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  1. Master Replicator

    Yahoo News Artical Thoughts??

    citizenship WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court has turned down an emergency appeal from a New Jersey man who says President-elect Barack Obama is ineligible to be president because he was a British subject at birth. The court did not comment on its order Monday rejecting the call by Leo Donofrio...
  2. Master Replicator

    Questions about the forum

    How do you create a signature?? stupid question i know...
  3. Master Replicator

    Christmas is Close What are you hoping for Christmas??

    I am hoping for Stargate Sg-1 Seasons 7,8,9 and 10! IF YOU DONT CARE ABOUT USA HOLIDAYS DONT WASTE YOUR TIME POSTING GARBAGE!
  4. Master Replicator


    Mine was good! Tell me what you had and stuff!
  5. Master Replicator

    A Must See Video!

    I found this in my email and you should so check this out! I guess im not the only one to have ever post this but its still good! YouTube - Burglary Commercial
  6. Master Replicator

    Google 411

    Have you guys heard about the new Google 411?? I got an email! This is great! If you don't have "On-Star" or a GPS system, fear not! Here's something that we can all afford....y'know...FREE! Google 411 Just leave it up to Google to come up with something like this!!! Here's...
  7. Master Replicator

    Question about SCII

    When will blizzard put up all the new zerg units up on Any ideas?? All the other new units seem cool and where are the Zerg/Protoss hybrids??? lol remember secret mission on broodwar where zeratul finds the hybrid on that one moon?? so what about like Zerg human hybrids??? that...
  8. Master Replicator

    What are you having for dinner??

    I was bored so i decided to start an interesting thread! :) Im having Shepards Pie tonight! YUMMY!!!
  9. Master Replicator

    Which Car Should I Buy?

    The title speaks for it self!
  10. Master Replicator

    Starcraft 2

    I love how it looks!
  11. Master Replicator


    I think it is the best thing a man and wife could do! *piece of paper!
  12. Master Replicator

    Another problem

    I have both cd rom drives set to autoplay and nothing i ever insert in to my computer autoplays... virus?? I also cant bring up bring up windows fire wall because of unknown causes...virus again?? and before you say it i am a good boy i dont download porn and besides im married so lets not even...
  13. Master Replicator

    Need some technical advice!

    Right now i am running, well was running an intel A82443-001 proccessor cooling fan and it died is there a fan i can replace this with and keep all my settings the same such as board and the dimensions (95mm x 68mm x 60 mm) my fan and heat sink will still fit! i need something much easier to get...
  14. Master Replicator

    Yet another question to be easily solved!

    How do you make a gold mine regenerate the whole game?? I know its a trigger but i am not sure how to do it.
  15. Master Replicator

    Lets debate (nicely)

    Easiest way to create an instant death spell that looks cool is simple as hell and is pwnzor
  16. Master Replicator

    Whats the best way to create...

    an instant death spell??
  17. Master Replicator

    Need Trigger Help

    How do you make a trigger that makes an acolyte summon a Hero unit in a certain region using a custom spell when my hero unit that i already have enters a different region??
  18. Master Replicator

    Transfering spells

    A menu on a hero unit for spells. Also i might have said something earlier but i need to know how to transfer spells. Seems Transfering the spell and the triggers arent enough :confused:
  19. Master Replicator

    Coincidence?? I think not!

    Obama Osama Anyone see a resembalance here or am i just going off the wall with something dumb?
  20. Master Replicator

    Spells on the Hive...

    I have been looking through the spells on the hive and i downloaded a ton but i still cant figure it out. What all do i need to transfer to use the spell in a different map??
  21. Master Replicator

    How do you do this trigger??

    How do you create a level 3 hero cap for one hero and a level 2 cap for a different hero??
  22. Master Replicator

    [Cinematic] Hiring A Cinematics Expert

    Contact me i have a small cinematics part of this project. You will get props and half map credit. So long as you dont steal the map. I just want some one to do this for me. I tried to it looks very tricky and i didnt figure it out. I will be checking this post through out the day. Contact me...
  23. Master Replicator

    Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars

    Im surprised no one has yet discussed this topic. This game is f***ing awesome. If i had a better graphics card id be playing it. Its probably the best game i ever bought, besides Warcraft 3 i have always loved war3. Played it since war 1. At anyrate Tiberium Wars is the best game by Command and...
  24. Master Replicator


    How do i create a cinematic?? please be as detailed as possible
  25. Master Replicator

    Regions help please

    how do i trigger it so that units in a region dont fight or move untill a unit has passed through another region??
  26. Master Replicator

    Need Help very much so asap

    My map wont load due to level infodata missing if i cant open my map i have to start from almost scratch. please tell me there is a way to fix this. :(
  27. Master Replicator

    Comments please

    My map is based on a Tv series that i used to watch Stargate Sg1. I am currently working as quickly as possible. There are no races to pick they are all locked these 2 pictures show 1 of 9 bases that will bw placed over the map that are to be rescued. So players wont even be playing with the...
  28. Master Replicator

    help me out please

    i am submitting a map to try to figure out how to make it so a custom hero can only be trained once.
  29. Master Replicator

    Hey i need a model made please

    I am submitting a picture what i want is the ship on the left(it is similar to the battlecruiser but it has purpose and uniqueness) however if you think your fly enough with the stuff i dare you to try to model the one on the right. I am making a map and if you model it for me you get credz.
  30. Master Replicator

    weirdest problem ever

    weirdest problem ever. see what you can do cus i have scratched my head so long my scalp is raw. i have others say they have never heard of this. theres quite a lot to do left on this but im concerned about the prices. cant seem to get them to work ingame they are more or less then the price set...
  31. Master Replicator

    I am Master Replicator

    I am recently joined. I joined because i have used this site quite often and i see fit that people can help me out and be a better "modder". My speciaties in making things. i have great ideas i just need help to be able to better create these ideas. so if any1 could help me out id appreciate it.