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    Neon light

    Hello. I think this might be a easy request, but usefull. NEON LIGHT, could be damn nice in car maps with neon under their cars, or if you make a city map and its night, glow on buildings or shops. Green, red and so on.. Of course i'll give you rep. :-) -Thanks.
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    Scream Model Request

    Just take a look :-) ModelRequstPleaseTakeALook - The Helper Forums You'll of course get credited! Thanks. :-)
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    Mikke in da houze !!

    Hello im mikke95, i already know many here ^^ Im good at GUI, and i got many ideas but none right now xD I think i'll enter the ''Minigame Contest'' but only maybe :-) Cya and thanks Wolverabid for reminding me :-)