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    E.O.R. V3B7: Leaflet Forest

    Im in love with your maps dude!!! 5/5 EDIT: Quote from Septimus: [-] Minor bug detected, Arcadian swordman saddle horse skill cannot be used (-15) [++++] Yes it can!
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    E.O.R. V3B6: Ice Cube

    EPIC !!!! Im glad you will stick to the races, i love alternate races and you make them so very well! And then you released this new map with the same races... it made me cry, i MEAN IT!!!! it made me cry ***EDIT*** 5/5 Bro! Keep up the good work! ***End of Edit***
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Awesome map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDatEUPDATE

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Awesome map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDatEUPDATE
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Gay Comment XD

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Gay Comment XD
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Gay Comment ^^

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Gay Comment ^^
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    E.O.R. V3B7: Leaflet Forest

    I really really enjoyed playing this map. You have done a great job developing this map. But i have only found 1 bug so far: The Netural Hero Amazon got an ability called Poison Arrows, you know the same thing as searing arrow or frost arrow. They all cost mana each shot but weird enough, Posion...
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    Blood Money 1.1.7

    Awesome map and a Awesome idea 5/5
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    Reputation: (Post) Amazing! Shame it's not approved

    Reputation: (Post) Amazing! Shame it's not approved
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    Nameless - One Orc's Saga

    AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING AMAZING! AMAZING! Okey enought with the spam! This campaign is awesome! I love everything about it, the story, terrain, spells everything! The campaign is great and i wish i could rate it more than 5 but i can't im sorry! But i will probebly kill you if you dont...
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    Nerubian Flying Bombarder by Burning_Dragoon5

    PERFECT for my Nerubian Race map
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    Reputation: (Post) Your Awesome!

    Reputation: (Post) Your Awesome!
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    Naga Race

    Screw you I hate you. You completly stole Masterhoasis Map. Your phathetic !!
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    Reputation: (Post) "Oh! Richard! What are you doing here?" ^^ "Oh i just wanted to say goodnight...

    Reputation: (Post) "Oh! Richard! What are you doing here?" ^^ "Oh i just wanted to say goodnight before i go into my tent nextby without doing anything sexual or ambiguous to you" HAHA I laughed so hard that i started to cry !!
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    Sect of the Holy Mother 6

    Okay i just love theese Cinematics. Your the best cinematic making guy in the whole world. Shaun said: "Oh! Richard! What are you doing here?" ^^ "Oh i just wanted to say goodnight before i go into my tent nextby without doing anything sexual or ambiguous to you" That really mad me laugh so hard...
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    Reputation: (Post) OMG Your an eMp? Im Emp Darkslasher !!! Cool we both are eMp's ^^

    Reputation: (Post) OMG Your an eMp? Im Emp Darkslasher !!! Cool we both are eMp's ^^
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    Lands of Roxxo

    How the #$¤! did you do that?
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    My first terrain gallery !

    Brilliant^^ I loved all of theese screenshots.. Well i didnt liked that fat guy in the first 2 but the other ones were just GREAT! Keep up the good work
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    Sidewinder (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Sidewinder (Map)

    A battle between Alliance and Horde, Evil and Good, Enemy to Enemy. In this Deserted part of The Barrens. Rally the troops, bolster you ranks and the most important... Destroy everything in your way. Tip: A great way to play this is Humans Vs Orcs Or Humelfs Vs Undorc Or maybe a giant cool...
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    Heirodi Forest

    Thanks for the tips and im glad you enjoyed the map redbean.. And your right it should be more melee maps. And yes i will get better with time i know im not that good right now. If you liked it redbean you could always test my other map. PS more melee maps coming up soon
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    Golem Invocation 1.6.1

    LOVLEY spell.. But you i have the BEST idea for an Spell.. Its a big vulcano that comes out of the ground and every lava rock thing becomes a small red coloured Infernal it would be awesome
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    Lost Temple (8 races) v1.5

    Hmm i dont like it .. I dont got Boring without AI Atleast TRY to make an AI
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    The War Of San Felix 2.0

    Didnt liked this at all to be honest
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    Heirodi Forest

    I would love to have a judgemental Comment on this Melee map. And PS dont let the Computer EVER beat you.. Cuz its a machine!!
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    Heirodi Forest (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Heirodi Forest (Map)

    The Heirodi Forest have always been a place for creeps to prove who's the strongest. Now you and your enemy tries to put and end on it.. And eachother This is my second map created in Wc3 World Editor. A quick 3 hour job just for fun. Its basically a Ashenvale Forest. Alot of creeps...
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    (2)Sunken Grave

    Thank you very much Septimus for the Review.. And i cant type that well becouse well... im only 11 years old and im from Sweden. My main language isnt English.. Will change the gold in the gold mines and fix the creep missplacement in base 1. Frogs and lily pads i can sure add.. I didnt added...
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    Reputation: (Post) Thank you for the rep ^^

    Reputation: (Post) Thank you for the rep ^^
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    (2)Sunken Grave

    Thank you very much Epimeliad. I will make sure you got plenty of trees in my next Melee map. And i know ^^ the creeps are to many for a 1on1 map. Thank you really much for the judgement i will take them in mind form my next map.
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    (2)Sunken Grave

    I would love to have a judge comment on this Melee map. Just to see if its approved or not.
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    (2)Sunken Grave (Map)

    This once were a buitifull place. Farmers and Villagers lived in this piece of land.. Cut off from the rest of the world. But one day a Giant wave came and destroyed almost everything. Ever since strange creatures began to show up. Everyone that survived were killed. It was forgotten. Now you...
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    (2)Sunken Grave (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Bloodelf Model Pack

    I really liked this pack becouse i always make maps for fun and im making a special race everytime FINALLY i can make an complete bloodelf map... Thank you 5/5 love the models great work and keep up the good work
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    Bloodelf Model Pack

    I LOVE IT i just say I LOVE IT 9.99/10 i took 1 0.01 away becouse it aint icons to all of them but still REALLY GOOD !!
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    Street Light Variation 2

    Like it its very usefull for my Village map... But still though as cHeRoL says: No light
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    South Sea Ruins CTF V2.0.1

    I like the map its fun. Now to something complete diffrent You got alot of Gnoll Models/icons anyway Can you consider making a good gnoll map and put it out able to download? Would appreciate it.
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    Gogota Goodnes Ball

    I.. I no words..... 10/10