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    Roller Coaster Beta v.07

    I apologize if this has been suggested before, but I just played the latest version with my friends, and it was A LOT of fun. The only thing I want to recommend is that you give the rider a Blink. I understand you may want to give it something of a roleplay feel, but sometimes I or my friends...
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    Triggered COmmand Buttons

    It's impossible to change the icons themselves. What the first suggested tutorial did was change the unit's models. Technically, it would be possible. But it would get way too complicated, and probably not be worth it.
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    Water System

    What you have to use is a recursive structure that continuously cycles through the aqueducts linking to the water, and then finding the aqueducts linked to those. That way, any aqueducts that aren't linked aren't selected, and then it's easy to find which farms are in proximity to a linked aqueduct.
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    It technically is a minigame, so I thought not.
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    Using Linear Equations for Collision Detection

    Awhile ago I was struck with the idea of using dynamic lines to detect collision. Lines can be stored many ways, such as with point-slope, standard, and slope-intercept form, but I chose the latter. The following is an example of a simple game using this concept of collision...
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    Blitzkrieg (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Blitzkrieg (Map)

    This is a template to demonstrate the use of simple algebraic line equations to detect dynamic collision. There are 3 main spells... Thunder: Creates a line of lightning. Orb: Creates an Orb of lightning that will explode on contact with other units and bounce off Thunder. Lightning...
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    [JASS] Going out with a bang.

    Hey guys. Its been a long time since I've posted anything here. I've moved on to Java, and Warcraft has gotten buggy on my computer. Today, however, I realized that even though I had taken a lot from this forum, and eventually become a JASS master because of it, I hadn't really given anything...
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    Harry Potter MF v1.2fruitloopmixed

    Sorry for a useless post, but why is "pussy" a keyword?
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    Small Code Snippets

    Yeah, I'm skeptical about that, Purge. I'm pretty sure its calling other functions that creates any leak, not having a value equal to nothing.
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    Small Code Snippets

    An easy to use floating text function. It is good for autocast spells, or to show how much damage someone takes. function Text takes string s, string color, real x, real y returns nothing local texttag t = CreateTextTag() call SetTextTagText(t, s, .023) call SetTextTagPos(t...
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    [JASS] Easy Floating Text Script!

    Need, this isn't for rep, if that's what you're thinking. I just made it for a map, and I figured it could be useful. Silvenon, I'll post it in snippets.
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    [JASS] Easy Floating Text Script!

    Thank you Disciple, its been modified. Like The Device >___>...
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    [JASS] Easy Floating Text Script!

    Silvenon, there could be many others of these, but I am not aware of them. It was only intended to help people. If you feel it necesary to point out that I'm being redundant, then go ahead. Cherol, its a JASS function that creates a moving floating text at a target point. Useful for autocast...
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    [JASS] Easy Floating Text Script!

    I made an easy to use floating text function that is good for showing damage done and temporary things like that. It takes the string you want made into the floating text, the string for what color you want (options are "red","orange","yellow","green","blue","purple", and "black"). And then the...
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    Double Mouse Detection!?!

    Ok, I learned all about trackables, and I am in the process of knowing what to do with them. Now what I need to know is if my map will lag like hell if I have 48000 of them. >_>
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    Double Mouse Detection!?!

    I need a system that can detect both right clicks and left clicks. I use a force key system to do the left click, and movement orders to do the right click, but they can't be executed simultaneously, and they both can't be detected at the same time. They do it in TCX Deathmatch, a game that few...
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    Pyritie's Adventure 2.3

    Pyritie, I think I found something that rather ruins the feel of the game. You made it possible to get onto the ramparts of the Dragon town thing. You can walk all the way around to behind where the royalty is, and use Lirch's Headbutt to teleport down there. So you basically get into the room...
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    Camera distance question.

    I'm making a map where you have to look down at the ground from a really far distance. If it goes too far though, the screen fades out. Is there any way to keep that from happening? Thanks in advance!
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    Reputation: (Post) Thank you.

