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    Gnomish Engineer

    It looks like the Boogerman :P
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    Dwarven Ram Rider

    a gnome for example!!!! :D :D :D :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    @ Flaming Pongo: SHUT UP MAYBE HE'S DARK TINTED BECAUSE IT'S NIGHTTIME IN THE EDITOR, STUPID! Ok,to the point: Mooie model Hans!! :wink: It only looks too much like the other goblin. Maybe you could edit the face :D
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    why don't you DOWNLOAD the model and see what has changed about it?! It must be changed, or else he didn't send it. I'll check it out, Mc! :wink: The attack animation is very good! :D 5.5/5 for the model as it is now ;)
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    Gnomish Fighter

    Too bad none of the gnome models here are as cute and funny as those in WoW.....
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    They still don't entirely look like gnomes. I miss the funny feeling. Anywho, models OK and nicely done :D
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    WOOOW COOLEST BIKE YET!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the front side!!! 8/5!!!!!!!
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    too much red
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    Very weird, and please fix the errors. 3.5/5 for now :wink:
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    Good Stargate, but I hate the stairs. And it doesn't have any animations. PLEASE make the cool thingey when the gate opens and the thing where you can press the code (sorry but I don't know how to call them :wink: )
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    Looks like a protoss head. Good model though!
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    WOOT congratulations!!
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    Brilliant dude!!! You're a true Nederlander!
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    Goed gedaan erwtenpeller!!! Perfecte skin! Je krijgt van mij een 5/5 en de groeten hahaha!
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    I totally LOVE the face! 4/5 if you ask me :wink:
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    Gmax model problem...

    I've got a model and would like to edit it in Gmax, but I can't do that in .mdx or .mdl. Anyone knows how?
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    eehm....perfekt is with with a C.... :wink:
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    ít's a BRILLIANT model! I thought Garfield hated mondays, but what a good model he has made on that day!!
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    Help with the skin

    It's boring! Add more variation!
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    Mc!, you're the god of elementals..
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    Good! You're improving very much! Keep up the good work! :wink:
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    doesn't look like a whirlpool, but it's cool :wink:
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    It's good! As you said: it needs another skin. This one looks awefull :wink: And the best StarCraft modeller is Killst4r!!!! Then Max666!! :D
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    HalfTiger man

    Hey! My name is in your skin's name! It's Raoul! Well, it's almost the same, but who cares! I'm famous now! :P :D :D
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    was this a ghoul?!?!?!? Brilliant skin dude! 5/5
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    Now THIS is the kind of models i TOTALLY LOVE!!! Truly. I don't know what it is, but it's totally cool! 1000/5!!
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    My first skin ever

    Sopho 13!?!??! Damn! I wish I could skin that good and make maps that good a year ago!!!
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    please increase the poly count and make it rounder! This looks like a boulder... Further it's nice. 3/5
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    Why can't I use the skin?!?!

    If Textures/HeroCryptLord.blp doesn't work, may god be with you :wink:
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    alpha and team colors?

    A trial of Adobe Photoshop to help you on the way :D
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    MPQ Paths?

    There are thousands of paths. I'm not gonna name em all... :roll:
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    Mario and Luigi

    There are 4 models made of Mario: Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Peach. Just look in the models section :wink:
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    Ladik's MPQ Editor v EN

    Can this one open the war3patch.mpq??
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    QMPQ v1.0

    Why can't it extract war3patch.mpq?!?! I want to skin the firelord!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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    It's just perfect! Great for a egyptian king or something :D
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    Nice one. 4/5
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    Haha. The ears are very funny. Great skin too. 5/5
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    It might be funnier if the club was as big as it always is. I can already see the troll vilager trying to beat an enemy up with that thing :lol:
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    Post here ur first skin ever !

    Pity, Nasrudin! That was such a beautifull skin! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    Post here ur first skin ever !

    Here's my first skin. Never done freehand, because I suck at that :x It was mentioned for a revival of Mannoroth, but we were veery slow with the campaign and we desided to quit....
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    -~- Just A Question -~-

    Here's a Trial Version of PSP CS. Use it well :wink:
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    I need tips for my skin

    Looks good if you ask me. Could you show the .BLP file too? Then I can take a close examination :D
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    alpha and team colors?

    Well, you convert the .BLP to a .TGA and if you're working with photoshop, just delete the parts you want removed :D
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    I have the strange idea that you're really into Demon Hunters :roll: :roll: Great skin though. Better that the other one for sure. 4.8/5
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    alpha and team colors?

    OK, you were alphaing a staff, but then the only thing you got was team color. If you work with .TGA, you need to convert that to .JPG. Then the alpha channels will be removed and team color is gone :D
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    Rise of the Vampires - Jin

    You're welcome. In the CnP you get a 4/5 from me :wink:
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    alpha and team colors?

    Whoops forgot about removing team color :D But Team color IS under the texture! When looking in wc3viewer you see holes in the skin. Those are the parts that were deleted and if it has team color right there, it shows team color :D :D
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    alpha and team colors?

    Well, alphaing is very irritating because of team color. That's the most irritating thing there is. Team color is under the texture, so when you alpha the texture out, you only have the team color. Alphaing is very irritating. You should learn to delete model parts and do that.
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    Very bad model. Duh the face is good because it's from Blizzard. 2/5