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  1. Sxar

    Official WarCraft IV Discussion

    The best way to approach to WC4 is a paralel universe to WoW that link both games (you can unlock features playing WoW for WC4 or viceversa). WC4 should explorate a new world with dark magic like the neatherworld (where Draenor fragments remains).
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) ty for the custom spell <3

    Reputation (+4): (Post) ty for the custom spell <3
  3. Sxar

    Help with a skill

    Ty buddy it works perfectly!
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    Broken Isles (Altered Melee) (Warcraft 3 Map)

  5. Sxar

    Broken Isles (Altered Melee) (Map)

    Features Almirant Hero - Suspicious Vulture: to explore. Can be used when is in cargo of a ship. - Vodoo Blade: basically rise zombies like dark arrow but melee. - Naval Army: increase the number of ships you can recruit at ports. Turns into Ranged bonus attacks when is in cargo for your ships...
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    Help with a skill

    I have a hero that gives some skills to units when he's in the unit's cargo only via triggers. Now I have a unit that use "ethereal form" skill. The skill replace my unit with anotherone without the skills (it still has the hero in cargo) however, I need that the added skills being pass to the...
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) I love your honest reviews! keep doing it! <3 :D

    Reputation (+2): (Post) I love your honest reviews! keep doing it! <3 :D
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    The Shattering

    You are right bro, my bad! please DO NOT delete your comment!! I love it! xD It's just I'm not English speaker native so sometimes I mix my words (like creeps x creeters asjdlkasjkld)! but whatever, the point is that your comment helps me to improve the map and that is what really matters, not...
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    The Shattering

    I'm so glad to read that you and your friend enjoy it! XD I'll keep improving it! stay on pal! n_n/ and ty for play it! <3
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    The Shattering

    1) Any suggestion about how should I fix the drops? Just set one list? 2) I didn't add more doodads 'cause the short terrain, however if you have any suggestions I'll be glad to add it. I know about the tree starve, but that was part of the idea of the map and an incentive to buy the shredders...
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    The Shattering (Map)

    Have been a while everyone... I did this map last night. I was trying to made a Kezan map but hearing Cataclysm OST I found inspiration to do this 1v1 melee map. After review I think I'll use it for the next contest. I hope you get much fun as I did creating it. Try to play it listeing Cataclysm...
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    The Shattering (Warcraft 3 Map)

  13. Sxar

    Hey dude, I'm sorry for edit your model...

    Hey dude, I'm sorry for edit your model to create D: I didn't know I have to request your permision to edit it. Sorry :( there is a way I...
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    Ok, I'll try it! D: I just read this since double post! :facepalm: sorry.

    Ok, I'll try it! D: I just read this since double post! :facepalm: sorry.
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    Official WarCraft IV Discussion

    I think they can do a new game based in something like total war franchise. It's like an evolved version of Nobunaga's Ambition mixed with cinematic strategic battles. They did a Warhammer version, so I think a warcraft or even Starcraft version should be amazing too. I'm sure there should be...
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    Official WarCraft IV Discussion

    The best thing they could do for Warcraft IV is create a new world and new races. The plot would be that Azeroth fell as Draenor did against but this time is not against the fell but the scourge and survivors from Azeroth arrived throught the Exodar last forces of the Naaru. Old Alduin is their...
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    Aedelas Blackmoore

    Fixed axe size Requests done :D
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    Aedelas Blackmoore

    Ahhh that's it! <3 Thanks pal! I feel double honored now <3 Also I must update my files of Lord of the clans campaign. I updated the model today too.
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    Aedelas Blackmoore

    I feel honored <3 Done! Please, considerate to use the model too <3
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    Aedelas Blackmoore (Icon)

    I just colored Adelas from the manga because I think he looks like WC3 style. Also it suits to my model of the same character.
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    Aedelas Blackmoore (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  22. Sxar

    The Syndicate's Hive

    Thanks for the review @mafe ! indeed, I just focused myself in visuals and altered version. The melee version was an edit for the contest. I still practicing the map develpment and yes, the idea originally was not to force early or force to use goblin zepelins to fast travel across the fall of...
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    Ammon's Oasis (Map)

    My last work this weekend. Enjoy c: The idea was to create a dessert with an oasis for each player and storm dust between them. I just add the middle oasis for rest in the tavern. The map has a story: The twilight hammer is looking for Ammon's ancient treasures so you must stop them and get the...
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    Ammon's Oasis (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Searching members.

