky

    Fantasy Life 1.31

    Is this still the buggy version that is unplayable to those who played fantasy life?
  11. MR.Tricky

    Island Survivors v1.7

    So i found the treasure and escaped the island, and now i have some code on my hands. What now good sir xD. The map was fairly entertaining, doesn't use much effort to survive xD. I was the only one who got away because the 2 people with me died, one with the sharks and the other.... threatend...
  12. MR.Tricky

    Forsaken Bastion's Fall

    Well, it happened on the start of a new round, the warden already left and the forsaken units have yet to spawn. The coalition just went charging in. (right up past Vali, the spider with 3k dmg). Till the forsaken(my) team teleported and backstabbed the scattered heroes of the coalition.
  13. MR.Tricky

    Forsaken Bastion's Fall

    I mean that as of now there is one teleportation point that teleports a hero to the first line of defense, but what if the enemy heroes are camping there. and when you tp one at a time, the enemy heroes will kill you all one by one.
  14. MR.Tricky

    Forsaken Bastion's Fall

    This is a fun game, i get to play it with enough people but the invading team just keep quitting because they die. And when they quit, a sudden lag spike happens and the game freezes for a few seconds, this needs to be fixed, it's not just me, everyone lags. I agree to some comments that the...
  15. MR.Tricky

    Plague 2 Infected Isles V3.73 (P)

    The game is very interesting especially when you have players who are really interested or rather say absorbed to the game. I had my fair share of fun pretending to be building some kind of kingdom (LOL). It's very fun and interesting though there are a lot more than few flaws and unbalanced...
  16. angel beats ekg 1920x1080 wall 1920x1080

    angel beats ekg 1920x1080 wall 1920x1080

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  18. Angel Beats

    Angel Beats

  19. MR.Tricky

    I wish i could but i have absolutely no experience or anything at all that has to do with making...

    I wish i could but i have absolutely no experience or anything at all that has to do with making a map...
  20. MR.Tricky

    Vampire Clan Wars 1.1

    This was such a nice map too.
  21. MR.Tricky

    Wilderness Survival 5.0 - PT

    It's no longer that difficult on 4.7a, it was when there were bears near spawnpoint. My bad.:vw_death: It actually became a bit easier when i found out that bows/guns/other weapons no longer consume ammo when used and we weren't attacked by wolves at night, maybe because we camped near the...
  22. MR.Tricky

    Wilderness Survival 5.0 - PT

    Am i the only one who thinks that 4.7 is way too damn hard compared to the older version?
  23. MR.Tricky

    Wilderness Survival 5.0 - PT

    i was kinda playing to play this Single player with the reincarnation but meh. it got removed xD.
  24. MR.Tricky

    Accuracy of Strike (AOS) v2.4 AI

    The character doesn't respond momentarily and it's frikin annoying. Is it just me...
  25. MR.Tricky

    Wilderness Survival 5.0 - PT

    in the end, reincarnation gets removed xD
  26. MR.Tricky

    Undead Siege Marines 1.47

    I don't know why but fatal error happens too frequently.
  27. MR.Tricky

    TKoK - Eastern Kingdom - 3.3.0f

    Bug with warrior, there is no defensive stance skill even tho i already took the skill
  28. MR.Tricky

    Forest Expansion 2.9.9b

    It's a bit hard to play as an ancient when most of the expanders are using support characters that don't build much(forgotten one). Maybe put a limit on them.
  29. MR.Tricky

    Miners (v1.42.0) ENG

  30. MR.Tricky

    Forest Expansion 2.9.9b

    also the builders seem to abuse the lion shield that they can buy. I have played several times and the worgen buys alot of lion shields eventually getting above +100 armor making them seemingly invincible and it is hard to kill because they are invisible, they can hide on holes and they...
  31. MR.Tricky

