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    The Dusk of Demise: Upcoming release

    With the knowledge that Starcraft II hasn't stolen the Warcraft III community, the Dusk of Demise will now continue to be modified until it has reached its final version. However, new BETA testers are required for this process. If you are interested in becoming a BETA tester, and are active...
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    Zombie Assault Force v1.03

    You got my attention Well done cinematic, I am looking forward to testing this out when I finish my final exams. Expect my ratings in about a 14 days. I appreciate modders who express their creations with passion, as I would.
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    Crown Shield by Sunchips

    this excellent
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    Royal Cloak

    Thats pretty awesome man
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    Night sky with moon skybox

    This is really cool. If you make a sphere somehow and avoid the awkward edges I would give 5/5.
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    I like it, I like it a LOT
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    yo add eMi.topdawg-160 i am onlien with that account right now. I want to test with u

    yo add eMi.topdawg-160 i am onlien with that account right now. I want to test with u
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    DoD 1.00523 BETA Protect

    ! Good findings
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    DoD 1.00523 BETA Protect

    Attack Speed is modified in this game to give .01% per a point. So it is at 4.5% increased attack speed.
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    2P Campaign: Undead 01

    thats pretty cool man, I like campaign. I don't know which one to play though cuz there are SO MANY.
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    DoD 1.00523 BETA Protect

    The chronomancer has a new skin and he is modified for the next version to blend in to the game.
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    Repelling Bubble - v1.3

    This spell is EPIC! 5/5
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    Suomi-KP submachinegun

    My first thought when I was this was "Thompson," however, I don't care! It's awesome, and the fact that it is only 6.2kb is amazing.
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    DoD 1.00523 BETA Protect

    WOW? Seriously? 3/5? WoW, I think this deserves higher than that. I don't know whats wrong with your computer but no one else has a white loading screen, also, you soloed it, how do you know if other players had a white loading screen? This problem COULD be your computer and not the game...
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    This is pretty frikin awesome chrome.
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    Dwarven Double Axe

    You are brilliant. Frikin brilliant!
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    DoD 1.00523 BETA Protect

    I apologize, and I will fix taht anarchon
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    Chrome you make the COOLEST shiznaz. Of all texture editors I am most impressed by your work.

    Chrome you make the COOLEST shiznaz. Of all texture editors I am most impressed by your work.
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    AoS Warsong Gulch - Capture the Flag!

    Gnome is HIDEOUS So I played as the gnome, and I found this character absolutely HIDEOUS, and deducts from the WOW feel that your trying to achieve. There are better resources on this site than the current model in use. I suggest for the Combat Gnome ROgue use the skeletal child model, and...
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    The author name is fixed. Description is fixed. A video was created due to request. Thank you...

    The author name is fixed. Description is fixed. A video was created due to request. Thank you for your criticism. It improves my skill and proffessionalism. Here is the link:
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    [b]the dusk of demise model request[/b]

    I require new models for the Chronomancer, Holy Magister, and the Angelic Templar in my ORPG. For the Angelic Templar this model can possibly used, however, I require a TEXTURE artist to create a creative skin that...
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    This is absolutely brilliant and deserves a higher rating than it has. I wish someone made a model that could use this. I would have this guy replace one of my caster characters.
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    Gith v5.6

    This is BRILLIANT I love it! This is exactly the type of thing that I have been looking for!
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    aye, need modeller!

    aye, need modeller!
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    DoD 1.00523 BETA Protect

    Moderators DO NOT RATE THIS YET. The description is still being updated. As well as the game as itself.
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    DoD 1.00523 BETA Protect

    Yes these are all factors that are being worked out, thank you for bringing them to my attention. It helps me know which bothers the player most.
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    Leech (Yellow)

    This is PRETTY awesome!
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    sup misha

    sup misha
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    what up cityy

    what up cityy
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    DoD 1.00523 BETA Protect

    How old is your computer and what version is it. This game did not run on my old computer because it was out of date.
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    An excellent skin for an excellent model!
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    Serpent Lord's Scales

    ! I love this model. I have it on my game.
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    Power Claws (left and right)

    these are pretty cool, I imagine them being on something like a hybrid protoss.
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    DoD 1.00523 BETA Protect (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    DoD 1.00523 BETA Protect (Map)

    This BETA map is an online role playing game (ORPG). It has a maximum of 7 players, however, at minimum, 4 players are recommended. Unique features include a randomized questing system, fully customizable item attachments, minigames, cross-loading save system which allows players to bring...
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    Naga Dragon

    This model is well designed for the amount of kilabytes it uses.
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    WOW this is a FANTASTIC model!
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    Dire Troll

    A great model for a great file size!
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    Wow, this is a very well done job.
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    how do you link the picture to the website?

    how do you link the picture to the website?
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    Night Elf Shield (Right & Left)

    This looks like it could be useful.
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    This reminds me of Ironman
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    The best of the best. You make my most favorite attachments. All of them are visually compatible with a great variety of models. I LOVE this model.
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    Starcraft 2 Beta Key Give Away

    Factors that Contribute to my SC2 beta key Qualification I claim that I am qualified candidate to recieve a Starcraft II Beta key. My reasons primarily regard that I infinitely love starcraft, I contribute to this community, and I desire to continue my contributions to this community (with...
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    This is pretty cool, although it kind of reminds me of a raindeer.
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    Skeleton Shoulders

    I love this! Keep making shoulders please!
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    Advanced Camera, Keyboard & Movement System

    ! This is great, however, if I try to import it into another map file it only crashes my game. And it will not recognize any of the triggers for this system.
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    Mounted Footman

    !! This is a lot cooler than the dumb looking knights in warcraft III. Good job! I've been waiting for the day that someone makes the footman on top of the horse!
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) excellent model!

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) excellent model!
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    Excellent model! I have used this in Dawn of Empires, and now in one of my ORPG's! Great model! +rep!