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    Looking for a Warcraft: Orcs & Humans remake

    Greetings. Do you know any? I know there's Down of Chaos but AFAIK it hasn't been released yet. Are there any finished custom campaigns true to the original gameplay and story? I don't really care for the road system or other minor stuff.
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    Door 00

    It HAS the birth (close) and death (open) animation.
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    Transport position (trigger)

    Yeah it worked, big thanks! Although I don't know what you put in those custom scripts, I can make the whole thing work. I only hope it won't cause much additional lag when the battlefields get crowdy. Well, I tried that, but the burrows load only peons. I went to the spell editor and tried...
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    Transport position (trigger)

    Did not work. It said "Unable to load" even when all marines had full access to the ship from all directions. The new unit was the exact copy of the original transport besides it being immobile. Hmm... where is that channel ability? I only found one in "triggers>unit>issue order without...
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    Transport position (trigger)

    Greetings. I'd like to know how to freeze transport's position and facing angle while it's loading units. On my map AI units board the ship via walkable pier, but the ship, which is scaled to 2.00, always makes turns and overlaps the pier with parts of it's body, and this looks ugly. I need it...