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    Reminds me so much on Arthas and the frozen Throne, nice job!
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    While great on the one side our hell lord looks kinda out of shape if you ask me :/ For once, he could be a bit bulkier I think.
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    StarCraft II Editor too hard for you?

    While harder to learn for beginners this editor allows like THIS much more at a higher level. Yes when you start working with WE you're all fine and dandy until you want to make your own hero attribute. BAM. You suddenly realize how limited you are in WE. This doesn't mean that it should be...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks man!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks man!
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    Editing the stats of multiple pre-placed units.

    Woah that'S awesome. That's even more handy then I expected oO Thanks a lot, +Rep!
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    Editing the stats of multiple pre-placed units.

    Hey there, say you've placed 5 Zealots and want to change their owning player. Now I would just select them all, double click one of them and change their player. However that doesn't work in 95% of the cases. Usually when I double click it will de-select all the other units and I'm only...
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    Blizzard Censors StarCraft II Maps

    Oh god people frigging relax. It's absolutely fine and right to remove inappropriate content. I doubt they delete it from his hard disc which would be the only problem. And don't start any other conspiracy theories when it's just about removing inappropriate content. I've no problem with...
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    Diablo III 1.0b

    @ Conlan Well it bothers me most that the majority of people, especially ones that are new to games, modding and general game design simply put the visuals by far above the gameplay. No wonder Blizzard gets all that hate for their games from the younger generations which wonder what may be so...
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    Yeah well let's just say even though I finished the campaign for quite some time now I still...

    Yeah well let's just say even though I finished the campaign for quite some time now I still keep playing the missions because they're a just awesome and I can gain achievements, something which I originally had no interest in ^..^ Oh man the whole campaign is just so well made. The mission...
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    Modeling Contest 17 - Air Units

    Hm Pyritie the attack animations should have the same duration as there is only one option to set the backswing and damage point settings for the attacks.
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    Diablo III 1.0b

    Thanks for testing, I can just give you heads up to try out the other heroes too, play quite different and it's just a lot funu. Everyone likes leaping around with the Barbarian ;o
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    Fuck yes, I just received my CE!!! Boy is it heavy ^__^

    Fuck yes, I just received my CE!!! Boy is it heavy ^__^
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    Well good luck with that ;P

    Well good luck with that ;P
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    Ho, actually I haven't received my CE yet :( Gonna get it probably on Thursday or if I'm...

    Ho, actually I haven't received my CE yet :( Gonna get it probably on Thursday or if I'm extremely lucky Wednesday. However I got spoiled BADLY. While I was reading one interesting news about the Release of Starcraft 2 on one German site one fucking asshole simply spoiled the last cinematic in...
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    Helping you with any textual content!

    So do you do item descriptions as well? Best with some simple background lore ;)
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    Diablo III 1.0b

    Thanks for more feedback. MickeyDN Yeah to get rid of the hero glow I had to ask Dan van Ohllus and some other guy who created the witch doctor about an alternative version. May do so. That link sounds promising, gonna read through that guys offerings later ;p Conlan Hmm I guess I could...
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    Diablo III 1.0b

    @ Sheephunter... I don't really understand to be honest :> I mean I can't post on their forums. I can login to their us sites but that's easy anyways. At BlueAngel What do you mean with spend 3 hours near descroptions and other type-things? And about the terrain. Syltman did most of it while I...
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    Diablo III 1.0b

    Thank you :) By the way if anyone could link this thread at the official Diablo 3 Forums over at Blizzard that would be nice. Unfortunately I cannot log-in to their US servers as they got some dumb region restrictions :/ So as a German I can only post on the German forums x..x Fortunately that...
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    Diablo III 1.0b

    Alright updated it Kael. I also fixed the preview screen that was hidden before. @ Ash and Black Thanks for the feedback. And yeh I would love to use Icons made especially for this map that have a Diablo 3 style while still being Warcraft-ish. However those I think do not exist and no texturer...
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    Diablo III 1.0b

    Gimme a moment, gonna test it. Edit: Does indeed not work, gonna reupload it, blargh. Edit2: Okay seems like it works now. That was incredible weird, it seemed like giving my map a different map name messed it up. Edit:3 By the way, I high recommend newer players to start on easy...
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    Diablo III

    Alright guys, I uploaded the new version at the Map Section and also updated the first post. Look at the changelog to see all the changes for this version (most likely forgot some minor ones). I've also updated the screenshots by uploading 44 new ones x.x Yeah and else I can't say...
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    Diablo III 1.0b (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Diablo III 1.0b (Map)

    Fast paced Hack'n'Slash with many references to the Diablo III Gameplay Trailer ○ Physics ○ Custom Projectile System (e.g. evadable ranged attacks) ○ Smooth Camera System ○ Creep Spawn System (with some Randomization) ○ Random Drop System ○ Custom Item System (a simple one) ○ 3...
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    Diablo III

    Alright guys, I did a lot changes though most of them are less obvious. I'm gonna test it a bit more and unless I find even more stuff I'd like to change I'll release it tomorrow. Working on it was actually quite exciting again and in my opinion the map is pretty fun, even for myself...
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    Diablo III

