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    Who can help me with kardel sharpeye ability?

    Who can help me with kardel sharpeye ability from dota? She likes a hero friend and I want to do it the same.
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    Ability Problem

    Create this spell and set mana cost: Level 1: Cost 12 Level 2: Cost 18 Level 3: Cost 24 Level 4: set to 30 and don't work...cost me 24 mana. why work like this? Somebody explain where I'm wrong :(
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    Buff Problem

    Create a spell with Replenish (Undead) give heal to friendly unit and when turn off the spell buff don't disappear. How to make the buff disappear after finish the healing?
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    Animation Problem

    Set animation channel for one ability and hero don't stop to make the hero stop channel after finish the cast?
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    How to make a spell like this...

    Name Ability: Dark Power Give Active: Level 1: Restore mana and lose 20% of my life Level 2: Restore mana and lose 30% of my life Level 3: Restore mana and lose 40% of my life Give Passive: Level 1: give 100 mana permanent Level 2: give 100 mana permanent Level 3: give 100 mana permanent
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    Hp bar

    Why is a bar standing above and another below?
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    Need help

    How to reset all apply Height ?
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    How to make a skeleton respawn with animation?

    Need this for my map.
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    How to update this interface for 1.29?

    Need this interface for my map and have 1.29 version
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    How to make this one platofrm work for all player?

    Hero Selection Window v1.0
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    Can someone help me?

    I want to go for patch 1.29 UI
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    Need help wait song ability...

    Remove the song form wind walk and song dont stop, why?
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    How to make same passive like this...?

    Enables Bloodseeker to sense enemy Heroes whose health is below a certain percentage wherever they are, giving him True Sight on that unit, increased movement speed. Bonuses stack per Hero.
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    How to make Black King Bar item same like dota?

    how to make this item decreases cooldown like dota
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    How to make the effect disappears

    I created an item from this passive and I want that when the item is dropped, the effect disappears
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    How to make this GUI?

    How to transform this to GUI?
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    How to make blade mail same item like dota 1?

    To work same like dota? Give me test map Jass or gui?
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    Who can give me the icons from dota2 item?

    Need for my map I can not find them on the internet anymore
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    How To make blink dagger same like dota 1?

    Let me a test map.
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    how to make this ability passive?

    Entangling Roots? Let me more information about this screenshot or something. Thx guys :D
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    How to make this passive?

    how to make this passive give 10 damage over 2 secunds? Permanent Immolation
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    How to create effect for building dead?

    leave me instructions too.
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    How to make limit for infernal ulti?

    How to make limit for infernal ulti? call 1 and next infernal die. Please help?
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    How to make a passive

    How to make a passive to give 1 mana per enemies that die next to me? GUI Please :D Thx guys for help me!
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    How to detele frog?

    How do I get rid of the black line? My distance is 4500
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    How do this platform work for everyone?

    I got the idea from here Hero Selection Window v1.0
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    Why don't show icon?

    Need help with icon don't show
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    Defense bonus per agility point change strength

    I want to change Defense bonus per agility with Defense bonus per strength?
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    I need help with my ability

    I want to make a 5 level skill. to throw in front of some rods and on the distance of 700 to catch the enemy.
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    Is bugs or what? Look my water:))

    Help me
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    How do one platform go for everyone? I need for my AoS map.
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    New Version help

    Since I installed the latest version, it still shows me when I want to change the map size. The Full size must be a multiple of 32 in both dimensions. Before he lets me change and now he does not leave me: -?
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    Need help with this....

    How do I make a single platform for everyone? so I can put on a map of AoS I have to do 10 platforms -_- help me guys please.
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    Courier and multiboarde need help :(

    How do the courier and multiboard form dota 1? I need more help with multiboard I have no idea how to do it. Need a test map with multiboard same like dota.
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    Unit die give buff

    I want to know how to do it. I need a picture to show how I do it in GUI
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    Multiboard like dota

    How help me wait Multiboarde same dota? Work 100%?
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    You can help me with the ultimate sniper?

    I want to know how it's done and go the way it works. If you can leave a test map with his ultimate.? but to go the same way it goes.
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    How to disply frog enemy vizion?

    I want to see the enemies in the frog without discovering it :D
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    Swap ghost effect unit to building

    Need to ghost work on building not unit Can you help me?
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    Invizibility Building

    How to create a invisibility permanent building? Need to create night elf building invizibility permanent for my map :D Helpt me guys please :D
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    Need help

    Is bug or what? Please help me other problemes... permanent building visibility? I want to do night elf permanent building visibility :D Ghost work for unit, don't work for building :( I want to create passive with building permanent visibility and root permanent visibility and can attack...