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    Hey man been a while, any updates on SFZ?

    Hey man been a while, any updates on SFZ?
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    AUTOBattle v0.38b

    Haha coincidentally we've been playing SFZ 1.50a as well which I can see you worked on, another map that I look forward to seeing updated. Fun, simple and amusing, can’t wait to see what continues to get added! Yeah I'll be continuing to play this with my friends, would be interesting to see a...
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    AUTOBattle v0.38b

    Been testing this map with my friends quite a bit recently, its very well made and polished. There exists some auto chess version in Korean couldnt find it, nor know how it compares to this, but so far Im looking forward to further additions!
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    Missile War v0.67

    Hey TKF, been a while. Glad you added the fog command, that alone is going to really change the pacing and strats of the game. As for the other updates, they look great! Going to test it out this week.
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    Missile War v0.67

    Would it be possible to add a fog of war command? Prevents the opponents from seeing if your playing aggressively, income based or early tech etc..
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    Planetary Domination v2.04

    Dude insane terrain and models! Im in awe right now lol.
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    How to play Warcraft III without picture stretching (fullscreen 4:3 on widescreens)

    Thanks! Btw which game are you playing in this shot?
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    Oh your back for bit? w00t :D

    Oh your back for bit? w00t :D
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    Minotaur's Labyrinth v1.9 + AI

    This map is amazing, however the camera is very awkward. Would be nice if it was not fixed to your character. If you can find an alternative, that would be very convenient. 5/5
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    Capture The Flag SC2 | vr2.4

    Your very welcome. Do what you can, and we'll see how it progresses. Im sure over time you'll learn a lot more new things to help improve the map :D I look forward to testing updated versions.
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    Capture The Flag SC2 | vr2.4

    This is a solid map. Models and terrain are a perfect match. Gameplay is smooth and responsive. Map However I think a larger and/or more interactive environment would be better according to me and the people I played with. Expand the map, make it longer, wider, add side alley ways etc. Add a...
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    LTW - Evolution v1.68

    Yes!! Thank you Robbpopp!! new update for my favourit version :D Will test it for bugs and reply back in the future!
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    Man, been a while, I still support you Mad :D lol Yeah University starting, things starting to get busy. I guess we wont be heavily active until December, and then the Summer Break, and of course small holidays. Don't give up on Minz 2 though!! I will murder you if you do!! lol xD But if...
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    Hmm, I kinda just want to play Minz 2 naow since Minz 1 has quite a bit of patching to do. >.> lol
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    Alright great Mad!! Making an amazing game even better! I will let you know on any bugs or typos etc. and will report them. As for Minz 2, I just hope you dont abandon the project. ;) As for the future updates on this map, Please...Please put that amazing mini map feature back to Minz 1!! I...
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    Mad said that he does not want minz to be starcraft like, rather, more unique or its own style. I would have loved it if it had a bunch of starcraft elements, would have made it feel awesome.
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    lol, did you even bother looking at the sig?
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    After all, I tried mah best to send you all the models I could find xDD But yeah, really looking forward to seeing it. I hope you kept the corpses and limbs xD haha
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    I am interested to ee the models you used mad. Send me an invite to the next beta test! I would love to test it out!
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    Awsome Mad! I spend all last summer playing minz1, and now it looks like I will be doing the same this summer LOL xD. It sure has changed a lot since I played the beta. Keep up the great work!
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    Hey mad, hows the status on minz 2?

    Hey mad, hows the status on minz 2?
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    change the damn file name to coordinate with the version, I have like 4 differenet files named "bushido" and I have no idea which is the latest version...
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    Toy Soldiers v1.56

    Nice, glad you were able to post the newer version after all that time. Cant believe so many people were missing out on 1.56 lol xD
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    dude relax, mineralz 2 is in the works. Trust me, its gonna be a lot better.
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    Pirates of the Sea v3.32 EN

    I really like to rowboat idea! That would be awesome! And yeah, if capt'n dies, make a vote for a new one. Other than that, loving this update!
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    IID Beta v0.88b

    Not very fond of the spiky UI >.> But nice update!
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    Great to see the update to 3.3! Thanks a lot for implementing some of my ideas, glad I could...

    Great to see the update to 3.3! Thanks a lot for implementing some of my ideas, glad I could inspire you a bit xD Gonna give it a test now!
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    Missile War v0.67

    Alright. Testing now.
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    Im gonna test out missile wars a tone right now, might as well since your gonna stop opting it soon.

    Im gonna test out missile wars a tone right now, might as well since your gonna stop opting it soon.
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    Missile War v0.67

    Ahh, yess thank you TKF very much. Love this map, and yes space management is much better. Also so happy you fixed the whole "killing your worker for the better one". lol Nice update, great optimizations. Glad you fixed this map up a bit. Thanks. Will you be doing any further optimizations for...
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    Missile War v0.67

    Ah, yes, good thing you fixed that for 0.62. Was about to say xD
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    Missile War v0.67

    OMG YESS. Thank you soooo much TKF!!!!! <3
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    IID Beta v0.88b

    Wow, will this replace dota? xD
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    Ded Moroz Battle v1.00a1

    lolz, dis is jokes
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    Hey grievous, I just wanted to ask you, since your RoR map has been cancelled, is there any way I can gain persmission and access to use some of those models? I love them, and I think they would look great in the map I am working on. Just give me a shout if thats alright with you. Thanks, loving...
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    Well yeah, earth and/or wind :D

    Well yeah, earth and/or wind :D
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

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    You are truly the god. *bows*

    You are truly the god. *bows*
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    This is a "cliff" not a tile set you dangus
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    maybe you should start a new thread for minz 2?
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    hey robb, i found some pretty sweet earth models to use for a new element if you are thinking...

    hey robb, i found some pretty sweet earth models to use for a new element if you are thinking about it, just let me know if thats cool. Thanks
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    what the hell is going on in chat!? lol

    what the hell is going on in chat!? lol
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    mad, get on chat. I got some ideaz xD

    mad, get on chat. I got some ideaz xD
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    love this. :D
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    dat mini map!
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    Hope Mineralz II isnt too different then MineralZ. Are you gonna make it more or less the same, but just a bit of changed terrain and mechanics? I thought MineralZ was perfect, im not to sure how this will look in comparison xD But I have a feeling its gonna be sick! :D
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    block 1b

    very nice