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  1. Angel_Duster

    Trigger to remove unit from game.

    Hey, thanks for taking the time to look at this post. My problem is, I can't seem to get the trigger I need to work, I have created a trigger that basically works like this. "Player leaves the game with a defeat" "Triggering Player 1 or 2" "Remove [Large Horizontal Rocks from the...
  2. Angel_Duster

    [AI] Build Orders

    Well, i have created a working AI and im quite pleased with it, but i feel it could be much more efficient after ive played it a few times, for example. If i kill its Hero, it will stop producing troops whilst the hero is being revived, id like it to carry on with everything else and just...
  3. Angel_Duster

    AI isnt working

    I dont know if this is the right thread... but i cant acces the AI one... so its going here =] Well... ive made a custom AI in the AI editor.. i know lame. here is my problem Ive made a CUSTOM MELEE map. Ive made an AI. Now, ive exported the AI and added it to the map, i have the...
  4. Angel_Duster

    Epic Strategy

    Well ive been working on this project for a few weeks now and im slowly getting there id just like some advice and ideas on what I could do. Basiclly, 2 teams of 6 have to climb up a mountain and go up in tiers on the mountain and destroy a fountain, then battle down the otherside to destroy...
  5. Angel_Duster

    A Confuzing Issue

    I belive this comes under the Site discussuion; You dont accept ripped models, right But you do accept ripped Maps that people have worked hard on and have been destroyed by people who dont know how to make maps. I dont understand the logic Also its not "Ripping" if you give credit...
  6. Angel_Duster

    Angel_Duster's Showcase

    I am going to start adding to this post when I feel i have made a good terrain so keep looking for new posts on it :P
  7. Angel_Duster

    Xgm in English

    I found quite a few models that people may find useful including W40k Predator :D and some japanese stuff.
  8. Angel_Duster

    Save / Load System ?

    Im going to need a -save and -load system for my Black Temple Map so people can get full T6 and other things they may want. if anybody can make one where the data can't be modified and tell me how to implement it I will be grateful and you will be in the credits :D
  9. Angel_Duster

    Need Ideas

    I need some ideas to get my ass kickstarted into Terraining if you fancy me trying somthing, bear in mind im not that good at it but I need to learn post it below. do not to ask for custom models for doodads ect to be in it, execpt from the ones in "Ultimate Terraining Map". Also what is the...
  10. Angel_Duster

    First Terrain Attempt about 10 mins

    Kinda new to the site, but rather new to this sort of terrain mapping and I think its great ! Fixed and updated 2 of them :D
  11. Angel_Duster

    Help !!

    i have been working on a Black Temple map for about 4 or 5 days with some realy decent stuff in it and now world Editor wont open it says there is a critical error each time i try. what should i do ? This happened before with a Naxxramas map so i saved 2 copys of this one and both are broke.
  12. Angel_Duster

    Several Models For My Black Temple 2.1.0 Map

    I have recently been owkring on a Black Temple map it is roughly 35% complete and I have been working on it for about 4 days, Hmmm 4 days and 35% complete ?? I work fast :D I am not asking for WoW Models but i am asking for models that look near the same aslong as they have the...