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  1. Coolty44

    Levelling up in real life

    I keep losing my saves codes. Its bullshit. Everyday I wake up and try to load my experience from the other day, but it never works, so my ability to get out of bed goes all the way back to level 1, and we all know it takes an hour to get out of bed at level 1.
  2. Coolty44

    YT: This channel probably gave me cancer

    After watching that, I've resolved to never copy a floppy again. Instead, I'm going to destroy them all so I never get ear-raped by that guy again.
  3. Coolty44

    Thinking of starting WC3 again

    Just about every game you see on right now (At least of East/West) is hosted by a bot. I really doubt they care anymore.
  4. Coolty44

    Earth's shape

    >greentext Wait...
  5. Coolty44

    Gun Rights v. Gun Control | A look at the facts.

    Its funny though.. When you actually delve into WHY the 2nd amendment was created, you'll find that its real purpose was to actually help people defend their villages from the British by creating a right that could not be limited by law. Nowadays, Americans have more guns in their houses then...
  6. Coolty44

    What you did today

    I've got to do a presentation on a report that I never finished tomorrow after cancelling my date last week because I slept in. I haven't done the presentation at this point either, and its either do it tomorrow or fail it. Fun fun fun fun
  7. Coolty44

    Dota 2

    1 skin for every class is released. 500K people buy 1 skin for their absolute favorite class $500,000 for a month's work. And thats just using some made up numbers, imagine what it could potentially be. 500K people buy 2 skins 1 million dollars. The whole idea of selling skins for...
  8. Coolty44

    How To Kill The Hulk

    Now that I think about it, there might be one being, I guess you could call him, that would be capable of defeating the hulk... And honestly, you'll never guess who it is, because nobody remembers hes still around. Ghost Rider. From what I understand, Stan Lee himself has said that GR might...
  9. Coolty44

    How To Kill The Hulk

    You have to consider the fact that the Hulk has resisted mind control and attempts to implant ideas into his mind have failed. If anything, you might just make him angrier to the point where it wont work. In Hulk vs. Thor Hulk became so angry that he obliterated the mind control that was placed...
  10. Coolty44

    How To Kill The Hulk

    its easy, you see. The Goddamn Batman
  11. Coolty44

    Best RPG PC Game

    Because rules don't prohibit that, right?I mean, I can probably look through the last 3 pages and find at least 4 locked threads. Doesn't seem like entitlement to post any topic to me. Anyway, I guess my RPG flavor right now is Borderlands 2. I'm not a huge fan of the "traditionally" defined...
  12. Coolty44

    Your favourite documentaries

    I like a lot of Micheal Moore's documentaries on the US. He likes to point out a lot of things that are wrong, and does a good job at it. Other then those, I liked super size me. Even though the guy put his life in danger, he made a crazy good point. Plus, it wasn't just 30 days of him eating...
  13. Coolty44

    "For blood and fsjals"

    Still rockin' mine, but only because I hate trying to resize picture
  14. Coolty44

    Relationships :$

    I just got out of one. Apparently when you say you couldn't give a shit about your worst enemy becoming sick, it makes you a "horrible person that should rot in hell for all eternity for even wishing sickness on someone". I mean, I might have said he could die in a fire a few times, ya know...
  15. Coolty44

    Three Hundred Helpful Pointers

    14) This thread will be closed before point 300
  16. Coolty44


    I tried to leave the Hive once. It didn't go so well. See you in a few months.
  17. Coolty44

    Why do you hate DOTA..??

    I hate it because the community is so bloody hostile and unfriendly it takes all the fun out of playing. A few years ago I used to be great at AoS games, hell, I put more hours into League of Legends in a two year span then I did anything else. On top of that, Dota itself just isn't my cup of...
  18. Coolty44

    Kony 2012

    I'm not comparing him to Hitler, I'm bringing out the point that all the "campaign" has done has made people think that he's the next Hitler and that he'll control the world soon if we don't stop him.
  19. Coolty44

    Kony 2012

    The thing that pisses me off the most is that people suddenly think the people who can make a decision to end this care enough. Along with the fact that a month ago, if you asked someone who the most evil person ever is, most people will yell Hitler, and now suddenly Kony is some crazy evil guy.
  20. Coolty44

    How old are you?

  21. Coolty44

    Kim Jong Il Dead

    When its the only thing you've known in your life, you think its normal. Its just like cases were a child becomes violent towards women because he's watched his father beat his mother. For him, its what he's thought to be considered "acceptable", and therefore repeats it.
  22. Coolty44

    Illegally watching TV series online? FBI is watching!

