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    So Sound? (WC3 Classic)

    Since Blizzard's tech support forums are dead or locked, I figured here would be a much better place to ask, and since I didn't have a problem until the last update, I am going to assume it's patch related since so here I am. When I launch WC3 there is no sound anymore, I checked all the...
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    Different Abomination Forms

    I was directed here by another thread related to map ideas. TLDR: Is I had wanted an undead hero that was an abomination, so I went with Patchwerk (for those who have not played WoW, he is just a really really big regular abomination). Now a hero that is merely a scaled up stronger units and...
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    Expanded Melee (LF Some Ideas)

    I'm making, not so much a map, but rather a new set of objects for melee maps. One of my main things about WC3 melee games is they feel too quick and simple to me. I understand this is ideal for online matches, but once and awhile I crave a long complex game, even if it's only against an AI...
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    [Altered Melee] If WC3 Had A Second Expansion?

    TFT added various units, researches, heroes, and other things, as well as a few stat-related changes (such as adding magic and hero attack types) to basic melee games. My question is, if another expansion had happened, what do you think would be new for melee maps? Would we see a 5th hero...
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    [General] More Tiles/Change Tile Pathability?...

    Came back after a long break and it seems NewGen is now defunct and will understandably not work with Blizzard's recent updates. Is there another editor that allows you to add more then 16 tiles and/or allows modification of tile path-ability like NewGen did?
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    Change Rally/Attack/Stop/Etc. Hotkeys?

    Is there a way to change the hotkeys for these universal abilities? I don't mean a custom keys file for your own client, I mean on the specific custom map. EDIT: I recall making an old map where they were changed, but I don't recall if it was a WEU thing or some other method.
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    Town Hall Upgrade Costs Nothing?

    In my map upgrading the town hall (Then later castle) is free, even though in the editor it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to cost 3000G and 2000L (Wanted major upgrades to take some dedication), yet in-game it's free. I am not sure what is causing this, does anyone have any idea what the...
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    Map won't load...

    I have been using Newgen editor for a map I made a long time ago, recently I picked it up and decided to finish it, but upon loading it I get this error... "Trigger function does not exist in database: DisplayTimedTextToPlayer" And I can't load the map, it still gives he the error even if...
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    Use Drain Life On Allied Units?

    Is this possible? I changed the target field to be used on allies instead of enemies, but it still only works on enemies. I also, just to test, removed all target types and it still functions like the default. Does anyone know the issue and/or a way to fix it?
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    Custom Berserker Upgrade Issue

    I used the a Custom Berserker Upgrade to upgrade Ghouls to a custom upgraded Infectious Ghoul version. I also made all the abilities and such that are tied to it for working properly. Everything is working fine, except the Infectious Ghouls can also be trained before the research is learned...
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    Icon Importing Issue

    I am having an issue importing a custom icon, the icon gives be the bright green look, but only when disabled passive. I'm not new to this, so I am pretty sure I haven't overlooked anything, but I am not sure what is causing it. The ability is Cold Blood which I made as basically critical...
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    Can't Taunt More Than One Unit?

    When I try to change the taunt spell (Mountain Giant or neutral creep), it won't let me set the number of enemies taunted any more then one unit (If I type in 5 or something, after entering the number it resets to 1). Does anyone know what is up with this? Or a way it can be fixed (Or tricked)?
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    Add a DoT effect to AOE spell?

    I am making the Acid Volley skill that the Stoneskin Gargoyles in Naxxramas on WoW use. I used fan of knives and adjusted damage/stats accordingly and I also changed the animation to look like poison bolts (It looks spot on). However, my question is, is there a way via triggers (Or an ability...
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    Make Healing Spray Damage Instead?

    Is there any way to do this? I sort of did it by making a trigger to inflict damage where I target it, then make the ability heal allies only to counter the allied damage, however I was curious if there was a way to make it directly from the ability. The ability I made is sort of a slime/acid...
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    [Altered Melee] Looking For Some Input

    For a very long time I have been working on a "melee remix" kind of map (I only do a little bit now and then, hence the length). It will play as a melee (Build your army and defeat your opponents, no fancy events and such), but it has new factions and added stuff to older ones. A few examples...
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    Night Elf AI

    I am making a custom Night Elf AI, and when it starts up three of the wisps stay behind and do nothing, I am guessing that those three are looking for a gold mine as normally the AI sends three to mine gold, however, the AI isn't scripted to send any workers for gold (As it's a CP based map)...
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    Tag Unit As Gold Mine With No Harvestable Gold (For AI)

    Topic title explains it. Is their a way to tag a unit for an expansion point so I can command the AI to build around it? Without it being a gold mine.
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    Blight Placement

    I am trying to make the Blight Placement from the Sacrificial Skull item in to an ability that Obsidian Statues can use (via a research). However when I click on it, it doesn't give me the target circle thing (Like if I were to use the item version). Does anyone know what's wrong or a way to get...
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    [Solved] Create Spectator Slot?

    I have been working with the AI a lot, and I need to spectate them. While I can make myself a player with no units to watch, I can't spectate like you can with the editor (Which I can't use because it has custom units). So I can't see things like specific units/researches being trained, current...
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    Some AI Build Order Advice?