    Do you mean projectile system? And no I won't upload any of my system because they're completely map specific. It's not like I have one trigger and my whole projectile system within that. It's actually scattered in at least 3-4 triggers and uses global variables from all over the place. That's...
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    Diablo III

    I am in fact just working on the map again. Just a bit to release at least one decently playable version. I somehow just got a bit motivation to work on it again, don't really know why. But this project is non the less pretty much dead. The reason why I stopped it? Biggest one would be the lack...
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    THW SC2 Tournament

    Count me in. EU - playtime from about 2p.m. to 9p.m. CEST Should stop playing FFA now xF
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    starcraft 2 rated 16 in europe

    Could the OP please finally post the source of this? Haven't read this anywhere else.
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    starcraft 2 rated 16 in europe

    Source? Well yeh in Germany it's 12+
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    Join the Dominion!

    Yeah the progress mustn't stop! The theme "Wings of Liberty" is awesome at some parts.
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    Activision: money milking from localized versions

    Stop riding yourself deeper into shit. Give us some (priorly checked) sources and stop hating Blizzard for the sake of it. Unless you provide any real evidence and keep posting the usual "Activision conspiracy" theory you better don't open any further threads. I've yet to see any...
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    Activision: money milking from localized versions

    Which is exactly what Gleeful said. You have a 6 month free BNet access when you buy the game for 30$. And if you pay another 30$ ONE TIME FEE you'll have full access forever, just as if you bought the game anywhere else. Edit: It makes me really mad to see guys like "tleno" spread utterly...
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    Blizzard OWNS your maps

    Like seriously OP? Have you ever heard of Warcraft 3?
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    Starcraft II Commercial Debut

    It's 100% Kerrigan. Here's the sketch for that cinematic trailer
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    This guy got through to Blizzard

    Not dumb at all. Many guys were actually confused whether copper or bronze is the higher league as these metals look quite similar. So it got changed. Not of a big deal, so what's your problem?
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Never said thanks for joining :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Never said thanks for joining :)
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    Kudos to Blizzard!

    You may not be satisfied with the Beta, true. But never bitch about it. It's a frigging Beta. Next time wait for game release, you can complain about these issues all day then. But right now, everyone knows about the problems and bitching about it furthermore is retarded.
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    Project - Starcraft Battlefront

    Ah nice, I loved SWBF 2 and would really like to see a similar Sc2 Map :thumbs_up: And I guess with Rain. you got a first good catch hehe ;P I hope you add other modes apart from the conquer every control point thing. Because in my opinion that sucked pretty hard in SWBF2 as conquering one...
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    How good is Galaxy Editor

    There's nothing wrong with buying maps. Especially when the whole system around these premium maps is build up nicely. Because I think people like IceFrog deserve to gain some money for their heavy work they put into their project. And we're talking about pretty low numbers here, yet combined...
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    Making a Galaxy Script

    Bad news I think. I just read the developers chat from yesterday... Q. Getting custom script into maps is currently complex. Are there plans to implement Galaxy scripting directly into the editor? A. There are currently no plans for Galaxy script editing in the editor itself. However...
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    bad news

    Because Blizzard doesn't want to spoil the campaign obviously :slp:
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    Galaxy Problems - Petition draft

    Sucks to hear about such huge restrictions already :/ Hope Blizzard's gonna have a look at it... we can just pray!
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    The Chronosphere model is made by PGRU-Unexpected. Edit: At least to my information ;p

    The Chronosphere model is made by PGRU-Unexpected. Edit: At least to my information ;p
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    Andromeda - Galaxy Extension

    Nice. After the first lines I was like "Euh, well I doubt this will work well already...". Then I checked your user name and my thoughts immediately changed ;P GMSI and your Wc3 Maps are just awesome. Good luck with Andromeda (interesting name choice), hope it turns out well.
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    It took me quite a while to get that model. It's from DotA which is the reason why I was...

    It took me quite a while to get that model. It's from DotA which is the reason why I was searching it over there. Here seems to be another thread were you can download it: (Also lmao at that thread OP :D)
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    Diablo III

    Hmm I gonna check for that Masamune issue. I guess I know what is causing it :/ The spells of the items are currently not scaled to the hero's damage. I wanted to keep them simple at first as they're quite a lot any I didn't want to make one trigger for each of them. That may change in future...
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    Diablo III

    Well the "selection sys" is changed. You cannot select anything but your hero at all. And yes I changed Meteor Storm a while ago.
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    Diablo III

    Yeah I disabled computer controlled heroes as I thought it has no real purpose. I reduced the creeps strength in several aspects as it was just too hard for newbies to get decently far. And I have no idea how you could possible see the Barbarian as the weakest hero. While they aren't really a...
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    Diablo III

    Argh I hate it ._. Gonna reupload it then. Weird, even the original unprotected map was corrupted. Fortunately I made two copies before protecting it and one of these works just fine >.<
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    Diablo III

    Updatedto 1.0d - Changelog is in the first post.