    Reputation: (Post) Thank you.
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    Why won't it work!? : <

    I would GREATLY appreciate anyone who helps me with this. It won't do anything regarding the group that is created. It's supposed to enumerate a group of units, then transfer them using Local Handle Vars to a timer, and slide them back. But for some reason it won't even do anything in the first...
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    Simple Bullet Model

    Thank you so much, but it crashes Warcraft. Does it use all ingame skins?
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    Simple Bullet Model

    I need a simple bullet model like the one from Elimination Tournament. If you are unfamiliar with that, then it is also the one used as the Missile Art for the spear ability of that guy in Dota that makes a bunch of copies of himself. It's basically a little grey shard, but I don't know how to...
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    Is this based off a model? I need a lightning sword for my map.
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    [JASS] Integers to Binary Code Script!!!

    That's some srs hax, lol. Do you mind showing me your way of doing it? I see how mine could be made more efficient, but I don't know how different your process is.
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    The Hive Poem

    Lol, I didn't know we had such a poet amongst us >_>.
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    [JASS] Life or Death !! Help fast rep+ !!! Chain spell

    Flame, ForGroups are ugly functions. Never use them. GroupEnum > all.
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    [JASS] jass reverse engineering

    Is it possible to put a custom script in Events and Conditions? o_O
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    [JASS] Integers to Binary Code Script!!!

    Ghost wolf, its the language computers use to represent numbers. It converts them into a string of booleans. It's useless, and I just made this formula because I was bored ^__^. The only possible use I could think of would be to put it in a minigame called "Convert the binary number!" or something.
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    Pyritie's Model Gallery

    LOL @ last post.
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    (What should be) The Hive Workshop Theme Song

    The endless typing of all our benevolent members is our anthem.
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    The wolf is too small to support the giant mass of orc-ness that sits atop. >_> Make it bigger, and make the angles less severe.
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    The head looks like you tried to put Medivh on a paladin. You should try to fix that.
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    I don't like its short stubby tail. Its like "I'm a bloodthirsty lycanthrope, and my tail looks like a bunny's!"
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    [JASS] Integers to Binary Code Script!!!

    The most useless script ever! Nobody uses binary! This trigger makes it so when Player 1 enters a number in chat, it sends a text message containing that number in BINARY! function Trig_Binary_Conversion_Actions takes nothing returns nothing local string s = GetEventPlayerChatString() local...
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    Spike v1

    Spike Created by Jetherit Gameplay: There are two teams. All players are given one unit, with two abilities. Jump allows you to fly yourself to any point within 1000 range and is used only for mobility. Fire Rocket fires a rocket to a target destination. When it gets there, it explodes...
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    Spike (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Spike (Map)

    This game uses a very simple concept. You have two abilities, Jump and Fire Rocket. The jump is just for mobility and can get you anywhere you target within a 1000 range. The Fire Rocket ability shoots a rocket that explodes at the target location. All enemy units around are blown back. While...
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    Ice Demon

    I'm afraid to put this in one of my maps because it will make all the Blizzard models look terrible by comparison. 10/10 all the way.
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    Orcish Spearthrower & Fel Orc Spearthrower

    Very nice model, especially with such a small file size.
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    My Second Terrain

    Don't abuse those rocks >_>. Its a good terrain in simple terms, but I agree it still needs work.
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    Got Any Good Tuts?

    Please use a word other than "shit". There are tutorials in the Tutorials section, accessed through the forums page or through the button at the top labeled "Tutorials". Rocket science indeed.
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    Glaciar Aura

    Its like Brilliance aura on crack. And indeed, it is quite brilliant. 5/5.
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    stop casting as condition

    English please ;-;. What I will say is that if there is any loop in that blob of non-English, then make a condition asking if the distance between the initial point of the caster and its current position is greater than 10 or so. If it is, then skip to the end and finish things up. That's how...
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    Change what targets the seamine accepts. Otherwise, go to ships, and change the "Targeted As" field.
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    Hard spell? Another Gui challenge. (need help)

    You would have to be more specific. What kind of spell it is determines how one would monitor its whereabouts. Please elaborate.
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    I agree with JetFang. It is a total revamp. Nice job. 8/10, because I can't see it on Warcraft now.
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    Jump & Run (2D-System)

    Mario for now. He is more side-scrolled oriented than say, Arthas T_T. Someone said something about making projectiles move vertical. Whoever you are, how else to projectiles move?
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    Firelord213 vs PurplePoot

    Wow...PurpleRoot....scandalous. Either way, the fact that I have more posts than firelord, and PurplePoot has about 30 times mine is something of an indication that PurplePoot is going to win. >_> But that's just me.