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    O.o Thanx! ill change that =)
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    No no, i didint meant to but i was just makin seahorse with dragon lookin. never noticed till my friend told me. XD
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    Added animations. Sampled infernal machine.
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    hi, again im here to share the work =) I made a simple model of seahorse to test my skill. Its not Pokemon! Right now Im practicing texturesssssss. I use naga texture a little but it's over painted. (to say this texture is my original =P) 584 polys btw
  5. BuffMelon

    5 Dragons (same model, 5 color patterns)

    hi, im here to share some work here =) I made a model of a dragon usin 3ds max. this is my first model I made. It has 428 polys. Is this too high for wc3 model?? by the way I used Painter to draw this texture.
  6. B

    CorruptedEnt_portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  7. BuffMelon

    CorruptedEnt_portrait (Model)

    The mask of treant. Attatch point is "head". It is edited from model Corrupted Treant's Portrait. You don't need to credit me because it is just simply edited the original blizzard's model. Keywords: Mask, Attatchment, Head, Tree, Helm, Corrupted, Purple, Nice face,
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    Custom Doodad - Walls and Poles

    almost all of them are just too simply edited like rotate, scale, delete, etc... But thax for the reply =)
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    Custom Doodad - Walls and Poles

    Costom models edited from blizzard's original model. There are barrell-walls, Bridge-Floor, OrcishRedFlag, Hanged Skeleton, and few poles (black n brown). PM me or send me an email if you want these items cz i dont think they will be approved even i submit them.
  10. BuffMelon

    hellblood weapons/shield

    my first model editing using tools downloaded in this site. Im wondering whether i should submit it or not. These equipments are Shield, Katana, and Lance. Edit from doodad - Outland-obstacle3.mdx.
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    Monochrome Hitmans

    hmm, i noticed... exactly 100 KB. =)
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    First Person Shooter

    try my map and see if theres what you need, it is unprotected. hope it will help you.
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    Monochrome Hitmans (Map)

    Simplest shooting game. It has very easy unit controling system and I wanna share them too so i made this map unprotected. Check this map out as both shooting game and spell map.
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    Monochrome Hitmans (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    looks like dog to me
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    Adwanced Marine Final

    Your models are the best!!! Small size, great animations, great attatchments,etc. btw nikoro_killer, i dont think u can add custom model in RoC Editor. (Buy Frozen Throne!!1)
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    Petal Ward

    Nice april fool guys. jk
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    Why there are no Skin Section?

    ok thanx, ill go check wc3search
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    Why there are no Skin Section?

    Just as the title said, Why there are no skin section? I really want to see people's unique skinz.
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    Mario Ball (Map)

    Throw Koopa's shell that bounces when it hits walls and kill enemy mario. You can Jump to evade shells.
  21. B

    Mario Ball (Warcraft 3 Map)

  22. BuffMelon

    Demolisher (Map)

    Since there were no Spell Map Section in this site, I submitted in Example Section. I hope you can satisfy this demolisher Ability.
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    Demolisher (Warcraft 3 Map)

  24. BuffMelon

    ERROR: Your Spell Map is corrupted

    i dont know what teh hell is wrong is but it always tell me :ERROR: Your Spell Map is corrupted- when i submit the custom spell map. I really wants to let you guys see the great custom spell but i really really cant figure what the hell is wrong with my map. Someone Tell me!!!!!
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    nice its the Proudmoore sabre, it looks cool when dranei mage hold them.
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    Triggering Ownership of Item

    trying to make trigger that dont allow hero to pick up items that once belonged to other hero for my ORPG. Should i use custom value or mark each item by variables?
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    Its kinda both shepperd sheep tag with easy maze terran, 30 level max goblins with custom hero abilities and goblish items. Also it is unprotected Thnx for all model makers and icon makers. :D
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  29. B

    GOBLIN PRISON BREAK v1.0 (Warcraft 3 Map)