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  1. Bok Choy


    Thanks. 4.5/5.
  2. Bok Choy


    I know that know one will read this but this model wont work for me ... and its the first one to not work for me, im doing everything right..
  3. Bok Choy


    looks hideous.. 1/5
  4. Bok Choy


    Every Single One Of Your Icons Are A Master Piece !!! Keep It Up 10/10
  5. Bok Choy


    turning a glowing torch on a angel ? lol, i dont know.
  6. Bok Choy

    Updates ?

    No, i am not firmiliar with megagames, why ?
  7. Bok Choy


    why cant i see the icon ? please learn how to upload icons proply on the site.
  8. Bok Choy


    This takes me back.
  9. Bok Choy


    They don't come better then this 5/5
  10. Bok Choy


    Dude, do you even know how to upload models ? this is the second of yours i have tryed that hasnt worked ! PLEASE FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM !
  11. Bok Choy


    could have been better 4/5
  12. Bok Choy


    Where the hell is the icon ? it isnt there when you import it ! 0/5
  13. Bok Choy


    Looks great, nearly perfect. 5/5.
  14. Bok Choy


    I Love It. Gj, 5/5 :d :d :d :d
  15. Bok Choy

    Updates ?

    A couple of erros happened, i think i need to re-install the game......... or maybe i did the wrong thing i dont know... >English [Windows] 1.20d to 1.20e Download [World] >WarCraft 3: TFT v1.20d to v1.20e English Patch DOWNLOAD NOW >Run >ERROR: unable to load file...
  16. Bok Choy

    Updates ?

    Can i update it somehow at , I lost my CD key for my wc3ft, its a long storie, but now i cant use battle net because im not using real cd key. = /
  17. Bok Choy

    Updates ?

    Can anyone tell me where to find the latest updates or patches for warcraft3 frozen throne ?
  18. Bok Choy

    How do i make a loading screen ?

    oh, mvb and thanks for the site link, really helpful :)
  19. Bok Choy

    How do i make a loading screen ?

    anyone know how to make a loading screen, can i do it off paint ?
  20. Bok Choy


    I agree with zombie dude, i dont want to take any chances, get all this illegal crap off the site, it wont be the end of the world...
  21. Bok Choy


    we desprately need a tyrael model from diablo games. IF NO ONE WILL MAKE A GOOD ONE, I WILL !! if i wasnt so lazy...
  22. Bok Choy


    The angel's face looks like someone dropped a 50t brick on it.. the animations are also bad, i have seen better angel's like this, but it was a good idea 2/5 :?
  23. Bok Choy


    I dont think its clutterd, very nice model, but i cant tell if its a women or a man :shock:
  24. Bok Choy


    this is the worst modeling i have seen in a long time, its scary because the modeling was terrible. 0.0001/5 :cry:
  25. Bok Choy


    Sweeet ass model, small file too, cant wait what you make next. :D 5/5
  26. Bok Choy


    VERY nice, its small and its a great piece of work 4/5 :wink:
  27. Bok Choy


    Very nice. 4/5 :)
  28. Bok Choy

    DotA GodZoR. Version 1.07

    one of the worst dota map's i have ever played... 1/5
  29. Bok Choy


    Perfect Tonado, very useful, goodjob 4.5/5 :D
  30. Bok Choy

    Ocr Warlord

    Love the model, i dont care about the poly's good job, this definently deserves 5/5, best model ive seen on here for a while :shock: :shock:
  31. Bok Choy


    we need more trolls !, i love it. 4/5
  32. Bok Choy


    Not very impressive, but its useful i guess. 2.5/5
  33. Bok Choy


    HORSESHOE CRABS !!! wooooot i LOVE them, there sooo cuuute :D YOUR MY HERO !!!
  34. Bok Choy


    great model, 4.5/5 you would have got a 5/5, but i dont like the horns :roll:
  35. Bok Choy


    good job, just what i needed 4/5