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  1. Jumbo

    World of Warcraft The Second Rebirth 1.4

    Who plays this map? I want to play it, but it is so hard to get a group of people together.
  2. Jumbo

    Gaias Retaliation II - A small Preview

    Sounds great either way!
  3. Jumbo

    Gaias Retaliation II - A small Preview

    Sounds like a solid design. However, will races make a difference? Will we be able to unlearn all classes and thus be reduced to level 1 ? (But save one's stash and items).
  4. Jumbo

    Gaias Retaliation II - A small Preview

    12 player cap seems very reasonable. It is enough to have a solid team even if 50% leaves. Legacy Gaias always suffered from being very risky to host for random newcomers as 1-2 leavers could basically mean that much of the game content was soft-locked. What about mob ai? I think it wouldn't...
  5. Jumbo

    Reputation (+2): (Post) agreed

    Reputation (+2): (Post) agreed
  6. Jumbo

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Sounds good!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Sounds good!
  7. Jumbo

    Blizzard Speaks out about Warcraft 3: Reforged

    I still believe Reforged can become a good product. The problem is that they promised a lot of improvements and delivered a version of Warcraft 3 that is worse than what we already had - whilst shutting that old version down at the same time. People are right, no hysteria whatsoever, to be...
  8. Jumbo

    [POLL] Should we still mod for the Classic or for Reforged?

    While I was as disappointed as anyone about the state of affairs on the release of Reforged, I believe things WILL get better. A rushed release is not necessarily the Classic Team's fault. I suppose Activision-Blizzard decided that they wanted it out now no matter what. We should distinguish...
  9. Jumbo BETA NOTES

    I hope that graphics will be somewhat more consistent on release than in the beta. It is very confusing in the current beta (and since first beta release) to play. Distinguishing between units and what is going on is sometimes quite hard as many people have already pointed out. I still have...
  10. Jumbo

    Battle for Lordaeron 4.2

    Well, you don't have to use the entire continent. Just a more lore and terrain-pleasing setting.
  11. Jumbo

    Battle for Lordaeron 4.2

    I meant the shape of the Lordaeron continent.
  12. Jumbo

    Battle for Lordaeron 4.2

    With the name of this map I think in the future you ought to make a new version with the Eastern Kingdoms/Lordaeron map as the setting. This would be much more epic than a completely symmetrical square map. Just a suggestion.. not here to criticize
  13. Jumbo

    World of Sedonia RPG 2.4

    The "You" about the Discord channel was not aimed at you specificially but at the small fanclub of WoS on its Discord channel. - It is odd not to acknowledge the weight of an rpg champion's words compared to the words of random people who surely didn't play RPGs as much as SaikoDemon. -Yes, I...
  14. Jumbo

    World of Sedonia RPG 2.4

    tulee, this is your personal opinion. In my opinion the map is quite boring and the (in my opinion only) redeeming feature is Mr. Goblin's brilliant terrain whereas the gameplay is just too simplistic to be considered "one of the best multiplayer rpg maps released in the past 2-3 years". Look at...
  15. Jumbo

    World of Sedonia RPG 2.4

    Venkolm what is your point? SaikiDeMoN validly points out that the general gameplay of the map is not very interesting because it is so repetitive with no tactical requirements of the players for most of the game for instance. What is wrong with pointing that out?
  16. Jumbo

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Agreed entirely

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Agreed entirely
  17. Jumbo

    World of Sedonia RPG 2.4

    I completely agree with the entirety of this review and I know that SaikoDeMon means it as constructive feedback. The devs should listen carefully to him as he is a veteran RPG player.
  18. Jumbo

    World of Sedonia RPG 2.4

    Updated my review above.
  19. Jumbo

    World of Sedonia RPG 2.4

    Review (I've played until lvl 80 but only a little endgame dungeoning after that): -The first thing I noticed was the vibe found in the map of a solid rpg - well crafted starting area, well crafted heroes, well-sculptured landscapes. This is a huge plus for me and shows that the creators were...
  20. Jumbo

    Reforged Warcraft III Reforged - Community Feedback

    I have mixed feelings about these leaks. It is fun to look at, but inevitably people will start (as they have already) passing judgement on Reforged as a whole, finished product based on a very narrow and OLD set of "evidence". It is not a good thing I think.
  21. Jumbo

    Medieval Realms

    Custom Tilesets Pack (Type-C) This maybe? :) or this? Rings_Grass.blp
  22. Jumbo

    Medieval Realms

    I think you should use a different texture for the grass. It is so dark and dull. The map doesn't really invite people to play it with those visuals. Otherwise great work!
  23. Jumbo

    Miss You, Zwiebelchen

    As always, I agree S0ul. Man this map, been playing it for 10 years. First version 2009. It would be a shame to not give a proper end to this epic.
  24. Jumbo

    Reputation (+2): (Post) thanks for the answer

    Reputation (+2): (Post) thanks for the answer
  25. Jumbo

    Heroes of Kiryum RPG V1.01

    Looks interesting, however the boss fight you showed seemed a bit long for what it offered - or perhaps it is based on teamfight where you soloed? That would explain why it took so long.
  26. Jumbo

    Lost Land 2019 v1.2.3c

    Could you perhaps upload some screenshots? It's hard to get any idea about your map from the current description and lack of screenshots. :)
  27. Jumbo

    Warcraft III Anniversary Week

    hehe hope you can still manage wednesday ;-) Its only about an hour left in most of Europe now.
  28. Jumbo

    New PTR Patch - more Gaias development?