    I am working on an AI and I am pleased with it for my skills (Or lack of), however, the build order I set up seems to not be the most efficient as sometimes things are not built/researched until something else finishes (Even though it would be capable of doing both at once). Is there any...
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    Base Order ID Questions

    I am making a small side-project aside from my main one to help a friend. In it the hero will use multiple magic schools, so the idea is to make a spell book and title it "Fire" then inside it would be Rain of Fire, Firebolt, Flame Strike, etc. The same goes for the other schools (Frost, Arcane...
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    Change AOE Spell Graphics?

    I know with targeted spells like Stormbolt you just change the missile art, but for AOE spells like Blizzard, DnD, etc. how would you change the art? EDIT: I should say, graphics not in the effect tab.
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    Regeneration Items In Combat?

    EDIT: Never mind I found it, can't believe I didn't see that field.
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    Need a model recolor.

    I'm making a map and the Scourge and Legion are going to be two different factions, so the Scourge is losing the Dreadlord, however, for gameplay reasons I want a hero that would suit the role. My idea was to make a Blood Prince/Darkfallen hero. So basically...
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    [Altered Melee] My Recent Project!

    After quite a bit of work I have decided to release the next version of my current map that I am working on. It has reached "playable" although still far from complete. The map is a recreation of Hyrule from the NES Zelda. Other then the terrain layout, it doesn't have much to do with the Zelda...
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    AI Won't Build Specific Building

    EDIT: I figured it out, although it's odd. In-game it requires a castle, yet in the editor the techtree says keep. I am not sure what's wrong with it.
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    Issue With Custom AI

    EDIT: I fixed it sort of, I didn't fix the problem, but I found away around it. Also, on an unrelated note, how do I make the (Human) AI upgrade a tower without building a second scout tower to replace it, I assume some sort of condition, but I was having trouble with it.
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    [Altered Melee] Faction Ideas For Map (Map is WIP)

    I have been working on and off on a map for quite awhile now, and the map itself is almost done (Just need to make it more ascetically pleasing, but the gameplay aspects of it are done). But now I am working on faction balance/ideas/etc. I am changing up the four classic factions first...
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    Make "Demon" Race Playable?

    Alright, most know the Burning Legion was going to be a playable faction, but was dropped for several reasons. However, in the trigger editor, among races you can choose (For various triggers) "Demon" is one of them which I assume was the Burning Legion. Is there any way to unlock this race...
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    [Trigger] Need Item Trigger Help...

    I am a sucker for WC3 maps based off ones from other games, and I have been working on one for the Legend of Zelda from the NES. There is an aspect I am trying to add based off of Ring Heroes from Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth II. What happens in the game is if you discover the...
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    LF Terrain Maker (Details inside)

    I have been wanting to make a WC3 map of Naxxramas for some time, one that scales well with the units, but the only ones I can fine are poorly made (Terrain-Wise), so I am curious if anyone is up for the task of it. Honestly, the main issue I am having is mapping it out, as it's so big I am...
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    [Miscellanous / Other] The Legend of Zelda Hyrule

    Alright before I begin. I made this map a long time ago and never got around to finishing it, so I am releasing it so it doesn't fade out of existence. The map is intended for fans of that series, but I imagine could be a little fun for others as well. This map is a recreation of the first...
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    How to open .AI Files

    The world editor only opens .WAI files, I was kind of curious if there was a way to open, or a way to convert .AI files so that they can be opened in some sort of editing program. I just entered the world of AI editing, and wanted to check out the default AI as the 2 sample ones are kind of...
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    Make A Terrain Impassable?

    Is there any way to make a terrain type impassible by all units except air? For example say the "Rock" terrain so that land units can't walk on it, but you can still fly over it.
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    [Solved] Buy/recruit a hero with an item? (And more)

    Hey all, lazy leecher extraordinar here, I come here with another question. I was playing Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II (RTS game based off Lord of the Rings, much more typical then WC3 in gameplay), and I ran in to something I thought would be interesting if it happened in...
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    Horrible Lag/FPS drop with map.

    I know it's a dumb and annoying question, but I am really at a loss. I just made an awesome (imo, and I know a few others that would love it) map, but it gets horrible FPS/Lag about a minute or so after starting a game on it. I need help trying to figure out the cause. What I have come up with...
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    Map with a timer?

    Hello all, I have (Almost) created my first map from scratch (I have mostly only edited Blizzard maps before), and it's a defense type map (Still needs a ton of balancing), I was thinking the goal should be Player 1 (Defender) needs to last X amount of time against the other players (Number of...
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    Hello all.

    Hello everyone. I started playing WoW (Is a nerd) and quickly got in to the lore and picked up WC3 awhile back. Well I found out there was an editor to help create your own maps/abilities/etc. I have always been one that enjoyed editing games (Granted I am not good at it), so I have been...
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    Adding/Changing Ability data fields?

    Is this possible? I was attempting to make a custom hero and I wanted a self cast armor ability that increases armor and grants a health regeneration bonus (Think Spiked Carapace only with the HP regen instead of reflect damage), there are no base abilities, as far as I could find, that have...