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  1. Azeroc

    Creeps do not attack Barricades

    Creeps do not attack Barricades (Solved) The problem is that when wave of creeps are spawned and are ordered to attack-move to checkpoint (destroying anything in its path) they do not attack barricades. It happens when I have ranged units on higher cliff than creeps, the creeps just mass up at...
  2. Azeroc

    Router problem!

    So, hosting through modem is not quite safe that's why I use Router. I can host through router easily but the problem is - People have bad connection. When I host people have loads of delay and lag. IF I use delay reducer, latency reducer or anything similar it makes massive lag spikes for...
  3. Azeroc

    [Trigger] FPS Drop when used...

    When this part is added in my 0.02 loop trigger it slowly drops FPS to bottom, meaning game is quite laggy and gets even lagier. I can't really find a leak here. This lag only stops if I disable this part of the trigger. A help would be appreciated ^^ If (All Conditions are True) then do...
  4. Azeroc

    [Trigger] Trigger problem...

    So I just wanted to make a simple triggered moving firebolt to it's target through hashtables. The thing is, that my supposed projectile unit isn't even getting till 0.03 sec loop (Basically it doesn't want to be added in loop group). I can't really find the problem in firebolt launch trigger...
  5. Azeroc


    I have about 200 Lats (Which could be about 240$) and I am thinking to get very, very good Graphics card, cause I got NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT for now, which is quite crappy. Is Asus NVIDIA GEFORCE GT220 1GB good? Maybe you guys can suggest better graphics card, since this one is only 55 Lats. I...
  6. Azeroc

    [Picture] Daily Agent 69. Infiltration = success.

    Daily Agent 69. Infiltration = success.
  7. Azeroc

    Music/Sound optimizer?

    Is there any program which could decrease size of music/sound file and then imported in map with much lower size?
  8. Azeroc

    Some meshes permanently visible...?

    So, I needed weaponless models and I removed weapons with vertex modify, but when I imported modified model I get some meshes (like Illidan's metamorphosis) permanently visible... Like this one in attachment - that cyclone thing shouldn't be there. How can I fix this?
  9. Azeroc

    [Trigger] Right formula for dummy missile movement?

    Right, I need formula which would set height of my dummy missile depending on cliff level, to create straight shot. Like now it does like this... It doesn't go straight. I need formula for height changing so it would go straightly (like a bullet), like this example. TRIGGERS MISSILES...
  10. Azeroc

    Dummy Missile Height

    Well, I am making dummy missiles with hashtables, but is there way to set dummy missile, so it's height isn't affected by cliffs.
  11. Azeroc

    [Trigger] Can't find damn leak x_x

    I made this very simple spell, but when I cast it, fps goes down and after some 5 casts fps is like 7-15. I suspect it was leak, but I can't really find it. Ability Homing Missiles Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast)...
  12. Azeroc

    Auto TGA -> JPEG/JPG

    I am kinda annoyed when I want to post pics from Wc3 screenshots. I always need to convert them to JPEG if I want to post them to image saving sites. I am asking if there is a way to set that when I screenshot in Wc3, they are automatically converted to JPEG. Is it possible? If so, then tell me how.
  13. Azeroc

    Single unit Export/Import

    Is it possible to export/import single unit?
  14. Azeroc

    Learning With Photoshop

    My Photoshop Creations ^^ So I got PS CS4 (Photoshop CS4). So far I made few images. Well... Later I will post more, since I learn new stuff :D I hope They aren't bad, since they are my first normal creations >.>
  15. Azeroc

    Photoshop CS4

    Right, I have Photoshop CS4 Full and I would like to ask where I can find some very useful tutorials. I am complete beginner to Photoshop CS4.
  16. Azeroc

    The Archivist

    I got an idea... How About adding The Archivist as easter egg? Or as an Secret boss?
  17. Azeroc


    Can anyone suggest some epic movies?
  18. Azeroc

    [Trigger] Hashtable testing with Knockback

    Since I learned these hashtables, I was testing them. I was creating knockback trigger with hashtable method (as wyrm tutorial) Thing is... I want that Knockback without leaks, so I did basic memory fixing method, but then basic Knockback only knocks one unit and in other castings it...
  19. Azeroc

    New texts on reps?

    So... I was thinking... If we have gems changed, maybe texts like " a jewel in the rough" can be changed to different ones too?
  20. Azeroc

    Warcraft 3 Map problem

    There are some many maps hosted in BNet which I join and I instantly got kicked from lobby, even in some friend games. I just can't join em, whenever I join, I got instantly kicked. And no they don't have banlist or any that program. There are just maps what kicks me out, whenever I try to join...
  21. Azeroc

    [Trigger] MUI With time (2 Questions)

    I want to know if there is any other possible ways to create GUI MUI Spells with time (waits and that stuff), than that "Index System", If no, then at least post some map with any GUI MUI spell what includes this Index System... And about JASS, I am in basics and slowly moving to a bit...
  22. Azeroc

    [Trigger] Why this don't work?

    Shield of Light Events Unit - A unit Finishes casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to (==) Shield of Light Actions Custom script: local unit udg_Target Custom script: local unit udg_Caster Custom script: local...
  23. Azeroc

    Pending Bug or something

    I have my first map posted, but it is displayed in Approved maps too, but its still Pending ( At least it don't show up in rejected map )...
  24. Azeroc

    Refresh bug

    When I entered some threads, then every 2-3 secs page is refreshed, pushing me back to start of thread and If I want to use "Back to..." I gotta click as much as page refreshed...
  25. Azeroc

    Is Flip on Doodads possible?