    I don't see what the US' big deal is, there isn't any oil for them to steal on the internet.
  23. Coolty44

    Minecraft minecraft minecraft

    I don't like pre-built custom maps, I prefer challenge maps, like Survival Island and the Tree Spirit challenges. I wish I had the link to the tree spirit challenge, it didn't require a pre-made map. Some day I plan on releasing my own version of Survival Island that takes advantage of the newer...
  24. Coolty44

    Minecraft minecraft minecraft

    That was a long time ago if I remember correctly. Basically it was a really cheap rip off of minecraft on the xbox that used the gamertag avatar as the character in game. It kept the block like physics, but put a really (imo) shitty texture over everything. The only reason that I believe...
  25. Coolty44

    Ray William Johnson Deleted

    There has been a lot of hate towards him lately, with lots of people reporting him. It wouldn't surprise me if its was youtube's terrible wonderful bots that auto ban people after a certain number of reports.
  26. Coolty44

    What musical instruments can you play?

    I can play the trumpet, some simple beats on the drums, a very limited amount on the sax, clarinet, flute, and trombone. Always wanted to learn the piano, but never had the motivation to do all the theory that would come with anyone that I could convince to teach me.
  27. Coolty44

    Sadly, I haven't used the world editor for at least a year, and I can't remember very many...

    Sadly, I haven't used the world editor for at least a year, and I can't remember very many things. Sorry.
  28. Coolty44

    Maybe... It depends on what it is.

    Maybe... It depends on what it is.
  29. Coolty44

    The Human Race - Becoming Physically Weaker?

    Who needs Chuck Norris when we have original jokes? I'd agree with the article, mostly because we have machines to do just about everything, and most things that can't be done entirely with robots is done by people being assisted by robots.
  30. Coolty44


    This is subject to how much you want to believe a person though, as the only person who ever told this story was Hitler himself, and there isn't anything to prove it was real. Also, it is illegal in Canada to pay for a debt greater then 25 cents with pennies.
  31. Coolty44

    Model Moderation

    You missed the old spell section. Or the map section for that matter. 18 is... laughable at best.
  32. Coolty44

    So I heard you like Minecraft?

    This server advertisement is stalking me I think, I've seen it on just about every forum I've been on.
  33. Coolty44


    Nothing owns Fsjal.
  34. Coolty44

    Why does Hive love ponies?

    fsjal FTW!!!
  35. Coolty44

    Warcraft III: Pandas

    This sounds familiar... I think it may be an old prank.
  36. Coolty44

    BF3 or MW3?

    Battlefield 297 will be out before HL:Ep3
  37. Coolty44

    Mass Avatar Changing

    Only had 2 I think. Both fsjal. Both Rick Astely. One was for christmas though. I only had it because there was an explosion in fsjal avatars, and I used to sing Nevar guna giv u up in the chat with Billy the Cat and Tank-Commander.
  38. Coolty44

    [Solved] This trigger kills the unit!!

    Or you could just throw in a line at map init that allies you to Neutral Passive, and not have to worry about filtering them.
  39. Coolty44

    Warcraft IV - Possibilies?

    Maybe if they stepped back and went into some of the deeper history of all the races, kinda like what their doing with SC2. Start with the origin of the Elves, then go to Humans, and then the Orcish Horde's origins on Drenor. The undead would either have to be chopped or assumed that the player...
  40. Coolty44

    Is Warcraft III dead?

    Warcraft 3 is like that almost dead animal in your back yard, that breathes every hour or so. You feel sorry for it, but you don't have a gun to put it out of its misery.
  41. Coolty44

    Wc3 remake

    This sounds like the complete opposite of Call of Duty. Instead of making a new game on an old engine, make a new engine and keep the old game.
  42. Coolty44

    Now that's a lot of hating.

    I would disagree.
  43. Coolty44

    [READ FIRST BEFORE REPORTING,NO BAD INTENSION]Retrieving account using a hacking tool

    Wait, is this an account that would be kept on the college's servers? Or something that is password protected that can only be accessed from your computer? Because if its like an online account, shouldn't you be able to talk to the administration or w/e and get your password reset?
  44. Coolty44

    How Was Your Canada's Day?

    You actually tried that once, remember? 1812? You attacked us, we troll faced over and burnt that big white house of yours?
  45. Coolty44


    Somewhat obese, socially awkward people living in their parents basement would not be awesome, unless you added not before awesome.
  46. Coolty44


    It's funny how only people that stand to loose some form of revenue from this are freaking out. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but could a company not just add to their TOS that you ARE allowed to upload in game footage and leave it at that? I also fail to see why people think the government...
  47. Coolty44

    The Dream Thread

    Mostly for me its getting injured in some way, like getting shot or stabbed, then waking up to a fraction of that pain. Around the time I developed a problem with my leg, I had been stabbed in my dream in the spot that was causing all the problems. Weird stuff.
  48. Coolty44


    Will second this. MW3 looks like MW2 with better graphics. Oh wait, that's every COD
  49. Coolty44

    Your First Days on the Hive

    I deleted some of my first posts, they were pretty derpy. But I essentially came here to upload a 1337 spell I made called "child rain" or something. Essentially like blizzard, except it was trigger based and it rained children. Nevar again.
  50. Coolty44

    Zombie Plan?

    Pool's closed. I still stick by my original statement that I will survive based on the fact that nothing bad happens in Canada.