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  1. Cweener

    Mini-Game Mapping Contest #3 - Poll

    Minicraft Contestants were tested on their abilities at making a fun, space effective game in Warcraft 3. It should be a unique idea, ie; not another Uther Party. Each user can only vote once in the poll.You cannot vote for yourself. If a voter has the same IP as the author then the vote...
  2. Cweener

    [Picture] Cweener's Siggy

    Cweener's Siggy
  3. Cweener

    [JASS] Trigger issue.

    [solved] Trigger issue. Solved Hello again. I have a slight issue with this trigger. The line if GetTriggerPlayer() == udg_Mayors_Copy[1] has an issue. It says the syntax is wrong because it's comparing to variable of different types. The variables are the same type, but the trigger is...
  4. Cweener

    [JASS] Unit won't cast a simple spell...

    Problem solved thanks to: Bribe Berb Well, I am currently working on a spell for my map and in it, I am creating a dummy unit to cast an ability who's code is 'A000' The problem is the unit WILL not cast it. As you can see, I create it for Player 1, so I know he CAN cast it, he just won't do...
  5. Cweener

    How to move a unit in a line...

    Problem solved by: darwin & MortAr- I want to move a unit (target of a spell) towards another (the caster) over time. I was wondering how to do this because I don't know, but I think it involves math, which I find highly annoying. +rep will be rewarded. Also, if you'd like to teach me what...
  6. Cweener


    Question solved by: watermelon_1234 Can somebody please explain to me what a lightning is? What can I use it for? Why is it there? What exactly does it do?? There are no tutorials I could find...anywhere... Help will get rep. Even if it takes several people.
  7. Cweener

    Imports gone wild!

    okay, today I was messing around with the TRIGGER editor (completely unrelated to import manager.) and I went to test my map, and noticed something strange... Any reason why? Even after not saving and exiting, and reopening the map, it's still there... It's got 50+ imports, some of...
  8. Cweener

    [vJass] Spell problems.

    it won't let me run the map indication there's a syntax somewhere, but I can't find it, neither can JNPG. It's got a 90% chance to be in the configuration area. Any help would be nice >.< //=========================================================================== //A vJASS and JESP spell that...
  9. Cweener

    [JASS] Poison Spell

    So yeah, I'm trying to add a poison effect to Fan of Knives. I managed to create it, it fails in two different and annoying ways. 1) that the poison buff never goes away. The unit no longer get hurt, it just still has the buff. The base ability of the buff is unholy aura with a -10% move...
  10. Cweener

    Stupid ability hiding.

    Solved by Pharaoh_ :grin: yeah, I know this is noobish to ask. I used to know how, but I haven't needd to in so long that I have forgotten. How do you give somebody an ability (aura in this case) but hide the icon? If i remember right, doesn't have to do with a spellbook :? idk.. sorry, but...
  11. Cweener

    [GUI or JASS] Trigger Help...

    SOLVED by Pharoh_ Well, I have this trigger that should be fairly simple but it hates me and won't work as I want it. It will only spawn the warrior. not the second unit, no matter which spell I use. I have the GUI of the code, and Jass code(It's just converted because I did this in GUI...
  12. Cweener

    Jass Spell Help...

    Dang, I hate asking for help..., but I'm fairly new to jass and I really need help with a spell I'm making. Okay, the spell I'm making pretty much get a random unit within 512 range of the caster and attacks him, whether he's allied or not. Once I get this to work, I'm going to make the unit...
  13. Cweener

    [vJass]What can WE do?

    so, I was wondering randomly one day as i was jassing, what all can WE do.... It can do GUI,Jass,&vJass (maybe more) but i wanted to break it down further... I would just like anybody who can, to list things like structs,libraries,zinc,etc...that the WE can handle. It can be something I've...
  14. Cweener

    Tic-Tac-Toe Remastered

    Hello, I'm creating a Tic-Tac-Toe map. This will support 2-12 players playing at once. (1-6 games) I will also create a tournament option where if there are more than 1 starting games, then it will allow the players to play, then it will take the winners from the games and put them up...
  15. Cweener

    ileset problems...

    sorry for the title ^^ i accidentally hit enter while i was editing it, it should say Tileset Problems... well, i hate to ask this, as it makes me feel dumb because I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong, but i can't find the solution anywhere so here it goes, In NewGen World Editor, I go to...
  16. Cweener

    Need Two Simple Models.

    Solved! ~Required Well I need a model of the letter X and the letter O. The only catch here is that i would like them to be "laying down" meaning that when I'm directly above them looking down, I can see the whole model. Not just the top of the model. ~NO animations required, just models...
  17. Cweener

    [JASS] No Problem = A Problem

    FIXED thanks to watermelon_1234 well, i have a vJass trigger that has no errors in it that JNPG can pick up, but when i enable it i cannot test my map. WE crashes... anybody know why? function Trig_CreateUnitByChat_Actions takes nothing returns nothing local integer i = 0 loop...
  18. Cweener

    Set Unit Attack?

    is it possible to set a unit's attack to a certain value? or add an attack to it? (without using an ability) vJass or GUI is fine.
  19. Cweener

    [JASS] Symbol Multiply Defined?

    FIXED I'm getting an error in this code function Trig_Set_Gold_Actions takes nothing returns nothing endfunction function AddResourceAmountBJ takes integer delta, unit whichUnit returns nothing call AddResourceAmount(whichUnit, delta) endfunction...
  20. Cweener

    How To Destroy Terrain-Type

    When i set a terrain-type variable and then want to destroy it to reuse it with a different terrain-type later in the trigger what is the call for it?
  21. Cweener

    [Trigger] Dialog Problem

    im sure i just screwed something up, but i give up looking for it. this creates the dialog Show Events Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 second Conditions Actions Dialog - Show lives1_hills2_multiplier3[1] for Player 1 (Red) this shows the dialog im not sure why...
  22. Cweener

    [Trigger] Value In Leaderboard

    Fixed!! How can you get a condition for the value in a leaderboard Like this... MyTrigger Events Time - Every 2.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) if - Conditions...
  23. Cweener

    [Trigger] Whats Wrong

    FIXED!!! BTW: tag = the spell i posted the obj editor just in case problem was there. It works just like i want it, except the unit that casts the ability cannot move after the spell.:thumbs_down: im sure it's an easy fix, but i do not know how to do it. help would be great :thumbs_up...
  24. Cweener

    Speed Of units

    Simple Enough Question. Any Way To Get Units Faster Than 522 Movement Speed?:zip:But, Without Move Unit Instantly, Which I Can Do, But Wont Work In This Case:thumbs_down:
  25. Cweener

    2 of my projects

    3 of my projects The Second One Named Galaga Isn't Finished
  26. Cweener

    Map In Progress

    I'm New Here. I have 2 maps posted on this site though. Try Them Out. 1 is a Sim City Wars The Other Is A Murder At The Mansion The Link To Both Is Posted Below [email protected]