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    Westfall Adventure (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Westfall Adventure (Map)

    Westfall Adventure 1v1 Melee map There are two main roads, left and right, to archive enemy camp but in the middle of the map are several gold mines and a path throught the mountain. The dessing was done thinking in WoW Westfall map. Features: WoW like Camps: Murlocs, Gnoll, Bandits 10 Green 8...
  28. Sxar

    Hive Workshop Cup Melee Mapping Contest [Polls Open]

    It's my first contest so I don't know exactly if this will happend, however, winner or not, would be nice to add all the maps into a melee map pack to download the lastre version of all.
  29. Sxar

    The Syndicate's Hive

    That sounds paranoic. I think that won't happend... right? XDu RIGHT!?!!?
  30. Sxar

    Melee mapping - The reasons behind common aspects of competitive 1v1 maps

    Intresting and usefull. An example with pictures and arrows maybe could help more to get the idea about human-undead challenge in early game about the first expansion.
  31. Sxar

    The Syndicate's Hive

    mafe, thank you so much! I noticed what I was doing wrong! I fixed it! <3 If you notice something else to fix just let me know! thank you, seriously!
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    The Syndicate's Hive (Warcraft 3 Map)

  33. Sxar

    Hive Workshop Cup Melee Mapping Contest [Polls Open]

    :D Oh lol! I can remover the triggers. They are justo for sounds and cages that enhance the melee experience so it's OK. Update The Syndicate's Hive : added non-trigger version.
  34. Sxar

    Hive Workshop Cup Melee Mapping Contest [Polls Open]

    The Syndicate's Hive updated and tested. It's really funny the way you could use goblin mines in the map. Added some sound effects for bandits camps lore like (Sylvana's and Mug'thol for example)... custom units trapped in cage (swordman for humans, warlock for orcs, necromancer for undead and...
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    The Syndicate's Hive (Warcraft 3 Map)

  36. Sxar

    The Syndicate's Hive

    Ty. I'll do. I'm fixing some stuffs right now :)
  37. Sxar

    Hive Workshop Cup Melee Mapping Contest [Polls Open]

    Guys I'm improving the map changing the units in the canyon for destructibles dead version, however they all are set as the same team color (red). How can I fix that to set human units blue and red for the horde units?
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    Hive Workshop Cup Melee Mapping Contest [Polls Open]

    Try to share it un social media, not only here :) Facebook groups for example.
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    Hive Workshop Cup Melee Mapping Contest [Polls Open]

    My entry: The Syndicate's Hive
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    The Syndicate's Hive (Map)

    The Syndicate's Hive (1v1) meele map. Update 28/09/2019 Two versions of the same map. The first is altered melee with the next custom features: - Mercenary camp: bandits, murders, wizards and Bandit Lord of the Syndicate. - Goblin lab: add mines, scoope and the goblin heroes to be recruited. -...
  41. Sxar

    The Hive Cup Announcement

    Nice! I got some ideas for 1v1 melee map! :) time to work!
  42. Sxar

    Melee Mapping Contest #4 - Poll

    I will download and play them all this weekend. Also I will participate in the next contest too <3 :)
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    I need a reason for Taurens to be in Lordearon

    You will have to do a lot of work with the main race to turn it into true blackrock clan: there are no ogres in blackrock clan, only the Stormreaver and Cho'gall clan got Ogres. The Blackrock instead got elite grunts that serve to Blackhand and his family. Also they used deer horned helmets to...
  44. Sxar

    'Loose ends' Campaign

    This is a single campaign plot that try to solve some questions after Kel'thuzad summons Archimonde in Lordaeron. Meanwhile Kel'thuzad and Arthas summons Archimonde, an undead Warlock name Elysse is sent by Balnazzar to hunt survivors in Silverpine Forest spreading the plague. She hunts and...
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    Thank you pal! :D
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    Comment by 'Sxar' in media 'Organigrama'

    The green missions are for the "good ending" yellow missions for gold or bonus to improve the Dalaran or Capital cities forces, and red missions for evil path.
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    Comment by 'Sxar' in media 'Organigrama'

    This is for a post I did in storyboard forum section where you can develop an alternative multiending story if Jaina and Arthas don't reject Medivh's vision (the same he shows to Thrall on the exodus of the horde). The turning point event in this story is Sylvanas. If Jaina travels to...
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    oh lol! awesome! I don't know how to do it! xD
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    Scourge Shocktrooper

    sure no problem. footman sword? xD
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    Perfect for the Evil Jaina (Jaina Undead)!