    @Zwiebelchen any news now? It has been several patches, maybe something new?
  29. Jumbo

    New PTR Patch - more Gaias development?

    I actually agree with my two veteran allies above.
  30. Jumbo

    [Role Playing Game] EmberCraft - Total Conversion ARPG

    Well done! Good changes. In my opinion the attack speed for both classes is a bit too slow now. It feels unresponsive even though it isn't, which is why I thought it was bugged at first. Especially Knight needs a buff. Maybe 0.2 second increase should do the trick for him and a bit less for ranger.
  31. Jumbo

    New PTR Patch - more Gaias development?

    I am kind of ambivalent towards this new idea. By all means make a new map that is based more on RNG than static premade designs. However, I was a little worried when you talked about caves being the major part of the landscape. While Blackfire is fun, its landscapes are, frankly a bit...
  32. Jumbo

    Thank you for pointing that out. I will give it another shot soon. :)

    Thank you for pointing that out. I will give it another shot soon. :)
  33. Jumbo

    Sundering Blades was not the way to Go; instead, Knight Charge was the option

    I see where you are coming from, but I think Blizzard are very careful with adding entire new mechanics to a unit. Perhaps your idea is good, but it would certainly change gameplay in unknowable ways more so than a simple damage boost vs. medium armor.
  34. Jumbo

    Shadows over Tirisfal 7.2e

    Map is extremely impressive. Especially how you made the bots play - almost - decently. The terrain, the instructions, the general clarity of the systems. 5/5 -I feel that dwarven healer class (forgot name) has a model that is a bit odd. He has a sling, but uses it in melee only.
  35. Jumbo

    New PTR Patch - more Gaias development?

    When the new PTR goes live, will you continue working on Gaias @Zwiebelchen ? :)
  36. Jumbo

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.31 PTR

    Thank you for clarifying this!
  37. Jumbo

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.31 PTR

    Isn't the new ingame font a bit small? Especially the health counter under the animated portrait. Game is running like a dream for me now, by the way. Amazing achievement !
  38. Jumbo

    Warcraft 2nd War Eastern Kingdoms Template /w smooth elevation cliffs

    I would like to request an Eastern Kingdoms, preferably with heightmaps, and even textures, but at the very least with smooth beaches - i.e. no melee cliffs. This is for an RPG map, so each zone has to be large therefore map must be made in largest map size. The proportions don't have to be 100%...
  39. Jumbo

    Look for players - RAGOS orpg

    Joined you guys in Discord!
  40. Jumbo

    [Role Playing Game] Warcraft: 2nd War RPG - my dream-RPG

    Thanks. It is only an idea for now, though.
  41. Jumbo

    [Role Playing Game] Warcraft: 2nd War RPG - my dream-RPG

    Warcraft: 2nd War RPG - idea This is an idea I've had for some time. A teambased RPG with dungeons and skirmishes based entirely (but not strictly) on Warcraft 2 lore. Basically, this will liken it to how WoW was first sold back in 2004 - getting to play the universe you loved in RTS, now in...
  42. Jumbo

    WARCRAFT: Collapse v1.2d

    I'll post my feedback here on the fly: -Intelligence levelup tooltip shows Q as hotkey even though thats the hotkey for Agility. -no hotkey for teleport spell is bad (at least there is none shown on tooltip). -Blessed angel (hostile) teleported me twice to the corners of the map. Is that...
  43. Jumbo

    WARCRAFT: Collapse v1.2d

    Wow! Looks impressive, I really wanna test it out.
  44. Jumbo

    Medieval Realms

    tested the Test Version. First of all, I'm impressed. The scope of the map is huge. I like the building system, the gathering system and the different building models. The walkable walls are quite a feat as well, and I once tried (and failed) making a similar system - so I know how difficult it...
  45. Jumbo

    [Role Playing Game] EmberCraft - Total Conversion ARPG

    yeah, especially that one is too much :-D
  46. Jumbo

    [Role Playing Game] EmberCraft - Total Conversion ARPG

    Nice, but please use another sound for start and fail. These (standard Bnet sounds) are too intrusive and will quickly grow annoying. Otherwise, great job!
  47. Jumbo

    Medieval Realms

    I would really love to test this interesting project as well.
  48. Jumbo

    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    Patience ma man