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    Stack doodads onto eachother?

    I was looking at two different tutorials in the tutorial section and they both had "To raise a doodad do CTRL+PageUP" I tried this and it isn't working for me? Anyone mind explaining to me how to do this?
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    Remove everything of a color?

    I finished making this trigger and it removes all the units of the player if no one is in that slot. But there is a barracks of the players color controlled by Red that also has to be removed. (To avoid abuse of the game) Is there an easy way I can do this without making 50,000,000 triggers...
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    [Trigger] Probably a stupid question...

    In my map I'm making if you start the game and it isn't full the missing players units are still there. I have been looking in the triggers for about 15 minutes and I can't figure out how to get rid of the units in the start. help?
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    Create second set of trainable units for building?

    Id rather do this than make another building and need more triggers so could you tell me how I do this? Another question I had in a separate post is how could I put a group of units into a battalion after they are trained? if a building trains 10 units at a time how can I make them fight...
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    Select group as a batallion?

    Select group as a batallion? I want to know how I can make a group of units be selected as one unit but still fight individually. I know how I can allready do this but it would be very sloppy in game. How would you do it?[/b]
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    [Trigger] Spawn multiple units by pressing button?

    I would like someone to tell me how I can spawn multiple units by selecting a button in something like a tavern. I need to have the spawned units teleport and change ownership but I can do that no problem. Any help?
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    Trying to learn Jass can u answer my questions?

    OK I have some questions from reading Jass turorials I was wondering if you could answer. How do i find out unit ID? What is defenition of real? What is Boolean? How can I practice JASS if I really don't know what I'm doing? Im gonna update this every time I have a new question...
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    I am trying to learn JASS but have questions

    This is the tutorial I am reading In part 2 which is about variables it gives this which I think will kill a unit function variable_testA takes nothing returns nothing local unit u =...
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    I don't get custom spell making.

    I've read the turtorial but it don't see anything telling me what I do with dummy units if I gave them an ability wouldn't it just sit there with it? And it gives aoe sleep as an example, someone please explain to me better on the steps to making an aoe sleep or aura sleep I've tried but I...
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    Let me join you're ORPG project.

    I'm asking this because the last 3 that I have tried to join have gotten no response:cry: so I thought I'd ask instead. I'm hoping to join a project as a Terrainer\Basic Triggerer\Itemer\Idea Maker (if got plenty) so please if you're starting a fairly new project that has plenty of room to...
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    How can I make a line go straight easier

    When im trying to make a ridge that needs to be straight I awlays go off the line I would think that you just hold shift but that doesn't work, how do I stay straight?
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    Applying upgrades to towers.

    What do I do to make an upgrade that I can have towers in a td detect invisible and only allow that tower that I upgraded to detect invis?
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    How to change maps cliff tile?

    when i started making my map i used grass cliff and now i realized that it would be ugly in some places. how can i quickly change all of the edges from grass to dirt?
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    I was thinking about doing something where when you got closer or further away from something the fog would be constantly changing. would this cause lots of lag? if it did how would i fix it but still have effects of constant changing fog?
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    Making bigger maps than allowed in normal World Editor

    plz give me link to the thing u use to make a map double normal size i can't seem to find it
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    How do exceed normal map sizes?

    lets say its 32x32 and i want 420x420 what do i change for that i know u can do it because ive seen it done and if u can plz tell me how i add more tilests than the number allowed
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    How do i post a screenshot?

    i've got one that i need to post as a map preview how do i put it up
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    How to make a Beach?

    how can i create i nice little coast/beach im having trouble finding a way to make it not look repetative and not empty at the same time
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    Doodads disappear

    How come now when I place things other than doodads the doodads seem to vanish? they can still be seen ingame but its hard to work like that
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    How do I make good villages/cities for RPGs

    Something that doesn't look like shit and you actually think "Village" when u see it. Things to include?Buildings/Doodads to lay?
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    Start Locations

    How can I make it so no start locations have to be spawned when saving a map?
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    Moving Doodads to Maps

    I need to get the doodads from one map to another what do i do i did both the exports from the map in object editor and both the imports, the one im tacking from has custom models
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    How do i place light

    Ive never had to put light in a map before how do i place it
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    Someone answer quick!!!

    I was terraining and i was pasting waterfalls and i think i misclicked and now its all dark and in upper right it says game view settings
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    Group Project Question

    How can more than one person at a time work on a map? Wouldnt one thign be on this map another be on that map? Do you set up some kind of group World Editor network that stays open? "if they dont have something like that they should"
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    Fate's Grip RPG

    Fate's Grip RPG (Not Final) I am starting a new project, an rpg. This RPG will have classes warrior,archer,mage...???battlemage,theif and archer/mage (cant think of name for that one) maybe??? but will focus on different types of magic which will be Fire,Water/Ice,Lightning,Earth,Holy,Dark...
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    Best RPG Ever.

    I need someone who can make real good custom spells and someone to make quests. I can do terraining. I will post a list of needed spells soon if someone will help im going to make this rpg different from others, in every rpg ive played there has been something different i hated in all of them...
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    Making a fort?

    I want to make somethign on an rpg that resembles an impentitrable fort what can i do for walls and what else should i add to make it seem awesomer
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    Custom weather in certain spots

    think of dota's wind,rain,moonlight. how can i make those effects in certain spots on a map constant and how about changing through day and night?
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    Weather Effects

    how can i make cool constant effects in certain spots like wind rain or moonlight like in dota?
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    RPG Boss Battles

    how can i make better bosses by "blink there, attack that cast this on this % of hp, run if...,etc"
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    World Editor messed up?

    it suddenly looks like this for some reason {EDIT 1} it suddenly looks like this for some reason??? {EDIT 2} it suddenly looks like this for some reason??? ok my picture wont show up so ill tell u instead of normal its like "abilList,castpt,fogrd,UberTip? how do i change it back...
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    aura question

    dont know if its the right forum but if i have an aura lets say, a slow aura that slows units in a radius, would that make them become hostile against me? and could u tell me how i make such a spell oh and what about a damage aura like dps from fire?
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    I registered because I need help making a map I play on the server HeLLCraft and think DoTa is stupid and overplayed.
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    Help make the best RPG ever!!!

    I am working on terrain sound and units right now I need 1-3 people to do triggers quests and hero abilities and such. I'm going to have this RPG be very customizable have many secrets and look good. There will be one big Island and several smaller ones around it that can be reached by boat. The...