    Forest Expansion 2.9.9b

    worgen has too many bugs, it gets gold when it harvests wood, and when it harvests gold it can harvest very fast by pressing stop while attacking, this way it can harvest gold very very fast, if you cannot fix it, might as well remove it.
  32. MR.Tricky

    Pirates of the Sea v3.32 EN

    Well obviously, he needs to fix it, i am also experiancing Hard Core Delay, my friends and i could not play it, it mostly happens when the ship is in combat or it got hit by cannons and sometimes it happens randomly. I actually like this map very much (it reminds me of Space Rouges), we tried...
  33. MR.Tricky

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Best Survival map ever

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Best Survival map ever
  34. MR.Tricky

    Wilderness Survival 5.0 - PT

    Every single one so far, sometimes it happens when you issue a command (like move or having it pick up an item) or when they are not doing anything and you did not issue "Hold Position" Also maybe a timer to tell you how long you have been playing in -disable win mode, instead of the usual 3...
  35. MR.Tricky

    Wilderness Survival 5.0 - PT

    In v4.5, when you resurrect your character, there is till a dead hero on F1 and it keeps piling up till you can't click on your hero. The pet often wanders off and it does not follow your command. Oh and the hunting stand is practically useless, it attacks slow and weak. The warmth should...
  36. MR.Tricky

    The Heart of the Forest 1.0.38

    Firelord deals no effin damage. (maybe because of incinerate)
  37. MR.Tricky

    Lords of The North 1.2

    It's like lords of middle earth all over again!!! awesome!!!
  38. MR.Tricky

    Rome Total War 1.82

    Pretty awesome map. I have a suggestion though. You know when you capture a capital city, you'll be able to choose some heroes/generals, it would be cool if your citizen hero would become that general, so basically it would be an upgrade, i was expecting something like that. and also i do not...
  39. MR.Tricky

    Risk Devolution Reborn 2.9

    This map is awesome, i was playing and i nearly conquered half of the map with only a few players who didn't leave and me and this one player who maybe got 1/3 of the map were about to have a clash but the game suddenly ended. The game ended for unknown reasons and we were about to get to the...
  40. MR.Tricky

    OaD 2 v1.0.3

    Personally, i think this map needs more items, there is basically no good items other than the element orbs which are the only items worth making. There should be more items that use energy/crystal (the same one element items use) except they are not linked to elements. or maybe items made...
  41. MR.Tricky

    War Clans

    Just a suggestion, it was cool that the characters had different weapons but that's pretty much it, so maybe you could the the players choose different equipments(eg. different weapons/clothing etc) and each has different effects, So it wouldn't only be a survival map, it would be a survival...
  42. MR.Tricky

    War Clans

    And it would unlock the building that need it. ex. if player 1 builds a fire, then player 2 can build a market. also all players should be able to be resurrected at a tent but the living players will do something to resurrect the dead player like gather resources/potions or retrieve their...
  43. MR.Tricky

    War Clans

    The only thing that sucks here is that: U have a team but you don't play as a team. U can help each other gather resources but you have to build your own type of structure which sucks.
  44. MR.Tricky

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) ossumm

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) ossumm
  45. MR.Tricky


    Needs moar weapons and interesting features, more yakuza/mafia stuffs, more cars/vehicles. a bigger map or different maps. Edit: Some weapons are too Op and some are too weak. Pistols should fire (casting time) faster than shotguns.
  46. MR.Tricky

    The Final Showdown v2.5

    I thought this map ended xD
  47. MR.Tricky

    Braindead v1.20b

    Game ends with defeat when a player leaves/disconnects before the map is selected.
  48. MR.Tricky

    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    a way to resurrect players would be nice...
  49. MR.Tricky

    Enfo's FFB Edition v2.11c

    I always get disconnected whenever the game starts... HELP!!
  50. MR.Tricky


    Why not concentrate on the bugs first, i've played the previous versions, long before the elves were added(it was a very very old version, probably several months ago). it had the same damned bug, the damned bug that ruins the quest(doesn't allow you to turn in the quest)