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  1. Skipper

    Check out my map!

    Check out my map!
  2. Skipper
  3. Skipper

    Hive Chat or Discord

    As a Traditional person we have to create a faction called NSDAP ( No Silly Discord App Please ).
  4. Skipper

    Quest Exclamation + Question Mark & Variations

    Very useful
  5. Skipper

    Magni Bronzebeard

    I am wondering, what was your inspiration? I always imagined magni like this:
  6. Skipper

    Hello there, mind If I ask you which modelling program are you using especially for animating...

    Hello there, mind If I ask you which modelling program are you using especially for animating? Thank you in advance.
  7. Skipper

    Rifleman and Derivatives

    Very cool
  8. Skipper

    Evil Wisp

    I can not imagine something like wisp to be evil, but this might be useful in some cases I suppose? ... I suggest you to add some more "puff" effect to portrait model, but maybe it is just screenshot.
  9. Skipper

    Bongo Bongo (Phantom Shadow Beast)

    The stand-3 seems a bit, weird.
  10. Skipper

    Cargo Ship

    Looks decently made, but made those boxes more colorful, like they are.
  11. Skipper

    Lich and Derivatives

    What is going on with all those derivates?
  12. Skipper


    Very nice looking model.
  13. Skipper

    Goblin Bookworm

    Those animations are brilliant, but I think Gul´dan would not use this kind of familiar. However the model is superb.
  14. Skipper

    Crab Worker

    If I may, I would suggest using only a pile of gold nuggets instead of bag full of gold.
  15. Skipper

    Realistic Maiev/Warden(5 versions included)

    Bigger breasts, yay! That is the way to go!
  16. Skipper

    Dwarf Peasant

    This one looks fantastic.
  17. Skipper

    Dwarf Berserk

    I am soory, but I find this unsatisfying. It looks chaotic and undefined.
  18. Skipper

    Governor's Crown - Variation A

    It is not Warcraft style and it is very symmetrical. But could be useful.
  19. Skipper

    Vindicator Maraad

    Work on his animations, he has two hands so better use them both.
  20. Skipper

    Dragon Slayer

    This one looks absolutely marvelous, but are the black parts on shield in alpha? They are visibleon screenshot.
  21. Skipper

    Obsidian Desert UI

    Looks decent enough, but I have to say, that you shall get rid of those stones with symbols to make it more neutral = more useful.
  22. Skipper

    The Mage

    It definately looks like mix of gandalf and some druid like humanoid.
  23. Skipper


    Looks like hybrid between Night elves and High/Blood elves, do not like it because of this fact.
  24. Skipper

    Goblin Emperor

    The idea is amazing and the execution is well made, however, I dont like the hull part of the tank, because it´s simply unlogical. I would suggest to make it look like normal tank hull.
  25. Skipper

    Scarlet Captain

    Very nice skin, but I don´t like the face that much. Looks like metrosexual elvish looking human being.
  26. Skipper

    Fat Nobleman (Model)

    I present to you Fat Noblemen.
  27. S

    Fat Nobleman (Warcraft 3 Model)

  28. Skipper

    Chaos orc pummeler

    And again, the viewer is making my model do stupid things.
  29. Skipper

    Chaos orc pummeler (Model)

    I present to all of you another variation of unit to the chaos orc army. Feel free to use this model. My thanks goes to General Frank who helped with this model.
  30. S

    Chaos orc pummeler (Warcraft 3 Model)

  31. Skipper

    Iron Empire Armour Pack Vol. 1

    Everythin fine then.
  32. Skipper

    Iron Empire Armour Pack Vol. 1

    Frogs, they look like frogs. If I may suggest, I would turn down those engine fumes when in stand anim, and add them while movin.
  33. Skipper

    [Campaign] Tales from the Old Inn

    Added intro cinematic, doesn´t tell anythin important, but shows wat will happen next.
  34. Skipper

    Naga Goldmine

    I would personally remove those fins. Just make it like kraken tentacles.
  35. Skipper

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) So many animations, so little avaible rep points.

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) So many animations, so little avaible rep points.
  36. Skipper

    Dwarf Baron

    Very cool looking dwarf model. Awesome modelling skills this pal has.
  37. Skipper

    Naval Battery

    I like this German looking Kannon, but I think it would be good to add stand anim, where it is standing still. Imagine more of those somewhere and how they are all turning all the time.
  38. Skipper

    Hero Thane

    IMO you should try make the axe look more runic. Overall it is a good model.
  39. Skipper

    [Campaign] Tales from the Old Inn

    Tales from the Old Inn Is a campaign about three dwarves that met up and talk about old times, what could possibly go wrong? Backstory Our story is based in a land called Tuonela, where the winds are cold and the dawn is rare. There are no major factions. There are no wars between kingdoms...
  40. Skipper

    Pandaren Tiger Rider

    I like this model more too.I don´t know why I even created those pandaren Units. I hate pandarens.
  41. S

    Olavi (Warcraft 3 Model)

  42. Skipper

    Olavi the Dwarf

    This model viewer seems to make the model do stupid, everything works normally.
  43. S

    Olav Portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  44. Skipper

    Olavi the Dwarf (Model)

    Here I present dwarven hero. He is called Olavi. Feel free to use and submit criticism. And with this text I make my description to fit the 100 characters needs.
  45. Skipper

    Mammoth Catapulter

    Doesn´t work for me. Does nothin. EDIT: Added Stand Ready animation.
  46. Skipper


    Very cool looking model.
  47. Skipper


    The footman helmet on the back is ingenious.
  48. Skipper

    Mammoth Catapulter

    I did some minor changes. To make it look more like behemoth. The animations are just very silly for behemoth like unit. Is there anybody who can duplicate animations? Would love to create Stand - ready anim but I cannot duplicate animations, because no programs that can duplicate works on my PC.