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  1. WaremDarkslayer

    [Trigger] Game Cache doesn't load hero

    Trouble is, I created this hero as a campaign object (using the Object Data tab from the Campaign Editor) and I checked, its id is H600 in both chapters...
  2. WaremDarkslayer

    [Trigger] Game Cache doesn't load hero

    The game cache is initialized like so (I have checked it and it gets called just fine): GameVariables Events Conditions Actions Game Cache - Create a game cache from Campaign.w3v Set Storage = (Last created game cache) Trigger - Turn off (This trigger)
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    [Trigger] Game Cache doesn't load hero

    ..ok so I fixed that, but it still isn't loading the hero. SaveData Events Conditions Actions -------- Game cache is created at initialization -------- Game Cache - Store Hero as CHero of Heroes in Storage Game Cache - Save Storage Trigger - Turn...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) For your eye-opening response to my problem.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) For your eye-opening response to my problem.
  5. WaremDarkslayer

    [Trigger] Game Cache doesn't load hero

    I have the following load hero trigger which is called on the initialization trigger of my campaign chapters (from chapter 2 onwards). LoadData Events Conditions Actions Game Cache - Reload all game cache data from disk Game Cache - Create a game cache from...
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    [Trigger] Campaign Button doesn't show

    Yup, everything seams correctly set, buttons are set the same way as I call them EDIT: I am a fool :goblin_boom:. I kept updating my campaign, so of course it wouldn't show the campaign buttons since it was a new build :vw_death:
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    [Trigger] Campaign Button doesn't show

    I call the trigger from the Main Quest Completed one. And yes, that is the whole trigger.
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    [Trigger] Campaign Button doesn't show

    So, I have the following trigger, which is the victory/advance to next chapter trigger for my campaign. Anyone have any idea why it doesn't show the next campaign button on the campaign screen? NOTE: The next chapter loads as expected. Victory_Player Events Conditions Actions...
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    Does it say how long its gonna take? To get Northrend back up and running, I mean.
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    Is there an IP address generator?

    Isn't it sort of... unethical to create IPs when IANA,etc. are trying so hard on creating them for you?...(IP road to you: IANA,etc.(Generates IPs) - Continent ISPs - Metropolitan ISPs(.gr,.us,etc.) - Local ISPs(Your ISP) - You) Anyway...
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    Terraining: Principles of Pitch & Roll

    Nice tutorial. One thing though: The part where you explain the angles It should be : With ~ meaning that the two values have the exact same result , since 3.14 doesn't equal 180 , pi/2 doesn't equal 90,etc. Or you could just put the values of rads and °.
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) For the exceptional Diablo III map(Bastion's Keep).

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) For the exceptional Diablo III map(Bastion's Keep).
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    Diablo III Bastion's Keep v.1.04b

    Exceptional map, and in my opinion, one of the greatest playable terrains. I have only played it for a while but I quickly got obsessed :xxd: . I would recommend it to anyone. Anyway , 5/5 from me and +rep.
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    Galaxy Language File for Notepad++

    nice plugin... OFFTOPIC: Does anyone else think that the code in the screen is C++(or C++ - like)?
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    Best user-made campaign for Warcraft III?

    For me it is OutsiderX's Day of the Dragon, or LordAKATISZTELETES's Dreamlord saga
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    JavaScript Problem

    I want to build a javascript scenario that will validate the given data from an html form and then , if they are correct, create a window that says the purchase (since the page is that of a supposed e-shop) is complete , shows the product and then shows the amount , creditcard number, and credit...
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    How can I get water to reflect units?

    I just wanted to know if it was possible.Thanks anyway:thumbs_up:
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    How can I get water to reflect units?

    Well the title is pretty much self-explanatory.I want to make the water in galaxy editor reflect the units that walk above or fly over it.So... I was wondering if this was possible and if it is then how it is done.
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    Only one thing I can think of that best describes this model... R.O.t.F.L.(Rolling On the Floor Laughing):ogre_haosis:
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) An awesome new campaign (so far bugless).

