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  1. Traxamillion

    Importing Models, Skins and Icons.

    Importing Models, Skins and Icons A Picture book for the new and weary. I made this tutorial for a few reasons, I want to create an extremely basic way to do import these resources with detailed information along with visual aides. Numerous times people enter the chat wondering how to import...
  2. Zack1996

    Generating a Hero Idea

    Generating a Hero Idea Have you ever started on a map and got stuck when its time to create some heroes? This tutorial is here to help! This covers some basics of creating a hero idea. If you need help on the skills, check out some other tutorials or post a request in the forums. Content...
  3. 3rgytr54

    Get Older Warcraft 3 Tools to Work

    How To- Get Older Warcraft 3 Tools to Work tested on a 32 bit vista operating system Have you ever gotten the error: RICHTX32.OCX or one of it dependences missing or invalid? or: COMDLG32.OCX is missing? Well, here is your solution!! First open “Command Prompt” as an administrator ...