    I have a question... Is it possible to flip doodads? Like make archway upside-down...
  26. Azeroc

    The Assassin's

    The Assassin's This is little project of mine. Play style is VERY similiar to "Assassination". I have done all stuff. I am still waiting for loading screen so dont complain about loading screen. So... All I need are bugs, I am ready to post this map on map section, but I firstly need loading...
  27. Azeroc


    How i can see Fly-Over-Height in world editor? Couse i can only see it in game... Like i got Doodad rock who have Fly-Over-Height: 100 , that rock dont have any pathing, i create 2 rocks on same spot, they are together, but i cant see that Rock is on rock higher in World Editor, i can only...
  28. Azeroc

    See how my Country Minister fails...

    All my country laughed at minister "Atis Slakteris", the video "Nothing Special", now see his fail in English Presentation: Say it in broken inglish, Slakteri (????? ?????)
  29. Azeroc

    Object Editor, Unit Combat Basics

    ~Introduction~ So, I am here to present basics of "Combat" in World Editor, Object Editor, Unit. So "Combat", What is it? It allows you to customize unit combat types, damage, range, set projectiles, defense and more. So lets get started... Attacks Basicly there are 2 attacks, "Attack...
  30. Azeroc

    Need help! File size too big!

    I have map what isnt completely done, and it sizes 4.7 mbits! I cannot do further my map, its supposed to be hosted on BNet but it has too huge file size! And WC3 Optimizer reduced my map by 3 or 5 % of size!, then it Costed 4.6 mbit (I got alot of models in it) I know there is way to...
  31. Azeroc

    Cinematic instant move!

    Well i am creating my map and i have problems, I want so player hero enters region/rect and then other player heros and the triggered player instantly move to center of that region where that player moved (Like in many cinematics (so they dont go to hell kno where ^^)). Can you help me?
  32. Azeroc

    WEU and UMSWE problems...

    So i got problem disabling limits... When ever i use WEU Disable limits and then pushin patch when i got WE opened then after i do any action it gaves me "war3edit.exe has serius error and blah blah blah" Crash, and when i use UMSWE launcing both normal WE with no limits and Main UMSWE then...
  33. Azeroc

    WoW Key-Logger

    Well i dont know where to post this so i post it here: First of all what is an key-logger? Keylogger is special hack program what is generated by hackers, you can get it by downloading and opening file where it is inside (Good Anti-Virus Protections could spot that). What it is...
  34. Azeroc

    Download Problems!!!

    So i got problem with downloading warcraft maps... When i start to download em they dont ask save or open, and when finished download they auto-maticly open , and of course map is protected and i cant save it into my war3 directory... Someone can help me to fix this, so it says again Save or...
  35. Azeroc

    3D and Some Optic Illusions

    Well here are some 3D pics and 2 Optic Illusions Well 1. if you watch the bacl dot with both eyes for about 20 secs, you see that shaded areas are fading. 2.Rabbit or Duck? To the left Duck, to the right Rabbit, others are some 3D art...
  36. Azeroc

    Screen Shot Problem

    When i snapshot some pic in warcraft III , and i want to see it, it just give me blank of black :razz: Dont say i need pic readers.... i got 8 , and still nothing... A fact that in other games i can see screenshots... Can ya help me with this one? More info: Windows XP professional...
  37. Azeroc

    CD-KEY Problem , Cant get into

    Well my real computer is away.... So i started to play warcraft tft on my laptop...But when i try to enter it gives me this: "Your CD-Key is currently disabled (0)" or somethin like that... Can some1 know how to fix it? P.S. i already Reinstalled , even with difrent CD-Key...
  38. Azeroc

    Dont know how to watch ActiveX videos!

    I want to watch cool videos but many of em need ActiveX Object... whe nthat window appear i download it and run it but then some AVG scan threat detection want to remove it... i choosed "Ignore"... But still when it is finished installing i still got same window that i dont have ActiveX Object ...
  39. Azeroc

    The Lord of Azzinoth Flames

    Ok i released a beta version , i need very much ideas, and there must be many bugs so i now give you my map guys :wink:
  40. Azeroc

    Will diablo III will be better than other blizzard projects?

    Well blizzard got 3 projects right now: Diablo III , Starcraft II and WoW: Wrath of lich king... I am wondering will diablo III will be better than starcraft II or WoW: Wrath of lich king? Or mby starcraft II will be better? Or mby WoW: Wrath of lich king will pwn them both? Realy...
  41. Azeroc

    WC3 banlist

    Problem with banlist. I downloaded and install everything of that banlist what was needed but still nothing it only says that only Frozen Throne is opened and Online too but when i join or host game it does nothing and commands dont work too and i cant find NIC config i dont know...
  42. Azeroc

    2 Problems and 1 question.

    Problems: 1. I cant see some imported files i did all right i tried even with model editor but nothing and those imported files what i cant (MDX) see are most of best imported what i wanted to my map. 2. WE and UMSWE: I dont know how i use it i edited No limits same for umswe but example...
  43. Azeroc


    Intruduction: Hello i am Azeroc and Azeroc in warcraft too I have Played WoW about 4 years and Warcraft III about 6 years At begining i liked many RPG , arena and Tag games, now after these many years i only like Heavly modifyted maps with good models and skins and so i get ideas...
  44. Azeroc

    How can i increase max object count?

    My map needs only 50-100 more units placed but i got 512 already how i can increase Object count to higher? :sad: