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  1. dOT145

    Reviving Heroes at a Changeable Region

    Reviving Heroes at a Changeable Regiontop Table of Contentstoc Table of ContentsTop Table of Contents Introduction What You Need Creating the Regions and Triggers Conclusion Introduction:intro Hi, and welcome to my tutorial. This is my first tutorial, so sorry if it's not too great.:cute: I...
  2. dOT145

    [Trigger] RPG Item Drop Help

    Hi, I'm Dot145 and for my RPG (Legends ORPG) I want to make an item drop system that is like that of Defi4nce's ORPG and Twilight's Eve ORPG. Their item drop system has it so that when you kill a boss, everyone in the dungeon is teleported to a group of little squares that has just them and an...
  3. dOT145


    Hi, I'm dOT145. I've been a lurker and downloading models from people to use in my map, Legends ORPG. It's coming along pretty well, only I need to add more enemy units instead of using just normal WC Neutral Hostile units clustered in ginormous creep camps. I am a moderate trigger-er that has...