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  1. MrStonefist

    BTNJaina (Icon)

    This is the icons for Jaina Darkmage Keywords: Jaina, Dark, Shadow, Darkness, Archmage, Mage, MrStonefist, Crystal
  2. M

    BTNJaina (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  3. M

    Jaina Darkmage (Warcraft 3 Model)

  4. MrStonefist

    Jaina Darkmage (Model)

    This is a model just made for fun. It's actually my first model so if it dont work please tell me how to fix it. This model is a Shadow verison of Jaina, it's mostly skin work but som edits with the model too. Download and ejoy. Keywords: Jaina, Dark, Shadow, Darkness, Archmage, Mage...
  5. M

    Jaina Darkmage (Warcraft 3 Model)

  6. MrStonefist


    Holy Shit thats a awesome work, it's just insane dude. 5/5:goblin_yeah:
  7. w3ft 20110226 233940

    w3ft 20110226 233940

  8. w3ft 20110226 232714

    w3ft 20110226 232714

  9. w3ft 20110226 233825

    w3ft 20110226 233825

  10. w3ft 20110226 233631

    w3ft 20110226 233631

  11. Troll War

    Troll War

    images for troll war
  12. MrStonefist

    [Solved] Need some help with this trigger

    I removed the wait 0.01 and changed the unit pick action so it's a lot more easy and now it works, thanks guys!
  13. MrStonefist

    [Solved] Need some help with this trigger

    ´Upgrade Item Events Unit - A unit Begins research Conditions Actions Player Group - Pick every player in (All players matching ((Owner of (Triggering unit)) Not equal to Neutral Hostile)) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Unit Group - Pick...
  14. Troll War Logo

    Troll War Logo

  15. MrStonefist

    Troll War v1.1b

    Screenshots added and spelling errors fixed! Happy Now:vw_wtf: Thats actually a really good idéa.
  16. M

    Troll War v1.1b (Warcraft 3 Map)

  17. MrStonefist

    Troll War v1.1b (Map)

    This map is more like an minigame than my other maps. But i believe that many people will find this map fun. Game-play: There are four different modes: Hero Kill Mode, Boss Kill Mode, Creep Kill Mode and Time Limit Mode, with several other mode chooses. In the beginning of the game a unit...
  18. MrStonefist

    Reputation (+1): (Post) this is a thank for the comment about the spell animations i have pu a...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) this is a thank for the comment about the spell animations i have pu a lot work on that
  19. M

    BTNVoidBlade (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  20. MrStonefist

    BTNVoidBlade (Icon)

    This icon i just made cause i was bored. I Know that the quality in bad but i hope someone finds use for it. Give credits if you use it. Keywords: Sword, Blade, Void, Blue, MrStonefist
  21. MrStonefist

    Santa's Stolen Hats

    yes i can get it down to about 3 MB but then there will be no music.
  22. MrStonefist

    Santa's Stolen Hats (Map)

    This map is created from my brothers idea. My brother created the terrain and the environment, everything else is created by me. Game-play: This map has an easy game-play you kill penguins with a santa to get points for your team. And every third minute there are a FFA duel so you need to be...
  23. M

    Santa's Stolen Hats (Warcraft 3 Map)

  24. MrStonefist


    It's awsome dude!!! :goblin_yeah:
  25. MrStonefist

    BTNForestBoom (Icon)

    Don't blow the forest up. HAHAHA! Enjoy it! Keywords: Forest, Boom, Bomb, Wood, Tree, Nature, MrStonefist
  26. M

    BTNForestBoom (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  27. MrStonefist

    BTNDarkMoon (Icon)

    The Dark Mon is rising and hordes of zombies and skeletons are trying to conquer the world. Enjoy this icon! Keywords: Darkness, Dark, Shadow, Black, Moon, MrStonefist
  28. M

    BTNDarkMoon (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  29. M

    BTNNoobmadeExplosion (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  30. MrStonefist

    BTNNoobmadeExplosion (Icon)

    This is just a test icon by me. I hope you'll enjoy it! Keywords: Explosion, Noob, Bomb, Boom, Space, MrStonefist
  31. MrStonefist

    MrStonefists SpecialTile (BETA).blp (Texture)

    I made this skin for one of my own maps but now i'm redy to share it. Keywords: Space, Metal, MrStonefist, Tile, Textute, Terrain, Art, TerrainArt
  32. M

    MrStonefist's MetalSpaceTile (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  33. Stonefist (metal)

    Stonefist (metal)

  34. MrStonefist


    Just convert it to .tga like every one else that got it to work. It aint so hard.
  35. MrStonefist


    as i said once before you'll always find what you're looking for at hive :goblin_boom:
  36. MrStonefist


    I just love the hiveworkshop you'll always find what youre looking for! And nice icon -BerZeKeR-:thumbs_up:
  37. MrStonefist

    Domination arena

    No map image added yet! No screenshots taken yet Fritzz (Lord of Lightning) Ability 1: Lightning Shock No ability image added yet! Sends a bolt of lightning that explodes and does damage to units in targeted area. Level 1 - 50 damage and 2 aftershock damage. Level 2 - 100 damage and 4...
  38. MrStonefist

    The Surviving Soldiers v2.3b

    Thanks it's a really easy made map but even that takes time! :thumbs_up:
  39. MrStonefist


    The walk animation is wierd otherwise it's really good 4/5 :thumbs_up:
  40. MrStonefist


    I love this:thumbs_up:
  41. ProfileUse


    The album where i keep my profile pictures
  42. MrStonefist


    I need an icon like this but with grey hair and instead of glasses i'll need a blue wizzard hat. If you can make this for me, it i'll be nice. so please do this.:thumbs_up:
  43. MrStonefist

    Red Laser

    looks useful i'll use it
  44. MrStonefist

    Fire Prism

    love the model and icon. good job:thumbs_up: i'll use this in a map
  45. MrStonefist


    love the icon and model. good job:thumbs_up: i'll use this in a map.
  46. MrStonefist

    SC2 Metal Tile.blp

    Sorry i cant update it now i'm going on holiday tomorrow
  47. MrStonefist

    Guilds of Hyppos RPG v1.35c

    I need a bit help how do you fix the custom minimap images i just get a question mark:confused:
  48. MrStonefist

    Cruiser Command v0.93g

    Looks interesting just must check it out:thumbs_up:
  49. MrStonefist

    Zerg Egg

    Love it I did need this THX, and good job.
  50. MrStonefist


    I'll use them as Elite Marines in a new map. This model is awesome:thumbs_up: