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  1. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Great zombie killer.

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Great zombie killer.
  2. Elsheen

    Bloody Chainsaw

    Cutting through zombies and monsters since 2010, this is one chainsaw that you wont regret downloading. Nice work friend. 5/5 and +rep to you.
  3. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Nice looking lil guy.

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Nice looking lil guy.
  4. Elsheen


    Heheh, awesome looking lil guy, nice work, functions fine and I don't see any problems, well, besides the animations being a little...unexciting? Maybe a bit more power to them works hmm? 4/5 and +rep to you!
  5. Elsheen

    Ice Wings

    Beautifully done, loads of particles, but it's great, animations are fine IMO, you have my 5/5 rating and a +rep.
  6. Elsheen

    Do these deserve to be testers?

    I`m guessing that people who are prioritized are the ones that pay to play, seriously though, Blizzard should have been a bit more selective on the one`s that recieved keys, the guys in WoW are just not suited for testing, they`re more immersed in kicking the crap out of the same old dungeons...
  7. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Just plain epic! Keep it up.

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Just plain epic! Keep it up.
  8. Elsheen


    Dang he looks a bit too bright without the much needed shading, when you do stick in some shading it`ll look great I bet.
  9. Elsheen


    It`s not horrid. I actually love the sword, it`s nice and sleek and has a sort of appeal to it. Not bad, not bad. 4/5
  10. Elsheen

    Succubus Death Walker.blp

    Personally I think it`s a pretty nice skin, the color`s really do compliment each other and makes the skin stand out overall, the icon is excellent. 5/5
  11. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks again Xil.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks again Xil.
  12. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Not a bad job.

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Not a bad job.
  13. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    Ahhh, prefect now thanks again Xiliger, I like repping you and you give me good reason to =P kudos to you once more. And sorry about the double post above.
  14. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    Last thing, you said when he's walking does that mean when he stops to attack that he gets no chance of blocking an attack anymore?
  15. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    Did you happen to read this edit Xil? It's on page 41, or you dont have time for it. If you dont just tell me how to make the changes and I'll try to do it myself.
  16. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    I could try this, but first tell me if the spell's passive or active. And does his speed increase all the way to 522 max?
  17. Elsheen


    His face is just....hmmm....messed up, agreed with above and above, lowering the eyes and the wrinkles in his face look strange. Hmmmm...
  18. Elsheen


    The screenshot is slightly crappy because it's blurred but it's good overall in my opinion, I especially like the thorns on the wings, they make a nice touch.
  19. Elsheen


    Right on! Looks useful for futuristic maps.
  20. Elsheen


    God that looks gruesome, still it deserves my praise for looking cool, keep it up but dont make it look so painful xD
  21. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for my 9th rep! I give back what I recieve ^^

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for my 9th rep! I give back what I recieve ^^
  22. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    I couldnt ask for more Xiliger, except I have to ask for more sorry =P Hmmm, here's the edits, I think the missile is slightly too big, so scale it back to one for the dummy, since this is more of a precision spell. The missile acceleration should be from say 25, and it shoots out at the speed...
  23. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    Can you please specify? Like how much damage, how many levels, how many seconds of stun, the cast range, such and such?
  24. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    That's very vague zadelim, is there any more description, like what do you mean instant charge, as in blink? If that's all you want I could probably make it for you.
  25. Elsheen

    Battering Ram From The Skies

    Cool and creative man! Keep it up, 5/5 +rep
  26. Elsheen

    Bleed It Out Spell Pack v1.0

    Got a point there, guess I'll reconsider my opinion, but yes he still lacks in creativity. so I guess your rating of 2.5/5 as a pass is logical.
  27. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Nice turret man 5/5

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Nice turret man 5/5
  28. Elsheen

    Sentry Machinegun

    Excellent model man rock on with the good work.
  29. Elsheen


    I think if he's a tad bit darker and shaded better he'll look better, not fine, but better. Anyways 3/5 for now.
  30. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Beautiful icon.

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Beautiful icon.
  31. Elsheen


    Beautifully and elaborately done. I'll appreciate using this for my map. =D
  32. Elsheen

    Bleed It Out Spell Pack v1.0

    Agreed Undead ted, these spells are way too primitive. If you could be a bit more creative I'm sure these spells would be much better and cooler. Right now I cant say anything pleasant and so I wont. Until then 1/5.
  33. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Very nice

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Very nice
  34. Elsheen


    Beautiful effect I must say, +rep for you and a 5/5 since you're so awesome at this. =P
  35. Elsheen

    Magma Golem

    Very hawt =P 4/5
  36. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    Cakekun, you might want to read Xiliger's rules before you begin requesting for a spell since you fit neither of his requirements to request a spell.
  37. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    New spell for you Xil, or Aspard. It's a projectile type spell. Death in One Shot Description:A beam of light shoots out from the Hero's blade picking up speed as it begins to travel, smashing into the first unit it encounters, as it hits the unit the light will shatter and smaller beams will...
  38. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    Hmmm, you think so? I've being playing around and you appear right. Maybe scrap that spell then, but I'd still like you to give it a shot, then see how it is, unless you already did.
  39. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    New spell, couldn't make this one even with a guide, Name: Touch of Light Description: The Paladin either heals an ally for 200 hitpoints or damages an undead for 100 hitpoints. Autocast. Basically, this is an autocast Holy Light, it targets both friendly units and non-friendly undeads. I...
  40. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Excellent spell.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Excellent spell.
  41. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    Oops forgot to check back =P Anyways, excellent work Xil, another spell well done. Credits to you once more and +rep
  42. Elsheen

    Taking Spell Requests

    Glad to see you back Xiliger, Ill have some spells for you in the future soon. And now I have a spell: Royalty's Grace (3 levels) Description: The Royal Guard's loyalty to all his allies are channeled into an area around the Guard. All allied units caught in the spell's radius will have their...
  43. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Excellent work on the spell

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Excellent work on the spell
  44. Elsheen

    AOE Spell Request

    Beautiful work. Kudos to you +rep for your awesomeness =P
  45. Elsheen

    AOE Spell Request

    Hey guys, did some simple trigger spells and ran into a bit of trouble, so I'm requesting someone make this spell for me. Royalty's Grace (3 levels) Description: The Royal Guard's loyalty to all his allies are channeled into an area around the Guard. All allied units caught in the spell's...
  46. Elsheen

    Submit your OWN HERO

    Alright, hope your project gets along fine ^^
  47. Elsheen

    Submit your OWN HERO

    Ah, snap this is over? Too bad I didnt see this earlier, looks interesting. I had one strength hero in mind too.
  48. Elsheen

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Excellent

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Excellent
  49. Elsheen

    Leman Russ

    Personally, the IG's only worthwhile units in my opinion are their vehicles, such as this tank named after the legendary Primarch. Good work with this, maybe the Landraider or Baneblade should be your next goal =D 5/5 +rep for awesomeness.
  50. Elsheen

    Flood Spore

    Master Chief: OH SHIIIIIII- Lol 5/5 those lil buggers are so cute and +rep for awesomeness.