    Reputation (+1): (Post) An awesome new campaign (so far bugless).
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    Thank you veeery much. Actually, I had managed to get into the chamber where Bronislaw was but I ran into a glitch and couldn't get out (used whosyourdaddy cheat and Bronislaw died instantly :goblin_wtf:).
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    in chapter two , when I defeat the guards of bronislaw I move closer to the gate and .. BAAM... dead. Any ideas why?
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thx for your amazing hosting tutorial.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thx for your amazing hosting tutorial.
  24. WaremDarkslayer

    Shadowfiend Spellpack v1.4

    just a detail , because I liked the whole spell pack: Shadowraze does damage at a HUGE area of effect and the damage is reduced by the distance from the effect.Requiem of souls uses some dummies and moves them, doesn't create dummies. I will rate this with a 5/5 though.
  25. WaremDarkslayer

    Lordaeron's Broken Heart

    Who?What?Where?When? It WAS supposed to be a melee map Ok thanks.I'll add a few more doodads.
  26. W

    Lordaeron's Broken Heart (Warcraft 3 Map)

  27. WaremDarkslayer

    Lordaeron's Broken Heart (Map)

    Description(enlarged) This land has been tainted by the Scourge and the Legion.Yet, after the horrifying last stand of the paladins of the Silver Hand against the Scourge,this land was cleaned from all disease and taint.Only a few humans remain in this area now and they are hostile to...
  28. Tavern


  29. Start Location 2

    Start Location 2

  30. Center of map area

    Center of map area

  31. Start Location 1

    Start Location 1

  32. Isle by the sea

    Isle by the sea

  33. WaremDarkslayer

    Poisoned Gold

    I think that, poor description aside, you have understood the meaning of having symmetry in melee maps.You will improve if you practice. Now in your description you must have: details of your map -you have that screenshots of your map- you don't have those gameplay/hints- melee maps only...
  34. WaremDarkslayer

    Fog Pillar

    Fixed it (I think):
  35. Ingame fOGpILLAR

    Ingame fOGpILLAR

  36. WaremDarkslayer

    Fog Pillar

    Now that I saw it , I must apologise.My paste on MS Paint is the cause of the white below the pic.
  37. WaremDarkslayer

    Fog Pillar (Model)

    A fog that rises up in pillarish style.Basically tried to create a fog doodad that is close to the fog in SCII.Hope I came close. Keywords: Fog,Pillar,Ancient,Starcraft
  38. W

    Fog Pillar (Warcraft 3 Model)

  39. WaremDarkslayer

    Reputation (+1): (Post) For your nice cinematic...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) For your nice cinematic...
  40. WaremDarkslayer

    Wheel of Time: Prologue

    An intriguing plot. Like Cweener said your terrain is in need of improvement.Also it would be good to have a sky at some of the scenes, like the one showing Lews Therin going home. Ultimately it is a leap (yes, that's right not just a step) in the right direction and I think you should keep it...
  41. WaremDarkslayer

    Operation: Apocalypse

    Allow me to be a litle more specific: This tutorial will teach you how to make your terrain tile transissions smoother Also the tutorials below will show you how to create some awesome terrains and they also have example pictures of terrains made by their creators: Underwater effect Forest...
  42. WaremDarkslayer

    Operation: Apocalypse

    There is no reason to be sarcastic :vw_wtf:, and it is quite obvious he is just a begginer. He'll improve over time. Rating: 2/5. I'll give your map this rating because of the improved descrption although it isn't something much terrain/trigger wise.Like I said you are off to a good start; keep...
  43. WaremDarkslayer

    Operation: Apocalypse

    Improve your description by telling us more about the gameplay/heroes and (although it isn't necessary) giving hints on what to be careful of. Also judging from the minimap image your terraining needs work. Finally, if you know how to use BB codes then upload screenshots of your map and...
  44. WaremDarkslayer

    Shadow Strike v 1.4

    First of all don't double post.The EDIT button is there for a reason. Also... the triggers seem neater but I couldn't tell you if it is MUI or not.
  45. WaremDarkslayer

    Chapter VII: Grim Harvest

    Though I don't really have the time to test this, I must say the minimap's shape reminds me of a techtree. If I check this chapter out I'll update my post with rating Rating: N/A
  46. WaremDarkslayer

    StarCraft II Editor too hard for you?

    @Giantr Thanks a lot. +rep
  47. WaremDarkslayer

    StarCraft II Editor too hard for you?

    Sure, I'll read tutorials but the problem is... where the hell can I find any? Also I don't think the GE is much harder than WE; just an editor much like WE with more features. (Aloooot more)
  48. WaremDarkslayer

    [GUI][MUI] Colour Spray v1.5

    That is a LOT of triggers for just one spell. However, GUI doesn't give you much of a choice .Haven't tested it yet so I won't rate it until I do.(I'll update my post when I have) Tested it and: it doesn't seem to leak and it has nice effects. Also, the stun seems to work nicely. However I...
  49. WaremDarkslayer

    The Night Wish

    An awesome cinematic (as always).But let me get this straight; the witch conjured a creature which she put inside a conjured body so that she wouldn't be lonely anymore? Also... damn that wasn't a happy ending for the other character. Anyway, it's a 5/5 from me.
  50. Ice Crown

    Ice Crown